Apple reveals 15 acquisitions made in 2013, seven of which are mysteries

“Apple chief executive Tim Cook has revealed the firm has acquired 15 businesses in the last 12 months,” V3 reports.

“The purchases reveal Apple’s long-term strategy for improving specific software and hardware functionality,” V3 reports, “but the total leaves seven of Apple’s buys unaccounted for.”

V3 reports, “Speaking on the firm’s fourth quarter earnings call Cook said: ‘We completed 15 strategic acquisitions. That’s an average of one acquisition every three to four weeks.”‘ This has led to speculation about what the other deals may have been.

Read more in the full article here.


  1. [Off-topic]
    Anybody else thinks motion reduction is pretty cool on ios 7.0.3?? The apps just appear, at first i tought it wasn’t so good, but now i like it a lot, seems a lot cleaner and beautiful.

  2. Most of these purchases are for the maps app improvements. A total waste of time, Google won that round last year. These acquisitions are all just Apple playing catch up. A friendly word of advice would be to acknowledge defeat in this area and focus on something else where the money would make a difference.

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