Dell stinks: Pissed-off Dell Windows PC craptop sufferers complain of strong cat pee stench

“Owners of a certain model of Dell laptop have been subjected to very unpleasant ‘cat urine’ odours emanating from their new machines,” Samuel Gibbs reports for The Guardian.

“Dell was first made aware of the issue in June 2013 when a Dell user called ‘three west’ first posted about the smell of a new Dell Latitude E6430u… ‘it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcat’s litter box. It is truly awful! It seems to be coming from the keyboard,'” Gibbs reports. “Dell first suggested cleaning the keyboard and air vents around the laptop to cure the smell, but as more and more users complained of the same stench being emitted from the laptop from different countries and regions, it soon became clear that it wasn’t users to blame but the actual laptop.”

“‘Well, here I am Sunday doing some work on the couch and my wife says, ‘What stinks like cat pee?’ I said… I think its this laptop… she puts her nose up to the keyboard and BAM! It really stinks,’ said gambit29,” Gibbs reports. “For all those suffering from the smell, the only solution was to return the affected laptops to Dell for a replacement… Unfortunately, not all of Dell’s replacement machines were free from odour as one user complained: ‘I just received my 5th replacement 6430u yesterday and the smell is still there…'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Newsflash: Dell stinks.

But don’t blame beleaguered Dell, what’s left of the outfit is only trying to offer a copacetic experience to their sufferers by making their hardware literally stink at least half as much as the fuckery of an OS they slap into their cat pee-stinking pieces of half-assed crap.

BTW: If you’re on your 2nd Dell Latitude E6430u (Fecal Edition) replacement, much less your 5th, you need to get your head examined post haste.

Michael Dell

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Now, Now…,” “Denis,” and “Mark A.” for the heads up.]

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      1. It went away after a few weeks. I was told the smell came from glue on the replaced mother board. Don’t know how true that actually was, though. I suspect the tech got sloppy with his lunch. 😉

    1. In our IT department, we would talk about the iBooks that smell like “B.O.” So there must be some crappy smelling plastic coming out of China… Maybe a bad formula, and now Dell has it. Sometimes, with these problems, I think there’s some kind of sabotage going on.

      What if an employee tosses a bottle of skunk musk into a vat of plastic which then goes towards manufacturing keyboard keys, or maybe an underlayment… It doesn’t get detected right away.

      1. There’s a famous pliable white plastic that develops ‘old geezer stink’ over time. I find it’s commonly used on box fans. Whenever I smell that stench it reminds me of my former sister-in-law and her couch, where many an old geezer’s backside had sat and gassed. Bleh.

        Now, whenever I smell cat pee, I’ll think of Michael Dell. Bleh.

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