Stock of iPad Air units begin to dwindle in many countries on launch day

“With the iPad Air now having launched in over 40 countries today, supplies of the device are starting to weaken in some of Apple’s online and retail stores,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“The most significant signs of tightening supplies are appearing in higher-capacity models in some countries, specifically 128 GB and 64 GB cellular models and 128 Wi-Fi models,” Slivka reports. “In a number of countries these models are now listed as shipping in 5-10 business days.”

Slivka reports, “The Space Gray 128GB iPad Air w/cellular on T-Mobile is the first model to see its shipping time slip on the U.S. store. It is now available to ship in 5-10 business days.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Get ’em while they last! Word has it that iPad mini with Retina display supplies are going to be even tighter, so good luck out there!

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    1. Apple is all about mindshare, making the best products and (of course) profits. It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Android has more marketshare, considering that there are so many Android devices out here – which doesn’t mean that Google is making all that much money out of it, considering that companies like Amazon have their own flavors (of Android).

  1. I just picked mine up at the Apple Store SF. Insanely light and thin and flat! It is so light that, I had to hold it up next to my 3G iPad to really accept that they are the same functional size!
    Way cool

  2. Supplies are fast dwindling in the US too…

    Be sure that massive production quantities are on hand everywhere for the Universal launch and especially since minis will be in shorter supplies, so even if Apple sells out of the first run, subsequent ones will follow fluently.

    Bottom line is Apple is selling millions and we’ve only started…

    iPad Air will continue the world conquest unchallenged.

    It’s an iPad world forever.

  3. Got mine at Oakridge mall Apple Store. Read in the San Jose Mercury there was no line, no waiting. So I parked in a 20 minute zone, walked in and there were about 35 folks in line. Took a chance and walked out with a 32gig Silver. Leather case too, really nice. They had about 30 employees working so it was really crowded but everyone seemed to be having great time. I did not get a parking ticket, was back in about 25 minutes. Cannot believe how thin it is.

  4. I went to the Apple store in freehold NJ at 1 pm. They had EVERY iPad Air in stock at the store. I walked out with the exact one i wanted. A very late tonight, especially with daylight savings time, with the new air.

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