Speed and responsiveness: Apple’s iOS performs nearly two times better than Android

“Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD has a more responsive touchscreen than Google’s new Nexus 7 or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3.8.0, according to measurements carried out by Agawi,” Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian.

“But all of the commercial Android tablets are put in the shade by Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet – and that in turn is slower than Apple’s fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini, the latter of which has the most responsive screen tested, the company says in a new set of tests,” Arthur reports. “The effect would be most noticeable while typing or playing games which require the screen to respond rapidly to user touch – such as Fruit Ninja, where the player has to try to “slice” flying fruit in half as it crosses the screen, suggested Rohan Relan, co-founder and chief executive of Agawi.”

Arthur reports, “The “minimum app response time” (MART) – measured as the time between touching the screen and a response being measurable using a laboratory rig – was 75 milliseconds on average for the iPad mini, against 95ms for the Surface RT. For the Kindle Fire HD, the figure was 114ms – compared to 135ms for the 2013 version of Google’s Nexus 7, and 168ms for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3.8.0.”

TouchMarks smartphone latency

Arthur reports, “‘Basically we found that Apple’s iOS performed nearly two times better than Android,’ Relan told the Guardian. ‘The findings were surprising to me because Samsung makes the hardware, but it was the worst by a large margin in our tests.'”

MacDailyNews Take: What’s surprising? Samsung don’t make the OS — Google serves as Samsung’s unpaid OS developer — Samsung just skins Android. Plus, Android apps are Java, so molasses-like responsiveness is a given. It’s really a mess.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: iPhone users, if you want an exercise in frustration, pick up any Android phone and partake in its bountiful lagginess. Tap and wait. Tap and wait. Tap and wait some more. It’ll deepen your pity for the Fragmandroid settlers.


  1. But the marketfsckers love market share more . Who cares about this innovation . Those who said Apple is not innovative in fact are those who are stupid and know nothing about innovation .

  2. I shared this article on my FB page and a Google fan made the point that these weren’t Android’s best tablets so the comparison was unfair.

    Any truth to that? (For anyone who knows Android tablets?)

    And please… don’t down vote me simply for asking a question. 🙂

    1. I’m pretty sure the Galaxy S4 is the latest/greatest from Samsung, as is the HTC 1 and Moto X from those respective manufacturers. Dont’ know about the Windows phone.

      As for tablets, though, I don’t really know. I’ve seen commercials for Amazon’s Fire HD so that must be their most recent. The others – who knows?

      1. I believe the iPad Mini and iPad 4 are the oldest tablets in the chart.  In less than 2 weeks, the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will be launched — and one or both will have a 64-bit A7 processor that’s considerably faster than the A6 & A5 processors in the 2012 iPads.

      1. All you have to remember, the apps on Android tablet are mobile apps on a bigger screen, Where as the apps built for the iPad offer a much better experience for a tablet. So even if the Nexus 7 did perform better, it’s a mute point because you are comparing apples (no pun intended) to oranges.

  3. The chart on MDN compares the best/latest Android phones to the iPhone 4 & 5. I’d say that it is more than fair to Android. This comparison should give them an advantage. I’d love to see this chart with 5s included.

  4. That is 2.24 times faster than the 168ms for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3.8.0. Come on 168 ÷ 75 = 2.24 and that isn’t with the new 64-bit A7 in it yet.

    Anyone seeing a new TV add yet?

  5. It doesn’t matter how fast Apple iOS displays are. Android devices SELL faster and that’s what Wall Street likes. Because high quantity matters more than high quality to the big money investors, Apple will always be the loser on Wall Street.

  6. I think I have noticed this, but with phones.
    Every now and then I get to use an Android phone and every time I feel like the screen is lagging when flicking through screens and such and every time ask myself, how can the release a phone like this? It just feels wrong. Something is lagging or is underpowered. It feels like the screen is FPS-lagging… Apple would never release a product like that. It is sub-standard.

    1. It is sub-standard. Standard set by iOS.

      FPS: you have laboriously ascended to high ground and have managed to acquire a high-powered rifle with a scope. Arming it, you zero in on an explosive container, your only chance—mercenaries are closing in fast. You prepare to fire//but there is a juttery//screen lag//and you’re dead//DAMN this OS.

  7. i know one thing there are 100 things which ios cant but android can . and may it’s not even a single thing which android can’t .

    moreover wats the use of innovation if apple was the sole manufacturer and ios was the sole platform than 90% of the people cant buy a smartphone because of such a price tag

    maybe its a great hardware and software combination but the real thing is it’s let u bound in a cage where u r force to do the things which apple lets u do .

    it was a innovation wen android is not there

    but now its just a status symbol

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