U.S. Mac shipments shrink 56 times more than industry average

“Mac shipments in the U.S. during the third quarter fell at a dramatically steeper rate than that of sales of other PCs, including those powered by Microsoft’s Windows, IDC said Wednesday,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“According to the research firm, Apple’s personal computer shipments in the United States slumped 11.2% year-over-year to 1.9 million machines. The PC business as a whole contracted just 0.2% as sales picked up more momentum than had been expected, with all four of the remaining top 5 — HP, Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba — posting positive growth numbers for the quarter,” Keizer reports. “Apple’s decline was 56 times that of the industry average.”

“Why the plummet in growth? ‘Mac unit sales are correlated to product launches, so when Apple ships a new [Mac], sales zoom up,’ said Rajani Singh, an IDC analyst, in an interview Thursday,” Keizer reports. “And when Apple doesn’t, sales take a dive.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re all waiting for the elusive MacBook Air with Retina display, that’s why (and, some of us, for the Mac Pro). Also, this is the time of the year when we know we’ll be wanting to buy new iPhones and iPads, too.

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    1. Here’s proof of your comment –

      I gave a circa 2002 iMac G4 to my sister-in-law’s sister about 3 years ago, and she’s still using it, says it runs great.

      My circa 2006 Intel iMac serves as my Media Center, and still runs fantastically!

      I would love to update my 2010 iMac to the new thinner iMac, but it runs flawlessly. I keep trying to convince myself to move this iMac to the Media Center and get a new iMac, but I just can’t do it.

      I don’t know of any PC users that have 11, 7 or 3 year old machines that they would say run as well as any of these iMacs.

        1. Exactly the same where I work, there’s a Bondi/white tower, made in 1999, that still works, but is too slow, but a slightly later, possibly 2001, Anthracite/white tower, that’s still in use as a mail server. My 2003 PowerBook is still in perfect condition, it just needs a new battery, but it’s really been superseded by my 2010 Mini and my iPad. Contrast those with the many, many PC’s that have been gutted for any usable spares, and dumped; I counted fourteen sitting in the warehouse ready to go for scrap, last year, and others this year.

    2. If the Microsoft Surface was a big hit, the Windows PC sales would have tanked. But, The Surface sucked and tanked, so the PC box people had to replace the malware hacked virus infected Windows PC boxes with another. So, Microsoft’s incompetence saved the day!

    3. I believe that’s one of the reasons why Wall Street doesn’t like Apple. The product turnover is much slower and that would definitely dampen sales every few years. Wall Street seems to like companies that make cheap, disposable-type, high-turnover products. That’s how I see it. Consumers are holding onto Apple product for too long a time. You could say that Apple is its own worst enemy when it comes to Wall Street’s valuation of the company.

      My 24″ iMac 3.06 GHz is into its fourth year of running 24/7 and except that it practically slows to a crawl when I run Mountain Lion, so it will forever be stuck at Snow Leopard and it’s perfectly fine when running that. I’ll be getting another iMac but only because I want a newer one and not because I need to replace the one I have. I’ll just use my current iMac as a spare in another room.

    4. I agree – here’s another example. My 5 1/2 year old Macbook Pro gave up the ghost with a logic board failure a few weeks ago (a legacy of one too many spills over the keyboard) but it was running Mountain Lion, if a little slowly. I use my Mac for film editing and i will wait for the mac pro. In the meantime i am using my other mac – an 8-9 yr old mac mini, running Lion. It works, and its fast enough for everyday mail, safari, office/iWork. I have an HD display and it feels like a modern machine. And it still looks amazing.

    5. So very true. I’m running a Mac mini G4/1.42 as a home automation server. That’s an EIGHT year-old machine that runs 24/7, never needs to be rebooted, never gets a virus, never has an issue. It’s been sitting there running without issue for probably four years non-stop.

      Macs can last forever; they’re just redeployed or handed down instead of recycling.

  1. Failing to to release new models in a timely fashion will do that to you. Where’s the new MacBook Pro? The new Death Star Mac Pro? I’ve needed a new laptop for a year and I’ve been hobbling for what I hope will be released in two weeks.

    1. Same here. I’m waiting for the new Haswell MBP and getting more and more frustrated as time goes on. It’s no wonder that sales fall when no new Macs are released. I’ve set aside the money, but it will be unspent until the new MBP arrives.

    2. I’m with you I’ve been waiting for a MacBook Pro for 10 months hopefully a 17 inch and the new garbage can mac pro who knows there I have to see it to decide if it’s usable. In the meantime I’m out of cycle for a new phone so I have said before I have had no reason to even go to a Mac store in 10 months maybe even a year. There is such a difference between being a fan boy and being an investor I want to personally see Apple as a business crush all competition but Tim Cook is turning the company into a boutique computer maker When’s the last time you saw a commercial for any Apple computer?

  2. the “56 X” is just stupid. It has no relevance when the comparison number is very small.

    If industry fell 10% then a 50% decline would have been 5x.

    An 11.2% decline is not good but 56 X is meaningless. What if average decline was 0% and Apple decline only 1% ? It still would be infinitely higher.


