Apple’s forthcoming lower-priced iPads to impact expensive tablets, sources say

“Microsoft’s second-generation Surface and new Android-based tablets are expected to be impacted by Apple’s launch of the next-generation iPad and iPad mini as the company is likely to reduce its existing iPad and iPad mini prices, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The iPad mini is currently priced starting US$329, while the Retina Display iPad is priced starting US$499,” Chen and Tsai report. “The next-generation iPad and iPad mini are expected to retain the same price ranges, while existing models’ new prices are expected to impact 10-inch tablet models with prices above US$399 and 7-inch models with prices above US$299, the sources noted.”

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  1. Okay, yes, he’s an analyst, and we all know they engage in baseless speculation, but in this case, fellow MDN respondents, you are not reading what he’s saying. He’s not saying Apple will release a cheaper iPad or mini, but rather that the current models will drop in price and he is absolutely right. I would expect the current iPad models to drop by $100, based on previous releases, and I would speculate (sorry, I have no facts to go on here) that the current minis will drop by about $50.

    That puts the 16GB wifi model at about $279, and the iPad retina 16GB wifi model (4th Gen) at $399, and the iPad 2 at $299.

    I admit this is pure speculation, but this is what Chen and Tsai are referring to.

    Oh yeah, and fire Tim Cook!


    1. Fire him and replace him with who? There’s no one except maybe Bezos or Musk that would be Steve Jobs equal in terms of originality or driving force. Do you really think someone new will automatically boost Apple’s shareholder value? Change for the sake of change probably won’t cut it. I’m not sure Apple would do a lot better, but would probably do a whole lot worse. I don’t want anyone who would do Wall Street’s bidding of building cheap crap.

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