Phil Schiller in damages retrial: Samsung’s slavish copying has effectively diluted Apple’s brand

“In front of a courtroom jury this morning, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller claimed that Samsung’s patent infringement has weakened ‘the view that the world has for Apple,'” Chris Welch reports for The Verge. “By copying the company’s marquee iPhone and iPad products, Samsung has effectively diluted Apple’s brand, Schiller argued. That’s made it difficult for Cupertino’s products to stand out, in turn leading consumers to ‘question our innovation and design skills in a way that people never used to,’ Schiller said. ‘As this [infringement] has been occurring, it’s harder for us to get new customers and bring them into our ecosystem.’ Schiller recalled the first time he saw a Galaxy smartphone, saying, ‘It looked exactly like the iPhone, so much so that people might confuse it.'”

Samsung attorney Bill Price “questioned Schiller. ‘Apple doesn’t own a patent on a product being beautiful or sexy. Isn’t that correct?’ he asked, while showing the jury one of Samsung’s Galaxy tablets,” Welch reports. “‘Apple doesn’t own the right to preclude the design of this hardware [does it]?’ Schiller shot back a testy response, saying ‘I don’t know which Samsung devices are allowed to copy our devices and which ones aren’t.’ When asked to identify the product in question, Schiller said, ‘I can’t tell from here. It looks like an iPad to me.'”

“Throughout his testimony, Schiller didn’t shy away from throwing jabs at Apple’s biggest competitor,” Welch reports. “Samsung’s dominance of the Android market may be thanks in part to its infringement, Schiller suggested. ‘One is copying. The others are not copying as much.'”

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  1. Shamesung would be nowhere if they were still copying Nokia.

    The masses who are ignorant would then not need educating about who the INNOVATOR is – it would be obvious it is Apple. Currently however some ppl think Apple are the copier or at least have lost the edge.

    I hope that the amount from this trial is HUGE and includes vast advertising and apologies.

    Without God, ppl will lie, cheat, steal and copy. Sad.

    1. Reminds me of the idiots who trashed the original iPhone by saying that sending a text of one character (ex. K) still counted against your limit. Same fools also said that once you sent a text on the iPhone you couldn’t “retract it” so the recipient wouldn’t know that it was ever sent.

  2. Samsung could have brought out a silver tablet that was 16×9 aspect ratio.

    But no they copied apple exactly. And hats off to Phil he’s exactly right is wvery respect.

    Apple was the first and that says it all. Samshit were lazy, all their products are blatant ripoffs oF apple products.

    Put them side to side and even an apple user can’t tell the difference – and that also means apple will win this case.

  3. When apple wins this case (and it’s not IF it’s when) apple should be paid an amount for every tablet sold that copies the iPad form factor (pad and future sales).

    Also Samsung should be forced to run a billion dollar global advertising campaign saying sorry to apple for copying the iPad.

    Let’s face it – without the iPad the tablet market wouldn’t even had existed. Also crapscum should be forced to design products that look nothing like the iPad.

    Fucksun has piggybacked on apples brand and products to become very profitable.

    There’s only one word that describes what they have done and that word is ‘stealing’.

    The problem is Korean companies don’t give a damn about stealing ideas and blatant copying. That country has no honor or integrity – seriously, they don’t give a fuck about anything and they could be fined billions and they still won’t give damn.

    I’ve never known a culture like it. Google had that attitude as well as scumsdung.

    1. “That country has no honor or integrity”
      While I fully share your anti-Samsung sentiments, as a long-term expat resident of South Korea, which I really love, I would urge you to think of Goldman Sachs, Enron, the NSA, and the U.S. Congress among others and ask yourself whether by similar logic, Koreans could not point to the U.S. and say that it “has no honor or integrity”.

  4. As much as I admire and respect ‘Apple Inc.’ the company and the way it has enhanced and enriched the lives of humanity with its plethora of innovative technology the fact is that the opportunistic thief will continue to prosper when a morally bankrupt and or inept judiciary is required to dispense justice in any court of law.

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