Apple granted home automation patent featuring intelligent user tracking

“In an interesting and somewhat exhaustive patent awarded to Apple on Tuesday, the company outlines technology that can adaptively track a user’s location and use the data to intelligently control secondary devices at another locale, such as home appliances,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“Many believe home automation is the next tech frontier; a marriage of hardware and software that can make an incredible impact on our daily lives,” Campbell reports. “Already, companies like Nest and Philips are automating tasks with their respective Nest Learning Thermostat and Hue light bulb products.”

“As published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,577,392 for a ‘System and method of determining location of wireless communication devices/persons for controlling/adjusting operation of devices based on the location’ describes a system that uses data gathered by static and mobile devices, along with wireless communications tech, to determine a user’s current and guessed future location,” Campbell reports. “Based on these observations, certain preset functions in the home can be activated or deactivated remotely and automatically.”

Read more, and see Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.


      1. Only a few people wanted the internet a few years ago but not we all have it in out pocket. Just because many can’t see the utility of something doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pursue it. Your comments are right on the mark but we have to contend with a botvinnik on this site.

            1. Perhaps you’re having trouble parsing words today?
              3l3c7ro: Only a few people wanted the internet a few years ago
                botvinnik: what few people?
                  Wzrd: Those of us who used ARPAnet.

              Oh, my bad. For a second I was thinking you actually read posts before responding… 😆

    1. I have the philips Hue. Love them.
      My lights are on timers and turn on automatically when I get up in the morning, and turn off automatically when I leave for work.

      I use programmed settings to turning my lights on and off throughout the day if I am away on travel.
      I also have settings for watching movies.
      It’s not about being lazy, it’s just about being entertained by fun gadgets.

  1. iBeacons.
    I would love for my house to perform certain functions for me automatically. Turning on and off lights in different rooms (two teenage daughters), adjusting the thermostat (we have this now to a certain extent with our nest thermostats), unlocking or locking the doors aw we enter or leave the house (my wife and kids are constantly forgetting to do this). All the little things.
    Now, if it could clean out the dryer vent and replace AC filters I would be completely hooked!

  2. I have control 4 system that operates lights, home theaters, garage door, driveway gates security cams, thermostat etc. I can use my ios devices to control it. But it was very expensive and has glitches that only an early adopter is willing to tinker with. I have often thought Apple should move into this market and do it right. If they make a whole house system as easy to use as an iphone, they will revolutionize home life.

    BTW turning on or off lights throughout the whole house from the comfort of your bed is very convenient. Beats the clapper!

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