Apple teases new iWork upgrades coming ‘in a few short hours’

“Apple has begun placing teaser banners on the iWork for iCloud apps, including Pages, Keynote, and Numbers,” Michael Grothaus reports for TUAW.

Grothaus reports, “When logging onto and selecting one of the iWork apps, users are now greeted with… ‘We’re updating Pages/Numbers/Keynote for iCloud! In just a few short hours, you’ll be able to create and edit documents, and enjoy great new features.'”

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Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors, “The service has been in beta testing since that time, and the company is widely expected to make an official announcement about its launch at today’s media event, alongside new versions of iWork for both OS X and iOS.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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  1. Yes, this is welcome news for us all who love this package.

    I’m expecting “Microsoft’s” Office to be given a complete overhaul by Apple, Inc. today. Apple could very well unveil a fresher approach to the “office environment.

    Microsoft has been calling the shots around the office long enough. How many years ago was it, I bought Microsoft Word on a 3.5-inch floppy disc? A big empty box with a single disk was all I got.

    Ever since then though, Microsoft has developed the workflows, the macros, and myriad processes that end-users are forced to suffer through, at the expense of an upgrade to the product or the underlying OS, with subscriptions and leases and licenses.

    Microsoft Word in its infancy showed promise, but over the years it has become just another bloated man-child in diapers!

  2. Please, PLEASE forgive the rant, but GAWD! how I do hate that “few short hours/few short weeks, few short months, etc.” idiom! Oh well, time to give up and go away. Nobody cares.

    Here’s to a GREAT presentation from Cook and Company!

  3. I doubt that the press will realize it, but MS’s Office business just got hit with a tac-nuke. It’s going to take them years to come up with anything like iWork’s new collaboration features. Add to that, the fact that Apple’s giving it away, and they’re in big, big trouble.


  4. As of this evening, Apple made these software updates available:
    – iPhoto 9.5
    – iPhoto Library Upgrader 1.1
    – iMovie 10
    – Garage Band 10
    – Pages 5
    – Page EndNote Plug-in 2.0
    – Keynote 6
    – Numbers 3

    As well as:
    – OS X Mavericks 10.9 – FREE!
    – iOS 7.0.3
    – Aperture 3.5
    – XCode 5.0.1
    – iTunes 11.1.2 (Mac & Windoze)
    – Apple Configurator 1.4.1
    – iBooks Author 2.1
    – Safari 6.1
    – Remote Desktop 3.7.0 & Client
    – Remote Desktop 3.5.4 Client
    – Apple Workgroup Manager 10.9
    – MacBook Pro (Retina, 13″, Late 2013) Software Update 1.0 (Directed at Chinese users)
    – Windows Migration Assistant
    – Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Lion 1.0
    – Migration Assistant Update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard 1.1
    – Airport Utility 6.3.1

    I think that covers it. That’s 26 updates in one day.

    The Apple downloads area is still catching up and doesn’t list everything. The App Store ‘Updates’ area is lagging as well. I supplemented this list with updates found via

    Oh and for the security minded: GPGMail was updated today to be compatible with OS X Mavericks 10.9. Excellent. Bite that NSA.

  5. I have been an avid user of Pages ever since I ran from Microsoft Office and Windows. Since 2009, I have enjoyed Pages tremendously. It was and in most aspects still is superior to the latest version of MSWord.

    I was the first in the Netherlands last night to comment on Pages 5.0. To say in in short: it is a disaster !

    Now we can say some negative things and then some words like well, we can submit bug reports, and “i don’t mind this but others may be bothered by a detail ….”.

    But here is the bottom line: a lot of users world-wide who used Pages until yesterday are virtually stopped in their tracks: they cannot continue their reports, business plans, etc. in Pages because all kinds of functions are missing, hidden, excluded, impossible to find.

    Let me tell you one: I normally write in English and my computer is set in English. But I am at present writing a business plan in Dutch. So after downloading Mavericks and subsequently Pages 5.0, I opened my business plan. And what do I see ? All text is underlined in red, suggesting the spelling is wrong.

    What I normally do in Pages is go to Inspector, then click on the big T, then I click on More at the right side of the box, and chose the Language. Problem solved.

    Here I cannot find this option. Where is it ? Why hide it ? Why not have a clear flexible Inspector but only what looks like bits and pieces, partly locked to the right side of the working are ?

    And this is only the beginning. There are so many functions that have disappeared, those functions that I learned to use day-by-day to make a more sophisticated document that wouldn’t start getting garbled text like it used to happen when a MSWord document would be passed on to another person’s computer (“Oh”, we used to say, “your settings in Word are different from mine”: remember that lame excuse ?).

    Now, this is where it gets very serious. Many thousands of users if not millions are using Pages. Many thousands are working with deadlines this week.

    I for one have a deadline. I have NO TIME to wait until hundreds of bug reports have been filed and Apple will start repairing what has gone utterly wrong, I repeat utterly wrong !

    Is Apple going to pay the damages to all those people who miss their deadlines and who, as a result, lose income ? Lose business relations, customers ? Lose jobs ? Lose income, lose house, because they messed up in the eyes of their customers ?

    I object to the very fact that Apple can make such a terrible product. It looks very much like the failure of Apple Maps. Apparently, like with Apple Maps, nobody went out and sat down to USE the new glorious product !!!

    Apparently, Apple hasn’t gone to the simple users (not the programmers and wizkids who are smart in using Beta versions: no, US, the vast majority that is now hit !

    What Apple has done is this: they have serviced my car and they have put SQUARE WHEELS under my car:
    – now I can’t move from where I am
    – now I can’t write my business plan
    – now I’m busy – in utter despair – to compare:
    + what I had with what I got yesterday night instead
    + where the functions are that were so common
    + how I can get some control over the programme, so that it doesn’t give me (and believe me: many with me) the feeling that I am totally lost and completely out of control AFTER 6 YEARS OF INCREASING SKILLS IN WORD PROCESSING !!!!

    It’s all taken away and I cannot wait until this GIGANTIC BLUNDER is rectified. I don’t have that time ! Because that would cost my company over $ 250,000 for not meeting a deadline.

    So there is a crisis here. We are NOT just talking about sending some bug reports. This is a MAJOR LEAGUE MISTAKE.

    It should never have happened. And it isn’t necessary for a multi-multi billion company that can spare some 10 or 20 million to pay real experts in this field to make sure Pages surpasses everything that exists, including earlier versions of Pages as well as MSWord and other programmes such as Scrivener.

    “Where there is a Will, there is a Way”. I want to see that will, and fast. Because this MISTAKE is a CRIME to many followers of Apple: it’s own most loyal customers that it has left with SQUARE WHEELS.

    Apple: clean up your act and do it NOW.

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