New iPhones haven’t saved Apple’s stock

“Despite glowing reviews and strong sales, new iPhones haven’t done anything to get Apple’s stock out of the doldrums,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney.

“In fact, Apple’s stock is trading 4% below where it was a month ago — the day that Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C,” Goldman reports. “This marks the sixth of the past seven years in which Apple’s stock has ended up lower a month after the new iPhone was revealed. And in 2011 — the one year that Apple’s stock actually finished higher after an iPhone release — it still pulled back sharply from its initial post-iPhone bump.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Yet Apple continues to make billions in sales with its products and literally can’t make enough to satisfy demand. If these are real problems, then most businesses should be praying to have them. Wall Street doesn’t know squat!

  2. So…..the new products haven’t done a damn thing to make investors confident enough to pay a higher multiple for this stock. I say this as an apple fan who loves all their products, but, unfortunately investors aren’t willing to give the company the respect it deserves until they come out with more than minimal upgrades and ultimately then need a new “revolutionary” product…The stock right now is impossible to own, but one can trade it if nimble enough…

    1. Until the SEC and other regulating nincompoops come down hard on the manipulators and rules that enable them, the whole county will continue to be at the mercy of crooks.

          1. per SEC plan of operations:

            The procedures herein apply to all SEC personnel in pay and non-pay status except for Presidential/Senate confirmation appointees and those employees funded through a permanent or multi-year appropriation in effect at the time of the lapse in appropriations.

            so, not quite everyone is “non-essential.”

  3. “I don’t think it’s random,” said Ryan Detrick, senior technical strategist at Schaeffer’s Investment Research, a month ago. “We have seen this before. There is so much hoopla with Apple, but soon after the news comes out, there’s not as much reason to be excited anymore.”

    Would you hire that guy. Let’s pay any attention to the data.

  4. I’ll give you two words to explain this. Tim Cook. That is all. I’m not a Tim Cook hater, I don’t hate anybody. But, Tim Cook is a failure and that’s why AAPL is stuck and will go nowhere until he’s gone.

    1. State your reasons for claiming that Tm Cook is a failure. Better yet, explain why the stock price history story I linked above is irrelevant in evaluating the performance of the CEO.

    2. You are a moron. Get this through your thick skull: APPL is not Apple. Th stock market is an irrational rigged shell game. The price of APPL is no more a true reflection of Apple’s success that a Tinkertoy structure properly describes DNA.

  5. Balderdash. Wall Street investors don’t believe Apple can continue to pull the rabbit out of the hat every few years, remaking other company’s floundering product lines. Apple’s focus continues to be on finding technology failures in the marketplace, and then redesigning/recreating those products into something they would want to use themselves. Apple has never been focused on the share price, however much the various hedge fund managers would like it to be.

  6. Seriously. Today, look at Netflix, Google, Priceline and Amazon compared to Apple. It’s a freaking joke how Apple is sitting on $100 billion of untouched overseas cash. It might as well be stuffed under Tim Cook’s mattress for all the good it’s doing Apple shareholders. I’m not looking at just today. For nearly ten months, it’s been impossible for Apple to get out of the red for 2013 and yet no one is willing to assign blame to anyone for that. It’s true I’m getting my dividends but considering how much cash Apple has compared to some of those other companies, they’re really being very conservative in giving it out to shareholders.

    I agree that anyone who is unhappy can always go and sell their Apple stock and buy into one of those other profitable companies but I’d still rather invest in a company who’s ideas I truly believe in. Apple may be in a unique situation I don’t understand but Apple’s P/E ratio is really poor by any tech company standards.

    I have to keep scratching my head as to why Apple doesn’t have any strategy to excite investors while other companies are able to. I’m not even sure why mutual fund investors don’t have any interest in Apple. Does Apple really need to reshape its business or not? One wouldn’t think so because the business model seems to be very sound in my eyes, but not so for big investors which is puzzling.

    Am I being unnecessarily harsh in my judgment of Apple? I’ve given up on expecting much more from Apple’s share price and I’ll concentrate mainly on the dividend aspect because only Apple has control over that.

    1. “I have to keep scratching my head as to why Apple doesn’t have any strategy to excite investors while other companies are able to.”

      Because the only they care to “excite” are people that buy their products.

