Samsung expert: No one buys Samsung gadgets for Apple’s patented Multi-Touch tech

“A Samsung expert on Friday made his case for why the Korean giant should pay Apple only $52 million in damages, saying there’s no evidence that anyone has bought Samsung devices because of a particular patented Apple technology,” Shara Tibken reports for CNET.

MacDailyNews Take: A “Samsung expert.” In other words, an extreme couponer.

“An expert hired by Apple had determined the company was due $114 million in lost profits because of Samsung’s use of technology under Apple’s patent No. 7,844,915, also known as ‘pinch to zoom.’ The ‘915 patent covers technology that can distinguish whether a user is scrolling with one finger versus using several touch points at once for a pinch-to-zoom action,” Tibken reports. “However, Michael Wagner, an accountant and lawyer hired by Samsung, said there’s no evidence from either company that shows consumers bought Samsung devices because they liked that particular touch-screen feature. As a result, he believes Apple should receive no money for lost profits.”

“The comments come on the fourth day of a retrial for damages that Samsung owes Apple for infringing on five of its patents. A judge in March vacated about $450 million of an original award. Samsung is still on the hook for $600 million, no matter what happens in the retrial,” Tibken reports. “Wagner spent his time on the stand Friday disputing calculations made by Apple’s expert accountant, Julie Davis… Apple — using Davis’ calculations — says Samsung owes it $380 million. Samsung says it should pay $52 million… One expert, MIT professor John Hauser, estimated three Apple patents, including the ‘915 patent, adds about $100 in value to a $199 smartphone or $90 in value to a $499 tablet. Davis said Apple lost out on $114 million in profits because of the Samsung copycat devices. She also calculated Samsung’s profits to be $231 million, and said reasonable royalties owed to Apple total $35 million. Apple estimates it would have sold 360,000 devices if Samsung hadn’t released infringing rivals.”

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    1. So true, try and point that out to the CNUT Apple Hating, Patent Stealing Lovers at CNUT comments. Amazes me how these people have no class and no respect for laws and Intellectual Properties.

  1. Fine. If no one buys Samsung’s semi-clone phones for the pinch/zoom touch interface, just remove it, and pay up for the infringement up to this point. You’ll be fine with your stylus interface, or whatever you replace it with to accommodate the same functionality. Case closed.

  2. No one buys them because they have transistors in them either, but I doubt they’d buy one without. This patent relates to solving a problem normal users wouldn’t even know existed, of course they don’t buy because of it.

  3. It would be great if the jury agreed with Apple and awarded the full amount they are asking for.
    But still, what will happen next? Probably an appeal and it will take another year for that to begin. The legal system is so slow that it will be five years before Apple even sees a dime. The industry will have moved on again and Apple will have released a few more killer products that get shamelessly copied.
    This system needs to be improved and block offending products from being sold much faster than it does now.

  4. Samsung sure knows how to double-talk like a professional con artist. I wonder how they live their lives and if family members can even trust anything that comes out of their mouth.

  5. Apple should just request that

    they RECALL ALL samsung phones with pinch to Zoom and REMOVE the FEATURE and then return them to user (as the feature was stolen) .

    (no point in software online update because few android phones are updated… )

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