Apple’s $380 million case against Samsung now in jury’s hands

“A California jury will begin deliberating on Tuesday how much money Samsung should pay to Apple for the infringement of several patents in multiple models of Samsung smartphones,” Martyn Williams reports for IDG News Service. “Apple wants just under $380 million, but Samsung is arguing it shouldn’t pay more than $52 million.”

“A lawyer for Apple, Bill Lee, asked jurors to put themselves in the shoes of Steve Jobs and other Apple employees who ‘went to work before the sun came up and went home after it set’ when working on the iPhone. He told them how Jobs took a risk and ‘bet the company’ on the iPhone,” Williams reports. “Lee also reminded the jury of several key Apple exhibits: internal Samsung documents including one from Samsung mobile chief JK Shin that asked engineers to ‘make something like the iPhone.'”

Williams reports, “Samsung argued the patents in question cover just a few areas of design and do nothing on their own to influence the buying decisions of consumers, so the money it pays should be much lower. ‘These patents are very narrow,’ said Samsung attorney Bill Price. ‘Apple doesn’t own beautiful and sexy.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, yes they do. That much is plain for all to see.

Williams reports, “The jury needs to come up with detailed infringement figures for each patent and each phone. They have been supplied with two calculators to help their deliberations.”

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  1. The jury should award Apple more then $380 Million Dollars. Samdung should be spanked hard and should pay out a lot more than just $380.00 Million Dollars in my opinion. Spank them really hard!

    1. Juries can and do award more than a plaintiff asks for if they decide it is appropriate form of punishment, just like they can also ignore a judges recommendation and set a murder defendant free.

      1. Yes.

        AND a Judge can completely set aside a jury’s ruling if that judge feels it is inappropriate — just like this judge did the first time around.

        No matter what the jury says, Koh could rule that Samsung owes virtually nothing (possibly even less than the $52 million they claim they are willing to pay).

        Just think of the last iteration…
        The jury found that Samsung willfully infringed.
        The judge said the jury was wrong and struck that part of their verdict.

        You have to remember the old, paramount rule about judges:
        “In his (or her) courtroom, a judge is the next most powerful thing to God.”

        Koh seems to believe in this rule 100%.

  2. So Judge Koh! This time, did you manage to CORRECTLY instruct the jury regarding how to determine damages? I do so sincerely hope so.

    Oh and next time you screw up a court case, take the blame and spare the plaintiffs having to suffer for your personal incompetence. Just a thought. 😯

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