Apple-led Rockstar consortium sues Google, Samsung, Huawei over Nortel patents

“The group that owns thousands of former Nortel patents filed a barrage of patent lawsuits on Thursday against cell phone manufacturers including Google, the company it outbid in the Nortel bankruptcy auction,” Dan Levine reports for Reuters.

“Rockstar, the consortium that bought the Nortel patents for $4.5 billion, sued Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, HTC Corp, Huawei and four other companies for patent infringement in U.S. District Court in Texas,” Levine reports. “Rockstar is jointly owned by Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericsson and Sony.”

“Google is accused of infringing seven patents. The patents cover technology that helps match Internet search terms with relevant advertising, the lawsuit said, which is the core of Google’s search business,” Levine reports. “Rockstar is seeking increased damages against Google, as it claims Google’s patent infringement is willful, according to the complaint.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on August 8, 2011:

Google will rue the day they decided to get greedy by working against Apple instead of with them.


  1. “Google will rue the day they decided to get greedy by working against Apple instead of with them.”

    What day will that be? So far Goog is laughing in Apple’s face and so is Ssmsung.

    1. For a good laugh …. Troll.

      As with its phones, Samsung offers a wide variety of different tablets. Its Galaxy Note 10.1 is actually $50 more expensive than Apple’s iPad Air, but comes with more features, including Samsung’s S-Pen, its smart stylus, and ability to interface with Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

      1. Yeah thats definitely worth a premium isn’t it, didn’t pens go out with Bill Gates Ark and as for the Galaxy Gear smart watch, well i guess it could be useful as an off the cuff Knuckle Duster in the unlikely event someone might want to mug you for … well a Galaxy Gear Smart Watch.

        1. @ spyintheskyuk, Remember inspector Gadget? He had an off the cuff knuckle duster! I was just mulling with Mrs Crabapple about patenting and then creating an ‘Off the cuff knuckle duster’, but she reminded me that Inspector Gadget would easily nullify such a gadgets patent.

      2. The pen’s neat, and I’d like a similar one to use with my pad, but you do realise that Samsung’s smart pen only works with certain specific apps, don’t you, and as for the watch, pretty much everyone who’s reviewed it says it’s not worth spending money on.
        And even if Apple brought out a far superior device, I wouldn’t be at all interested in it; it does nothing that would be of use to me, or any other iPhone owner I know.
        I really hope that Apple never produce a watch; all the rumours were bait to lure the competition into spending money on something nobody actually needs or wants.

    2. it will be drawn out…

      But you basically have two massive tech companies: apple/msft
      and two other corps basically would be helped by their gov’t: bbm/sony

      Everyone takes turns laughing… this time it may be Apple, MSFT, SONY and company looking for $(Blackberry)

    1. Agreed, that it’s filed in this stupid “rocket docket” does not project an image of credibility.

      OTOH, at least this isn’t being filed by product-less, no-name patent trolls.

  2. iOS 7 is pure garbage. The worst OS on the planet, bar none. Numerous user complaints, devices restarting unintentionally, all sorts of problems with apps crashing.

    People are abandoning the iOS ecosystem for Android in droves. That’s why Apple is suing – it’s running scared. I hope Apple loses big time and makes an effort to improve its OS instead of releasing the garbage iOS 7.

    1. Dear pet generic anonymous coward: You’ve posted the same rubbish so often here at MDN that now we’re laughing at you with ridicule. If you’re attempting to be serious: Total FAIL job.

      Or, if you’re attempting to be funny, it might help if you stuck the sarcasm tag at the end of your moronic rant: /s

      So what’s it going to be? Ridiculous or humorous?

        1. Whoever this is, he has no interest in being intelligent. It’s probably just another Samsung paid berzerker who makes and extra buck or two by going around to Apple fan sites posting crap he reads off a talking points list, and he’s incredibly unimaginative in his application thereof. He’s an idiot and doesn’t care that we call him one. He made a buck.

    2. You are an ignorant troll who wouldn’t know the difference between shut and shinola if you had to choose a casket.

      iOS7 is overwhelmingly praised and light years ahead according to almost all credible technology reviewers and users alike.

    3. Another fuckwit who believes that the term ‘market share’ has any meaning when it comes to Apple. Android is used on such a huge range of ultra-cheap, generic, no-name gadgets, like $20 pads, feature phones, ereaders, etc, that any comparison to iOS is risible. But you’re too stupid, or too keen on trying to be a troll that you don’t realise just how pathetic you look to those of us who actually do have a clue.
      Just go back to your playstation, your cans of red bull and your pizza in your mom’s basement, and leave the talk to the grown ups.

    4. I know ur an idiot but lets have a little fun. Based on what you said lets hypothetically say that the rubbish you just spewed is correct. Why on earth would anyone drop iOS 7 to go to android where all the issues you stated are happening with iOS happens FAR more in the fragmendroid, hell times infinity more in the android community along with a fragmented platform security issues, malware Trojans, spam ware etc??nope while iOS 7 isn’t perfect it still leaps and bound better Than ice cream or kit Kat or whatever food they are on now.

    1. That’s like saying locks on car doors have nothing to do with getting you from point A to point B, or that door locks on your house have nothing to do with keeping you dry and warm. Patents are a part of innovation and are essential to the motivation that leads to innovation. And why surmise that Apple is de-focusing from innovation just because their legal teams are in court doing their jobs protecting the prior innovation?

    2. Apple innovates in other areas… what’s wrong with a little bashing from time to time?

      Furthermore, Rockstar is not “Apple”. They are free to do as they want with the IP as long as it’s not detrimental to the members of the consortium.

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