    2. Buying a quality product and investing are two entirely different subjects. You buy Apple products because they make great stuff. That decision has worked out well for you,me and others over the years. You should make the same intelligent decision when investing your hard earned money. You may like Ford automobiles rather than Chevrolet but at some point if you are not making money by investing in Ford you can’t blame Ford. It’s your money, use common sense. If you see a trend, and apparently you do, respond accordingly. If the other stocks such as Priceline, Netflix, Amazon and others are doing well then you should invest in them. What is keeping you from doing that? Are you afraid that someone here is going to call you names? It’s investing. You are supposed to invest your money where it will grow. That has absolutely nothing to do with purchasing a new 64 GB iPhone 5 S. Nothing. Just because you bought a cup of coffee at Starbucks this morning doesn’t mean that you have to own Starbucks stock. Although that wouldn’t be a bad move on your part. In the end you simply have to make good decisions when investing your money. Liking a company and its product doesn’t mean that you have to invest in it. The stocks that I mentioned are stocks that I have owned for the last year. It’s where I put my AAPL money that I pulled out when it reached $700 last September. AAPL has done well over the last decade. Up until September 2012. You have to adjust to adversity and challenges in life. The same thing goes for investing. At some point you have to question your decision on not investing where you know that you should invest. It’s not rocket science. But it is your money. What? Are you afraid that someone is going to know that you don’t invest in AAPL anymore? Please. Trust me, fanboys aren’t going to pay your bills in the future. Dividends are great but that’s not really growing your money now is it? If you want dividends invest in utility stocks. They are much less volatile. Too many here are like deer in the headlights. They have frozen since last September and can’t get out of the way. They continue to blame Tim Cook or Wall Street or both. They never look at themselves and realize that they don’t know how to invest their money. It’s really not that difficult. Yet it’s easier to blame others rather than react intelligently. For all those who believe that AAPL is manipulated constantly, why would you stay in such a stock? Isn’t the definition of insanity continuing to do something that you know is wrong?

  7. The target is Cook. They want a replacement of the Sculley mold. Cook is naive. The drumbeat will start based on then on-performance of the PPS.

    Apple should declare dividends not buybacks and doubled down with a stock split of 10 to 1. These will piss off the shysters but apple PPS will double.

  8. By this time, the message is cleared, Wall Street does not like Apple. My assumption is: perhaps, John Scully wanted to be rehired as Apple’s CEO. Therefore, there are so many efforts to suppress AAPL from Wall Street like pushing a baseball under the water.

  9. I’m amazed by how stupid investors are in general, and not just about Apple. So many times recently, there will news story about a company or sector or something, it’s like investors hear it, turn their brain turns off, jumps to the stupidest conclusion possible and bets money on it.

    About a week ago, a Youtube video of a Tesla car on fire sent their stock dropping. But if looked at the incident it any detail, it’s overwhelmingly clear that electric cars are many times safer than gasoline cars in cases of engine fires, and this car’s safety features performed exceptionally well in this extreme car crash. But the stock dropped anyway, and kept going down for many days because of investors reaction to this incident.

    Reactions to government shutdown are all over the place. Investors have no clue how to react, going back and forth from optimism to pessimism based on the most idiotic interpretations of what’s happening in Congress. Stocks actually surged up at the beginning of the shutdown because investors were sure it would be quickly resolved. The dropped later – I guess investors finally figured out budget negations weren’t going well days after they shut down the government. They are back up today because of some lame gesture republicans made to the president, that was apparently enough to convince investors they are about settle it.

    And yeah, the whole iPhone 5S and 5C mess. That was a stellar product announcement, that had stellar sales, and everything about this iPhone refresh bodes well for the future of Apple. That much is obvious, or at least it should be obvious, to anyone who knows enough about Apple to think they should be stock owners of the company. Instead we have the idiot parade, that continued even after the sales numbers were announced, of analysts predicting Apple’s doom and investors reacting to them like lemmings jumping off a cliff.

    If you are going to invest, don’t expect other investors behave intelligently. And DIVERSIFY: no stock is a safe bet.

  10. Mr. Cook, what is the problem with Apple? on the day when Dow gains 2.18%, Nasdaq gains 2.26%, Apple only advances 0.66%,yet, losing 0.05% after hours.
    Mr. Cook, Apple shareholders needs your strong leadership now, to pull them out under the water.
    Consumers love AAPL iPhones, but, the market does not like Apple company.
    Please have a strong public relation team, to promote a positive image for the company,so that the institutional investors, hedge funds would love AAPL again, so that the share price of AAPL would rise.
    Mr. Cook, please act now.

  11. MDN, Please grant this one wish. Frankly I am tired (speaking for myself) of countless articles posted talking about the street and their assessments about the why’s and why not’s of Apple stock movement and the reluctance of the street either getting behind, or not of the stock. Yes respectfully that are a lot of people that look to Apple as an investment to gain financially and there is nothing wrong with that. The stock manipulators have proven that time and time again that in the long run it works. There are however, many more that look at Apple as an investment in their technology portion of their life and that is equally, if not more important, at least to me personally. I got this a long time ago when I switched to Apple and immediately saw the benefits of what Steve and his team were working towards. Apple will never truly be loved by the street so who cares. They will hopefully have more wins then losses in a product sense, regardless of their teams of the future. If the loses end up more favoured in that analysis so be it. The stock price or the street perspective (Analysts) will not control that. The consumer will. So MDN, My wish is to focus on what really matters. The product and services. I don’t care what the stock price is, give us some uncluttered content, please!!

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