Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c showing strong uptake vs. the iPhone 5

“Fiksu provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) that is used by a wide range of companies including 7 Eleven, Coca-Cola , Disney, Samsung and Zynga that helps them grow their user base. It measures each iPhone only once even if it is running multiple apps with its SDK so it can provide some insight into how well the various iPhone models are doing,” Chuck Jones reports for Forbes. “Fiksu has been monitoring the usage of its SDK on the iPhone 5c’s and 5s‘ that have it installed since their initial availability on September 20, 58 days ago.”

“It has found: The iPhone 5s represented 6.72% of all iPhones that were using Fiksu’s SDK. The iPhone 5c represented 2.59% of all iPhones,” Jones reports. “The 5s and 5c had a combined total of 9.31% of all iPhones. The iPhone 5 at the same point in time post-launch represented 5.54%.”

Jones reports, “To estimate how the 5c and 5s may be tracking compared to the 5 you can take the percentage that Fiksu’s SDK is showing up on the 5c and 5s (9.31%) and divide it by the 5’s (5.54%) to get a ratio of 1.68x or 68% higher. Since Fiksu’s measurements are calculated against the number of iPhones in use I believe you also need to take into account the larger install base of iPhones vs. a year ago.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Leave it to you to get the attribution wrong. MDN is just quoting an article that appeared on Forbes, they neither wrote the article nor did the math.

      Before you go criticizing accuracy, you should at least be able to figure out where the article actually came from, don’t you think?

      1. MDN doesn’t deserve your excuses. They know darn well that hte 5c is a relative sales dud, but they spent the last several weeks looking for ways to fool the iOS fanboys into thinking the 5c is a huge success. It’s a success, but certainly underselling what Apple had planned.

        MDN wants everyone to believe that Apple’s stock price is being held down only by Wall Street charlatans. It isn’t, a lot of it has to do with Apple’s poor overseas expansion, relatively slow product rollout, poor reviews of new software, and relatively spotty product selection, which is skewed more than ever to the fickle consumer market instead of maintaining healthy educational and enterprise products to even out the business cycles.

        Face it, Apple under Cook & Co continue to connect base hits and foul balls, but relatively few homers (including adequate production rate to drive the homer all the way around the bases to the consumers’ home). Still a great company, but Cook is living off of strong iTunes revenues. His product attention to detail sucks, Ive’s software adventure is an unmitigated disaster, and iCloud is an unusable, untrustworthy, expensive debacle. The only thing going in Apple’s favor is that the rest of the competition is slower (MS), unfocused (Google), or legally liable copycats (Samsung et al). Apple fans SHOULD BE enjoying a bright green list of products on the MacRumors Buyers’ Guide and should be enjoying their Apple software rather than making due with it as it is hard to read, unintuitive, ugly, dumbed-down, and/or riddled with bugs.

  1. I don’t think so. The iPhone 5S & 5C are unchanged from the iPhone 4 which was the last major revision to the iPhone design. Lazy designers reiterating the same designs over and over again. Boring.

  2. Given the most studies show 5s is selling 4 times more than 5c..
    The comparidon to last years 5 and 4s is not that straight forward!

    Majority of he uptake is coming from the 5s… So there could be significanse to the stat!

    1. Clearly the 5S is selling extremely well, but the 5C can only be regarded as doing poorly when compared to the sales of the 5S. It’s selling a hell of a lot better than most other manufacturers’ phones and if other manufacturers were able to sell as many smartphones as Apple sells 5Cs, they would be absolutely delighted.

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