“With the dust settling on the recent Xbox and PS4 launches, Apple appears to have its own plan for the console gaming market — though it’s keeping pretty quiet about it, particularly since these plans could reflect its intentions for an Apple television,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“The company this week discussed its newly published (and still in development) Game Controller APIs, revealing both Logitech and MOGA intend launching games controllers for iOS devices this Fall. (Apple sure seems to be investing in one big harvest inQ4),” Evans writes. “The company has designed specifications for Bluetooth-based hardware controllers for iOS — one specification describes a device which wraps itself around an iPhone, so you can use its display as your gaming surface; the other discussed a handheld controller which is used separately, like any other gamepad.”

Evans writes, “Attach iOS to a 4K Apple television, add one of these games controllers and you can imagine titles with at least as much gameplay depth and graphics quality as those available on any other console platform, current or future.”

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