Possible names for future OS X releases – and names for Apple to avoid

“With OS X Mavericks, Apple ended the era of naming their desktop operating system after big cats,” E. Werner Reschke writes for T-GAAP.

“OS X Mavericks is the first in a series of naming conventions focused on areas around California,” Reschke writes. “avericks is a surfing town on the coast of California, near Apple head quarters.”

Reschke writes, “So what is next? Isn’t that always the question after the launch of a new product passes? What will the name of the next OS X release be? Here’s a few we thought of and a few we thought Apple should stay away from…”

Among the names Reschke suggests that Apple avoid: “OS X Compton.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: OS X Watts.

With that name, Apple could try some sort of play on battery life, solar power, fuels cells, etc. or perhaps some retro marketing tie-in with Sanford and Son — the idea of which is, admittedly, more than a bit strange, yet somehow strangely intriguing.

Or, how about “OS X Thunderbolt Peak?”

Anyone else have any ideas, good or bad?

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    1. I like Cupertino too but for strangeness how about OSX Zzyzx? ZZYZX a small road/spa/UC research station off Interstate 10 in the Mojave Desert, CA

    2. Cupertino is great, but Mac OS X version 10.10 is cumbersome. Obviously they are having a hard time giving up the “X” which is creating a number jam as they avoid the even worse name of Mac OS XI 11.0.

      They should rebrand it xOS 1.0, Cupertino.

      1. Not sure why I got down votes, Apple has a real naming/branding conundrum on their hands since Mac OS X has become a recognizable brand name, even though the X represents the “major” version number 10.xx which will eventually need to be incremented.

        Going to “xOS” would keep the “X” while eliminating its use as a version number, and have an obvious similarity to “iOS”. They could use xOS 11.0 for the next big upgrade.

    3. Mavericks is NOT a “town,” and I think Apple will avoid names of towns and cities, and focus on inspiring California LOCATIONS. And considering they chose Mavericks first, I don’t think Apple will use anything that is too obvious and well known, like Yosemite.

  1. Also avoid OS X Lompoc & OS X Cucamonga plus many others.

    I vote FOR OS X Yosemite, OS X Golden Gate, OS X Sequoia & OS X Redwoods. Then OS X Tahoe, OS X Palm Springs, OS X Joshua Tree, OS X Hearst Castle, OS X Napa, OS X Coronado & OS X Lassen Volcanic. Then maybe OS X Madonna Inn. 🙂

      1. I don’t like any of the names the article listed. I do also like OS X Big Sur. Someone in the comments made mention that they thought Apple said they were sticking with surfing locations. Anyone remember this?

  2. I like Mojave, Laguna, Capistrano, Palomar, Malibu, Salinas, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Shasta and hey, maybe the ultimate OS X version – Cupertino.

    They should definitely avoid Alcatraz.

    That’ll be two cents


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  3. Mavericks is not a town, it’s a location.
    Though I still think of it as a number of
    wild horses, but another company has
    had the dibs on ‘mustang’ for about
    fifty years.

    I’m still steamed that they didn’t go with “Sea Lion”
    as it is much cleverer…. and much less boutique
    surfshop-ish. You know, the place where you pay five times
    as much for everything related to surfing…because
    they don’t want the ruffian shoplifter bank robber surfers
    like the guys from “Point Break” in there. The boutique
    surfshop wants surfers who don’t have rough hands.
    They want the venture capitalists or software development
    team leaders who get up at 4AM to surf before work and
    then make sure everyone at work knows they do it.

    This place is right next to a Starbucks.

      1. Yep, that’s the place!
        (turns to audience)
        Folks, let’s all give a big hand to our research department
        for cuing up the wiki entry for us to see.
        (sound of enthused applause)
        Y’know…. if you look at the satellite pics
        you can just about make out the Starbucks
        Many thanks, Roving Skeptic!!
        (audience applauds again, with a little less fervor)

  4. I still feel the cats were better names than non-personal landscapes. Apple should have sticked to animals. If all cats are gone, start with the dogs. Much better than green waves. I like the new version a lot despite the not so cool name.

    1. The cats weren’t gone, there was serval and mynx and
      ocelot; then the housecats: tabby, calico, Siamese.

      The only thing that was gone was Steve Jobs who
      would have put the kibosh on “Mavericks” in two
      seconds. “I told you guys, every OS X version is
      gonna be a cat! When we get to OS 11 we can talk
      about horses or characters played by Tom Cruise
      or whatever you guys are thinking. I really hate it
      when you clowns aren’t consistent with the program,
      sheesh! Do I also have to tell you to keep the software
      intuitive and supportive of previous versions?”

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        so they hire ex-pool hall hustlers to aim the big

  5. Mavericks is not a town. It is a surfing spot. Other surfing spots would:


    Places to avoid might be:

    Pasta Point
    Cloud Nine

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