    1. i was kind of hoping that the others hadn’t shrunk at all; then we could say that mac shipments shrunk an infinite amount more. if we are going to have fun with math and make up silly headlines, then let’s make them seriously silly!

    2. I was going to point that out but you best me to it.

      Like, if the PC industry fell 0.02% rather than 0.2% (just 0.18% less), then Mac sales would have fallen 560 times as much! So the headline went for pure sensationalism and nothing else.

  3. I’m due for all new Apple hardware. It’s a matter of availability and releasing of the things.
    * iPhone 5s — impossible to find.
    * New (Haswell) MBP — doesn’t “exist” yet.
    * New iPad — doesn’t “exist” yet.

    The steep decline is purely Apple’s fault of lack of supply. I’m waiting. With real money…

  4. Bang on .I’m waiting for the Mac Pro and the retina display iPad mini
    I think that there is a lot of pent up demand for Apple products
    I love my 64GB Gold 5s which I got 10 days after the announcement while my friend who ordered 8 hours after me is still waiting!

    1. I really don’t think Apple gives up much in terms of sales. People that buy Apple are typically willing to wait, and Apple gets the sales anyway. I don’t think anyone who wants a retina MBP is going to buy a Lenovo instead.

  5. Good points about quality. I just can’t bring myself to upgrade my Quad Core i7 MacBook Pro even though it is approaching 3 years old. I would love a Retina machine, but mine operates flawlessly. Plus, I spend much more time on my iPad now, and will upgrade to the new one later this month.

    1. Bingo. I have 4 macs in the house now and they are all working flawlessly. Newest is 3 years old (MacBook Pro) and I just updated the hard drive (bigger) and replaced the CD with an Solid State drive. I’m waiting for an ‘Air’ with a terabyte of Space.

  6. apple has never been afraid to canabalize it’s own products. I suspect that many people are opting for iPads instead of full on macs. there is a large segment of users for which an ipad is all the computing power that’s needed.

    1. I bought a new 17″ MBP recently from MacMall (you’re welcome MDN) because they had a few still in stock. Gave it a SSD drive and 16GB Ram. Sweet machine. I like a big screen and was sad to see the 17″ go.

  7. Here at Trevor Philips Industries we are an entirely all Mac house. We love our Macs and look forward to upgrading our Macs to Mavericks when it is released. We always stick with MacBook Pros because our IT department can take it apart and upgrade any component we choose like RAM and SSD that makes them run like new again. We really appreciate the upgradability of the MacBook Pros.

    Unfortunately due to the closed nature of the Mac Pro, we won’t be buying any of that closed off inaccessible to the user hardware. We like doing our own upgrades and Apple is going down the wrong path with the Mac Pro.

    I’d like to put in a note that we’ve been disappointed with Apple’s iOS 7. Wade in human resources has been complaining to me that it makes his iPhone feel like a Seventies machine again. Ron in accounts says that he can’t get any work done on his iPhone since upgrading to iOS 7. I hope Apple takes note and tones down the fairy colors and Fisher-Price look of the icons.

    1. Really? They can’t get any work done because of the color of the icons and UI… Maybe they’re so attracted to those “fairy” colors that all they can think about is sucking dick instead of working?

      Sorry, but with addition of several features and touch gestures, iOS 7 flows smoother and is easier to use than all previous versions.

    2. As boss, perhaps you could tell your staff to behave like grown-ups, and not like whiney little school-girls, MTFU, and get on with their work. Snivelling about the colours is so juvenile, what is he, ten? And can’t get any work done? Perhaps if he stopped looking for porn, and got to grips with the interface differences, and got on with his work, everyone would be better off. How many people use the native apps for business? Most people use third-party apps, who’s colours Apple has zero control over.
      I don’t care about the colours, and I prefer the new, simpler icon styles, but then I’m a grown-up.

  8. I love my iPhone, but Apple needs to remember that without Macs, the best and the most on line / web content goes away.
    You need us, it sure seems at times that they are not interested any more..

    Where will the kiddies who value entertainment almost as much as oxygen get the stuff they read and listen to on iOS?

    1. Goes away? Why, would you convert to the Amish church and live the simple life if Apple stopped making Macs? Raise babies and make hogs, or was that the other way round?

      BS. Plenty of us have a little Linux/BSD installation on the side “just to keep up with things”. Life goes on.

  9. Seriously, Apple should have just announced the Mac Pro when they were ready to ship it the next day. What’s the use of pre-announcing something anymore without a definitive release date? Apple announcements were historically accompanied by actual release dates for products, not some elusive “when it’s done or ready this fall”. Ship end of October Apple or otherwise Hackintosh here I come.

    1. Because if I spend $4k on a Mac Pro on a Monday, then Apple came out with a completely new model on Tuesday (with no forewarning) I would be… upset, to say the least. By announcing months in advance, nobody can complain they were shafted by Apple.

      1. and Apple did, in a rare move, announce the new Mac Pro way in advance. That had to hurt sales.
        But the real numbers are in laptops as people wait for the new models.

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