Foxconn reportedly testing production of larger-screened iPad for March 2014 release

“Longtime Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn is currently testing a new, large-format iPad with the purportedly king-sized device slated to debut next spring, according to a new report out of Mainland China,” Shane Cole reports for AppleInsider.

“The tablet would sport a display diagonal of either 11.4 or 12.9 inches and is in an advanced stage of testing, according to Chinese tablet news site PadNews,” Cole reports. “The site says Apple could be targeting a March 2014 unveiling.”

Cole reports, “In July, the normally reliable Wall Street Journal… [reported] that sources indicated to the paper that Apple has prototyped a new category of iPad with a display ‘slightly less than 13 inches diagonally.'”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. I hope Apple comes up with some kind of track pad or means to move around on the screen. Like when it’s propped up with a keyboard I don’t want to be holding out my arm and hand to interact with the larger screen.

    1. Agreed. I would imagine their trackpad or mouse will connect via Bluetooth. Of course many will say Apple is copying MS but this is how I work almost everyday. I have an Apple BT keyboard at home and at work. I come to work. Open my iPad and work using the BT Keyboard. Traveling home I’ll turn BT of and use the onscreen keyboard. When I get home I’ll turn BT back on and use that keyboard. All this and never needing to be plugged in. Absolutely amazing!!

    2. Pssssstt!

      Microsoft makes one of those. According to those annoying ads all over TV land, it runs real PC Apps.

      Why would Apple copy that shit?

      Methinks Microsoft is trying to give its crap tablets some Street Cred.

  2. I’ve been pining for an iPad Pro from day one.

    Even though I just got an iPad Air on Friday, I want this very badly.

    Can hardly wait.

    My Wish List:

    * They keep it thin like the Air, and at or around 1.2 pounds

    * It also runs OSX

    * It comes with a kick butt keyboard case/docking station designed by Apple

    This would be the machine that moves us away from laptops and Desktops… and deep into this century.

    1. Yes exactly, me too (about the pining and caving and getting an Air in the mean time)

      I for one want stereo speakers in landscape mode and it drives me nuts they still got the stereo audio wrong on the Air.
      Hmm, a thought, would it be a Pro, or a gamer iPad ? or both…

  3. Yeah that the big iPhone (that was supposed to come out this fall) and the mini iPhone (that has been coming out every “net quarter” for year now) will all be out next quarter.

    It’s totally vapid speculation folks, these idiots don’t have a clue (except these stores are always floated right before the holiday season to attempt to “damp down” the desire to purchase one of apple’s existing products.)

  4. How is this different from the MS/Surface approach?

    MS approach is to get people to slowly move from desktop/laptop to hybrid machine. Fragment your own approach with low-cost RT/ARM model + laptop replacement x86-64 PRO model. Getting people to write apps for RT model = pain.

    Apple approach has been to introduce people to new way of thinking abruptly. Get creative, early adopters out there to think of new ways to use these devices in small (iPod, iPhone, current iPad) sizes. HUGE software library created as a result. Cross-over/Halo effect between Mac and iOS results. Add the new larger device into this mix where there is already a HUGE ecosystem and the device has legs from the onset.

    That’s what I see.

  5. I don’t care what Steve said about a stylus, but a larger iPad screams for great pressure sensitive stylus support for drawing, cad and photoshop. It would be a waste without it.

    1. Since Apple are usually mum about bless-all, rumours are the only juice for the likes of this confab and all the others. It has to be admitted, that tossing the rag doll about is regular fun. I ken that you like it. (Privately, this jog is not unlike Spy Magazine for intellectoids; not pretty but a thing you could explain away to a stern mother who discovered it amongst your funny books)

  6. Thanks but no thanks, i’ll just to my air. 13″‘ light as a feather and still boots up to mavericks in 10 seconds. That is a better ‘pro’ option for me than a larger tablet. I’m not seeing the logic here.

  7. Makes sense to focus on input if there’s to be a larger iPad. I’ve seen kids at uni with Android (blek!) tablets taking notes using a keyboard but using the touchscreen of reading, internetting, moving things about etc.. You can also do that with an iPad + BT keyboard but it’s hardly optimal, not to Apple standards.

    With 64-bit A7, it seems possible that Apple will enable the tablet + kekyboard to run MacOS as well (they keep saying it’s “desktop class”). That would allow people who simply who have to use MS Office (and there are many millions of them) to do so on their tablet.

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