Moga unveils Ace Power, world’s first iOS 7 gaming controller

“The first iOS 7 gaming controller been launched by peripheral maker Moga, which is the first to take advantage of the native support for third-party game controllers Apple added when it updated its mobile operating system in September,” Lee Bell reports for The Inquirer. “”

“The Moga Ace Power controller for iOS 7 has an 1800mAh battery pack to power your iPhone, along with A, B, X, Y buttons, a D-Pad, dual analogue sticks and R1/R2 and L1/L2 buttons,” Bell reports. “The controller has a built-in battery so it will extend your device’s life as you play, or just double as a charger on the go.”

“It’s not available yet, but can be pre-ordered at Moga’s website or the Apple store for $99,” Bell reports. “Along with Moga’s announcement of pre-order sales, the firm has posted a Youtube video of the controller showing off its features.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David G.” for the heads up.]

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        1. $29.99 for this? There are CASES that are far more than that! A name-brand 1800 mAh accessory battery for an iPhone is $30-40. A Sony Dual-Shock controller for PS3 is $40. This is essentially both in one package, and not from a huge company with giant economics of scale.

          Besides, the Nintendo 2DS is $129.99 retail, which is what we’re talking about here. Retail. Not street price after the holidays. Besides, I wouldn’t pay even $20 for a Nintendo 2DS, so $129.99 seems ridiculously overpriced to me.

          This thing will launch at $99, but then will available on the street later for $75, which isn’t far off what it should be. I think $50-60 would be a pretty fair street price for a controller and battery if the hardware quality is good.

          1. A Mophie Juice Pack ranges from $80-$120. This is a battery pack AND gaming controller for $100.

            Plus, iOS games are FAR less expensive than Nintendo prices for games.

  1. As an avid gamer, that looks like a half hearted effort. I’d rather spend my money buying a Sony PlayStation 4.

    If Apple made iOS games compatible with a Bluetooth controller, I could use my PS4 controller to control onscreen games on the iPad.

    Kill two birds with one stone.

    1. Apple released the API for this along with the controller specs at the last wwdc. It is fairly trivial to implement, and a lot of games already have it ready to go – just waiting for the controllers to hit. Any game that makes sense to support this will.

  2. $59.99 and this thing — or something like it — sells a ton.

    I’m with others who wonder if $100 is just too much to really catch fire. Not a gamer, so I might be out of touch. Love the concept behind it, though, as it removes one barrier to “advanced” game play and might improve the games on iOS and take them to another level.

    Step 1: Drop the price of these peripherals.
    Step 2: Shed all shares of Nintendo you might own.

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