Apple forcibly removes their iTunes Radio contract from ‘Digital Music News’ website

“The stated reason for the removal demand was ‘copyright infringement,’ which Apple takes ‘very seriously,'” Paul Resnikoff reports for Digital Music News. “And the message from Apple to Digital Music News was pretty clear: that was cute, but please don’t make us bury you.”

“The iTunes Radio contract, leaked and published by Digital Music News in late June of this year, was specifically for independent, non-major labels that did not strike directly-negotiated, higher-rate deals with Apple,” Resnikoff reports. “Perhaps more importantly, the contracts forced sub-standard terms onto all indies, except for biggest, most influential labels (from what we’ve heard).”

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“Copyright? For a contract?” Greg Sandoval reports for The Verge. “Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University, says that contracts can indeed be copyrighted, although it’s rare. ‘It’s not out of legal bounds to do this,’ Goldman told The Verge. ‘It’s just kind of a jerk move. We all know what’s happening here. Apple doesn’t care about protecting the copyright of contracts. It’s using copyright to try and suppress information that it doesn’t want made public.'”

“All this raises questions about what might happen to Sonny Dickson should the Australian teen continue to break news about Apple’s products,” Sandoval reports. “Dickson, who lives with his parents in Melbourne, is credited with publishing the first leaked photos of the iPhone 5S and 5C, which made their official debut last month. He has also leaked alleged images of Apple’s next iPads, widely expected to be announced as soon as this month.”

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    1. They are acting like butts to little guys. That is counter to the public image they want to convey. It isn’t that confidential, all you have to do to get access to it is be a little guy willing to agree to the terms. Which are still a lot better that the little guy gets from major record labels. Apple just doesn’t want anyone saying “Apple, they’re not the worst thing around” and having documentation to prove it.

        1. What law are you talking about? Apple has probably threatened to sue, but there are no criminal charges here. The deal they offer the smaller players is just not something they’re proud of from a PR standpoint. I’d want to keep that a secret too.

  1. This is Gizmodo all over again.

    You’re screwed if you let them walk all over you. And your screwed if you don’t let them walk all over you.

    They have no moral right to publish a contract, that belongs to any other party. It’s corporate espionage.

    Samsung committed espionage when it grabbed a look at Apple’s contract with Nokia, from their lawyers. Which goes to show you. If you don’t keep it locked up tight, in your own hands, you are probably letting the whole world see it.

    I see the courts aiding and abetting corporate espionage, under the light of discovery.

  2. Good move by Apple.
    Well maybe this teen… Living with his parents should stop publishing trade secrets and copyrighted information and he might not end up in jail one day…

    1. We both know that Apple is standing down because they know the press would rip them to shreds with frothing-at-the-mouth headlines about victimising children and the like.

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