Lines at Apple stores around the world as 64-bit iPad Air launches in 42 countries

“Eager technology fans braved lines at Apple stores around the world to snag the company’s latest iPad tablet,” Brett Molina reports for USA Today.

“The iPad Air launched in 42 countries including the U.S. on Friday,” Molina reports. “Videos from several store launches including Sydney, Tokyo and Amsterdam have been popping up on YouTube.”

Molina reports, “The 9.7-inch iPad Air is 20% thinner than the previous model, and weighs only one pound. It features the zippier A7 processing chip as well as the M7 coprocessor, both of which are found in Apple’s iPhone 5s.”

Read more in the full article here.

More iPad Air launch day videos at Fortune here.


      1. When if ever have we seen enthusiasm over a piece of technology. You would never see this at a Microsoft Store. They had their day in the sun in 1995. These days, they have to give away concert tickets just to get some fake resemblance of excitement over one of their products. You’ve never seen people lining up at Best Buy to purchase some new Samsung device.

        As I’ve been posting for the past or so, a lot of people have been sitting on their hands in regards to the iPad. I’ve been wanting one for the past six months. Thanks to the rumor mill, I New Apple was coming out with a new and much improved model. I’m glad I waited. As of today, my patience will soon be rewarded.

        It will be most interesting to see how many iPad Apple will move this weekend. Anything above 2 million would o a good job shutting down the naysayers.

    1. JD Power was correct. Those videos are people lined up outside Samsung “NotAppleButCloseEnough™” stores. They stand there in front of the store, cheer a little bit when the news cameras come by, then get a check after forwarding a paid blog and tweet. Leaving “Sent from my iPhone” in the twitter feed is optional.

  1. anyone know of a place you can buy the wifi version in installments? I know t-mobile offers the cell version, but they add on at the minimum a $10 per month on demand plan.

    1. 1. Deposit your installments in a savings account until the amount equals the price of the iPad + applicable taxes.
      2. Withdraw the funds from the account
      3. Buy the iPad

    2. If you go to the online Apple store, you can apply for the Barclay visa card and can use it to buy the 499 iPad, and then pay it back in 12 installments with zero interest. Of course, you will than have another Visa. I guess you could cancel the card after the 12 months.

        1. Careful though. It’s zero interest as long as the amount is paid in full by the 12 months. And…it’s only for the first purchase with the card. After that it’s a normal Visa with a high interest rate.

          1. Be careful still, if you charge anything else to the card, after you make your initial interest free promo purchase, all future payments are directed to pay off purchases that are not interst free first. You could find yourself still owing the full amount of the iPad at the end of the promotional interest free period!!!

    3. You sign up for a Barclays Credit card which they partner with Apple and have 18 months no interest. Best Buy also runs this same deal. There’s really no excuse for anyone that doesn’t have money to not get one unless you cannot make the payments within 18 months. After the 18 months the interest kicks in and goes all the way back to the purchase date. These deals only apply to any amount over $699.

    1. Where are you from?
      Last night I tried to order one shortly after 12am New York time, but the store was yet ready. It wasn’t until 3am that I could order, but by then I ordered through the Apple Store app.

    2. Where are you from?
      Last night I tried to order one shortly after 12am New York time, but the store wasn’t yet ready. It wasn’t until 3am that I could order, but by then I ordered through the Apple Store app, which also wasn’t ready until 3am.

    1. I was going to do this until i realized you still had to buy a plan. the cheapest is the on demand plan for $10 per month. I’m not going to pay $120 per year for a device even if i don’t use their cell service. going to buy the wifi model

    2. The thing is if you go on T-mobiles site and try to order the Ipad Air you have to sign up for a Demand plan which costs $10 a month. So that 200mb and free financing actually cost $10 a month.

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