Mac traffic from next-gen OS X 10.10 growing as Apple works on Mavericks successor

“Though OS X 10.9 Mavericks is only a few days old, Apple is unsurprisingly hard at work on the next major version of its Mac operating system, with traffic from the unreleased software steadily growing over the last month,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“Traffic to AppleInsider from Macs running Apple’s as-yet-unnamed OS X 10.10 grew throughout the month of October. In the last week, after OS X 10.9 Mavericks was released, traffic saw a significant increase,” Hughes reports. “Of course, a release for OS X 10.10 likely remains at least a year away, or potentially more.”

Hughes reports, “One thing that is known about OS X 10.10 is price: Apple indicated in this week’s quarterly earnings conference call that like Mavericks, all future releases of its Mac operating system will be free upgrades through the Mac App Store.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup, we’re seeing hits to MacDailyNews from OS X 10.10, too:

OS X 10.10 visits to, October 2013
OS X 10.10 visits to, October 2013


    1. NumVersion structure is as easy to understand as the fact that centralized government planning is wildly inefficient vs. applying free market solutions.

      1. Great, Fwhatever! Let’s apply your infallible, all-encompassing free market approach to the U.S. military. The Republican Party has long supported strong spending by the Federal Government on the military. The last time I looked, we were spending around $600B annually on the U.S. military. Let’s privatize it entirely using “free market solutions.”

        You post this crap on a frequent and regular basis despite repeated pleas to cease your attempts to link every topic to your political agenda. You are just frigging pathetic.

    2. Version dot delineation doesn’t really hold to mathematical convention (and anybody who understands math, I think, gets that) I.e. 10.4.5 id not a correct mathematical form but it is fine with “versioning rules”.
      I think the majority of people are clever enough to get that v10.10 is 9 versions beyond v10.1

    3. That’s why Apple publicizes the name, not the number.
      Except for “About This Mac” under the Apple menu. To avoid confusion, the “name” should appear their as well.

  1. Since it’s going to be free, does it really need to be 10.10? Previously it made more of a statement to increase the version number in line with delineated paid for releases. If they’re going to release regularly and free then why not just add things as and when they finish them? Obviously there may be certain things that warrant a new version (fundamental api changes etc), but otherwise just update us when somethings ready.

    Kind of like just releasing single songs rather than clumping them into an album every few years.

      1. I would like MDN to actually update their app for iOS 7 and optimized for iPhone 5 and higher devices. U know similar to the way GOOGLE of all companies have updated their apps.

  2. Apple should move to OS XI and implement some impressive long-overdue improvements under the hood, like a new version of ZFS. As it is, Apple’s continued reliance on HFS puts it technically behind Microsoft’s server-grade ReFS in many ways, including error detection and scalability. But then, Apple seems not to care about the large enterprise market, so it’s not surprising that Apple has not extended much recent effort into ensuring that its underlying file system is the most capable. Apple seems increasingly focused on fashion and low-power mobile devices over Mac performance.

  3. What does it matter if the next release is 10.10 or 11.0? It’s just the next version!
    Similarly with updates… 10.10.1 through 10.10.99 or whatever. The numbering isn’t mathematical but what does it matter??

  4. Oh joy! Apple is working on OS 10.10! How wonderful! This ought to make the developers and writers of third party software happy. They can’t keep up with the expense and timeliness of writing new software code because Apple is beginning to change its OSs faster than Elmida Marcos changing shoes. Wouldn’t it be great if Apple would make a stable and reliable OS before jumping into another “work in progress”?

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