Google nears Android smartwatch launch

“Google Inc.’s smartwatch is in late-stage development and the company is in talks with Asian suppliers to begin mass production of the device, people familiar with the matter said,” Eva Dou and Lorraine Luk report for The Wall Street Journal.

“The new device, which will run on Android, will be integrated with Google Now, the company’s intelligent personal assistant that can answer questions, make recommendations and predict what information users need based on what they are doing, a person familiar with the situation said,” Dou and Luk report. “Google has also been working to reduce power consumption on the smartwatch so it won’t require frequent battery charges, the person said.”

“The smartwatch will be able to communicate with other devices such as a smartphone, and draw information such as travel schedules from a user’s email through Google Now, the person said. The device could be ready for mass production within months, the person said,” Dou and Luk report. “Apple has also been developing its own wristwatch, according to people familiar with the matter. Chief Executive Tim Cook said in May that wearable computers will be a ‘key branch’ in technology.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone


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  1. I wonder if Apple are;

    a) Developing a watch but taking a while to do it
    b) Already developed a watch, but aren’t releasing it until after Samoogle have released their useless crud so they don’t release clones soon after
    c) Arent developing a watch at all and just want a laugh

    The Samsung galaxy watch is a pathetic piece of trash but Google have a chance to make something that might have more uses than sending your current location to the ad server but I don’t hold much hope of it being something I’d consider buying, even though we know there will be an iOS companion app for it.

  2. There were computers before the Mac, MP3 players before the iPod, smartphones before the iPhone and tablets before the iPad. It’s just people didn’t buy them. I see no reason why smartwatches should be any different.

    1. Many computers were sold before the Mac indeed its why SJ got sacked because the Mac was too expensive and had limited flexibility in the early days and lost out to cheap PCs in volume no matter how great it was to use one (and I did).

      I think it would be very stupid to underestimate Google in this regard, the glass is highly anticipated despite what I might think about it and if anyone can learn from their mistakes and make one that actually makes sense it is Google. That is because as I stead on another thread such a device will live or die on its links to services that will be useful from your wrist far more than having to search and use your phone. If Google do get that interface right between their unmatched services and the hardware then it could sow up much of the market before Apple actually enter it and they will look like copy cats with far less potential functionality. Amazon has shown that that strategy can work with the kindle which we all thought on here would be destroyed one a iPad mini became available. Truth is as a book reader it is winning hand down despite being limited (and originally pathetic) and Amazon not a serious gadget producer at all back then. We all know what comes before a fall.

      Now I expect Apple to produce a far better device as and when they enter the watch market but complacency is not the answer at this stage.

  3. I just don’t see the demand for a “smartwatch”. It doesn’t seem like a “must have” device. There’s only so much screen real-estate on a watch, so it’s limited in what it can do. I mean, what seriously can you do on a smartwatch, other than display notifications so you don’t have to dig your phone out of your pocket? There’s no room for a decent keyboard, so texting would suck. It’s too awkward to hold near your head, and a wireless headset can just as easily pair with your phone, so talking and listening are pretty much out.

    Of course, Apple has a talent for taking devices you can’t imagine a use for and turning them into must-haves. Samsung and Google have not demonstrated that ability. I expect Google’s watch to be another expensive novelty that will not gain widespread adoption, like Google Glass.


  4. It will depend on how the device works.

    The Samsung Gear is a joke out of the box however if you jailbreak it you can side load android apps and its essentially a jelly bean android device with 4 gigs of RAM on your wrist.

    I don’t see getting one myself but for some people it might be a nice product is they get the software right.

  5. Like Samsung, Google falls for the head fake. They should at least wait until Apple shows them how it should be done. Then not copy it, but use it as guidance at to what the product is supposed to look like.

  6. Samsung is the real loser here. They attempt to launch any kind of stuff first before others to tell people that they innovate but they come up with junk.
    I wouldn’t underestimate Google at this point because it has matured much this past few years.
    Their smartphones might have not reached the top spot yet but they are getting there.
    Hopefully, Apple will surprise us all next year with NEW and not slimmed down products.

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