Why Obama needn’t overturn U.S. ITC Samsung ban after Apple veto

“There’s some who feel Samsung should receive a waiver on the Apple victory against it at the ITC, in the same way its case against Apple was waived,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “This puerile argument has no substance to it as the circumstances of both cases are very, very different.”

“Bloomberg reports Samsung wants a presidential pardon because Apple got one — but the circumstances of these two cases are very different,” Evans writes. “In this case, Samsung’s patents are essential to an industry standard. That’s why the firm agreed to license them in an open way to all in the industry who wanted to use them, and to do so at a fair and equable rate to all. (It amuses me how some Android champions who cling to the word ‘open’ as part of their religion seem so unwilling to respect the need for fair and open dealing in those industry standards their ‘open’ is based on.)”

“In Apple’s case the argument it has won pertains to functionality that differentiates the Apple products from other devices,” Evans writes. “The difference between these cases doesn’t stop Samsung from demanding the same treatment it claims Apple received. Unable or unwilling to concede the different meaning of the two findings, it states: ‘The world is watching how Samsung is treated by the United States in this ‘smartphone war. The administration has a significant interest in avoiding the perception of favoritism and protectionism toward US companies.'”

Evans writes, “The world is indeed watching; not because it feels Samsung is an innocent victim of US protectionism, but because it is waiting to see what precisely the US will choose to protect.”

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  1. Also google should get punished for creating the android OS using stolen IP and helping photo copiers like Samsung and other play dirty and unfair games

  2. Articles on this subject have been going around for a few days. Reading the comments by phandroids/Apple haters continually bringing up “rounded corners” is laughable. Just goes to show how little they know about patents or the current state of patent related litigation

  3. Obama is already overturning the US constitution, so he can do just about anything and the libturds will worship his half-black ass and slurp what what comes out from it.

  4. It seems to me that much of this could be avoided if patents that were declared as “standards-essential” could be removed from administration by their owners and given (for licensing and defense purposes) to an independent body which could fairly handle such things. It seems that some large corporations and some governments have lost the ability to make sense of the words on the paper; taking this kind of thing out of the hands of Samsung, IBM, or any other standards-essential patent holder, would at least clear the noise from the playing field, and leave the patents that are distinguishing to be properly viewed.

    (And my prediction is that Mr. Obama WILL grant a veto; since he has neither a technical nor a business background, and since his style seems to rely more on his own feelings rather than gathering and listening to competent advisers, I believe that he will err on the side of what he wrongly believes to be “fair.”)

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