Apple CEO Steve Jobs ‘bet the company’ on iPhone says Phil Schiller at patent infringer Samsung’s damages trial

“Apple’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller, on Thursday told a court here that the iPhone was a “bet the company product,” and that now the entire company works on it in some way,” Shara Tibken reports for CNET.

“Schiller took the stand in a damages retrial against Samsung with only 11 minutes left in the session,” Tibken reports. “That gave him just enough time to introduce himself and talk briefly about his role at Apple, the development of the iPhone, and the event introducing the product. ‘There were huge risks [with the first iPhone],’ he said. ‘We had a saying inside the company that it was a ‘bet the company’ product…We were starting to do well again in iPod…Then here we’re going to invest all these resources, financial as well as people, in creating this product.'”

“He noted that Apple started working on the iPhone after it had already started iPad development. In the beginning, about 100 people worked on the smartphone. Now, ‘almost everyone’ at Apple works on the device,” Tibken reports. “The comments came on the third day of a retrial for damages that Samsung owes Apple for infringing on five of its patents through 13 of its devices.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Shamstung never betted anything, just played “following the leader” like the thieving copycatting bottom feeders they bare. Even their smart (dumb) watch an attempt to pretend to be first while waiting for Apple’s effort to come out and copy, all the while disingenuously and cluelessly calling it “innovation” on their part. I still shake my head at morally bankrupt people who support such a criminal tech company.

    1. Alan Sugar did that at Amstrad with the Newton. He was on a talk show a while back and still had the front to show his Amstrad communicator (or whatever it was called) claiming he invented the whole concept.
      The truth of course was that he developed the Newton copycat in the 2 year period that Newton was delayed (due to its technical complexities) and managed to launch his cheap imitation a week earlier simply to claim he was first. Just like Samsung trying to do now. However it was a totally base product Amstrad launched that only the moronic would compare to the Newton and in fact it wasn’t even first as it was was simply a rehash of devises that had been sold for many years previously but few had actually heard of. Some things never change.

    1. Apple’s betting on services and integration. Not a risky bet, except that Apple has to tread a bit carefully because its record in providing services is not exemplary, and it must avoid repeats of the past.

    2. Ah, yes, the iPhone Armature™ – I’ve been waiting for a product that holds my iPhone over my face while lying in bed. My actual arm always gets so tired reading the news and watching TV before I go to sleep. 🙂

      [ Honestly, that was a fun typo or dictation software confusion, whichever it was. ]

  2. what drama… doesn’t any company take a gamble on any product they hope to sell many of? the success or failure of a business relies on a product or products. I can hear Phil at the bench in court now, “I’d like to talk today about this case, but first a few updates. Our Apple Retail stores in the past quarter have…”

    1. I wish you were correct, but history is littered with dead innovators that were overtaken by better-capitalized rapid followers.

      And as it stands today, Apple’s Mac division is a shadow of its former self. Shiller said it himself — Apple is now devoting almost all its resources toward iOS gadgets. What a sad day.

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