Hedge fund trader Julian Robertson sells Apple because Steve Jobs was ‘mean’

“Though billionaire Julian Robertson once considered Apple to be one of the world’s greatest companies and a sound investment, the renowned hedge funder told CNBC on Monday he has dumped all shares because founder Steve Jobs was a ‘really awful’ person,” Drew Sandholm reports for CNBC.

“Robertson said he came to his decision after recently reading a biography about the late technology innovator. Though he said the stock performed well for him, he decided to sell all of his shares in January,” Sandholm reports. “‘We’ll let somebody else make the money from now on,’ he said on Closing Bell. ‘I came to the conclusion that it was unlikely that a man as really awful as I think that Steve Jobs was, could possibly create a great company for the long term. I just don’t believe bad guys do well in the long run,’ Robertson said.”

“Still, he acknowledged Jobs’ many inventions, including everything from the iPhone to the iPad,” Sandholm reports. “‘There’s no question that — and I think if he were still there, I’d still be in it,’ Robertson said. ‘I think he’s one of the great geniuses of the world. But — he’s not the kind of guy I think that would develop a long-standing company.'”

MacDailyNews Take: So, if the devil incarnate was still drawing breath, Robertson would have no problem owning shares, but because the “awful” being has been dispatched to the netherworld, he’s dumped all of his shares?

Total nonsense.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Senility isn’t pretty.


  1. Awwww, da wittle man is afwaid of da meen ole Stevie-weevy an tinks dat meen man yelled at his empwoyees becawz dey dunt werk ‘ard enuf.

    Awwww… Now he dun make dat muney, he gonna sell his stok to teech dat dead man a big lessun.

    Wunder how manee books dey gunna rite sayin’ dat Apple man bad and good an bad sowes da wittle frayedy man can chaynge his mine.

  2. So… He dumped all his AAPL holdings last January and is just now talking about “why” he did so? Clearly it’s for no other reason than to get HIS name (not Apple’s or Jobs’) in circulation. In reality he dumped it because it was, at the time, a falling stock. Now it look likely to make a comeback, and he needs to cover his ass.

    Also, if he dumped Apple stock because Jobs was “mean”…
    …Then he should have no Oracle holdings because Ellison is even worse.
    …Then he should have no Microsoft holdings because Ballmer is so violent he literally throws chairs when he is angry.
    …Then he should have no Google shares because Schmidt has zero personal or professional ethics.
    The list goes on and on and on.

    1. True, but none of those companies will grab headlines with his decision. He could have said “I farted today because of Apple” and it would make front page news.

  3. He must be mad because Jobs was an Atheist, and that he is a stupid Christian for believing in that garbage. Jealous of Steve’s intelligence, maybe?

  4. I never thought Jobs was all that great a ‘genius’. He had
    a lot more in common with J Robert Oppenheimer than any
    real “industrialist”. Both men were good at cajoling the
    best work out of talented nerds.
    People need to really to take a closer read at that Isaacson
    book than they do, especially fans of the grate Steve Jobs.

  5. What an asshole. This guy can go pack sand along with all his money. The hubris of these people is beyond reproach. At least he didn’t throw office chairs at employees like that joke of a CEO Monkey Boy Ballmer. Steve may have had a harsh way of motivating his workers, but the results speak louder than anything this idiot does. Wall Street is a pox upon this world, and this guy is a shining example of it.

  6. A previous MDN article about Steve Jobs and the development of the iPhone indicates that Jobs wasn’t afraid to push people to their limits with respect to developing innovative new products. Apple wouldn’t be where it is today without Jobs’ leadership skills.

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