1. You also have to worry about Archive.org’s WayBack Machine. And if you don’t own the web site you are concerned about, there’s no hope of erasing your existence.

    It doesn’t matter any more. Even if you never were online, someone has put your information on line anyway. It’s to the point, if you ever existed and wrote something down or someone wrote about you, or you were recorded on some census, you are bound to end up on the Internet. Your tax records, phone number, credit history, criminal history, etc. There may be barriers to access this information but it is there.

    1. Exactly. It’s even more hopeless if you were ever “somebody”. You don’t even have to be a celebrity — if you are or ever were influential in some niche of interest, you’re going to be all over the internet in ways you can’t control.

      Once upon a time, I was a big deal in a small fandom. When I searched the internet, I found pictures of myself hosting con panels, archives of stuff I’d written, and so on. None of this stuff is under my control.


    1. Especially the ones posted by sanctimonious trolls like Zune Tang, Botvinik and BLN. Hopefully MDN will script a realtime internet /dev/null bit bucket to intercept all the hateful tripe they constantly post here. Or even better – just forward all their redneck/teabagger crap to some random fandroid forum so we don’t have to deal with it.

      1. @ sid

        obviously it’s true what they say, ‘ignorance is bliss.’ who could possibly be more hateful and sanctimonious, and what’s worse, oblivious than you?

        at least botvinnik and bln are creative and humorous, not to mention insightful.

        1. I have to reluctantly admit that botvinnik has had a few humorous posts lately. That does not offset his long history of garbage posts. botvinnik is not generally creative and humorous.

          How can you possibly say that BLN is creative and humorous?! Your anonymous love fest with these two guys raises serious questions regarding your judgment, j.eric. Serious questions.

      2. Zune Tang was a straight faced comedian, impenetrable, incessant. Comedy isn’t trolling.

        Botvinik is a winking instigator and irritant. Stirring the pot isn’t trolling.

        BLN is on Lithium and often forgets to take his meds. As such he’s had his good days and total dickhead days. That’s what it’s like living with a schizophrenic. But schizophrenia is not trolling.

        Our pet generic anonymous cowards paid-by-Samsung: THOSE things are trolls. Their existence and the point of their existence has been proven and is entirely worthy of the most insulting of chastisement. I consider them a source of vile, ruthless enjoyment as well as ridiculous lies. Who better to hate on than the haters? More please Samsung!
        😆 😈 😆

  2. Maybe that’s just what Gizmodo, the publisher of this article should do too…
    Wishful thinking Lam, we with real memories ( as oppesed to emmories) remember and don’t forget. Desperation.

  3. This article is garbage. You can erase all of your social network accounts but that doesn’t make you safe. Your friends and family will still post and share photos/video of you with your name and other bits of information. Just because you don’t post your own information on the net doesn’t mean other people can’t and won’t.

  4. Dreaming forever. Flying in faerie land. Living in Disney World. Floating in the aether of space amidst the pretty stars and galaxies.

    All of the above are far more practical ideas than ‘erasing’ one’s self from the Internet. Here’s one of many reasons why:


    But it’s certainly practical to remove as much of yourself as possible from the Internet, if that’s what you want.

    But then there’s the problem of functioning in The Modern World. There’s a lot more to self-sufficiency and personal prosperity than freeing yourself from the Internet. There’s dirt and seeds and shovels and blisters and gloves and rain and sun and snow and wind and bugs and snail mail and bicycles and tires and chains and baskets and on and on. It’s a different kind of work.

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