Apple lawyer on Samsung scandal: ‘I’m old enough not to believe in coincidences anymore’

“Yesterday’s post on a court order regarding further discovery that will presumably result in sanctions against Samsung and its outside counsel — involving highly confidential information about patent license agreements Apple struck with Nokia, Ericsson, Sharp, and Philips — has sent shockwaves,” Florian Müller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Not only has it received tens of thousands of hits on this blog but the copy of the document that I uploaded to Scribd was viewed more than 1.2 million times during the first 24 hours or so (not on Scribd itself but as an embedded document on various major news sites),” Müller reports. “I can’t remember that any other document I uploaded was viewed by so many people on a single day.”

“The next hearing on this deeply troubling issue has been scheduled for October 22, and the courtroom may be crowded. It’s not about smartphone patent infringement anymore. It’s turned into a smartphone industry scandal. This is Patentgate… Given how much interest there is in this, and with a view to the October 22 hearing, I wanted to publish the hearing transcript, which I obtained today,” Müller reports. “On page 22 of the document, Apple’s lead counsel in this matter, WilmerHale’s Bill Lee, says what I quoted in the headline above because it addresses all those theories of ‘inadvertent disclosure’ pretty well: ‘I’M OLD ENOUGH NOT TO BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES ANYMORE.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, someday, Samsung will finally pay dearly for their lack of ethics.

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      1. If Apple is fucked, Apple is fucked. No question about it. Don’t go crying to the courts like a crybaby. That won’t help one bit.

        If they steadfastly refuse to release a bigger screen phone, cannot sign up China Mobile, and release that tripe called iOS 7, and as a consequence turn people away from buying their shit, so be it. Commercial reality bites, suckers!

  1. I realize this is completely off topic, but I received an email notification from Apple his morning that my 32GB Gold iPhone 5s has shipped. I will get it in the 10th. Woot!

  2. You can’t teach ethics to a company with out massive fines. Our government is more than ready to go after Apple on any perceived issue such thee books scandal or antenna gate or fingerprint scanners. The reality is many in our government are on the take. When you see a senator like chuckle cheese shimmer or Al Franken going toe to toe out of the blue it’s because of the big fat check a foreign company wrote to the sell outs. It’s so pathetic and transparent. Don’t agree call thier offices for a list of corporate donors. Also look at the dates of the donations. Right when Apple is dealing with the latest FUD. Crooks the lot of them. Both sides are to blame and both are selling out the US taxpayer. If they get anything it will be a slap on the wrist. Now make believe Apple looked at secret documents and imagine the scandal. Imagine for a moment if Apple faked or sweetened their benchmarks. To say people are not bought and paid for is to be naive. The reality is our judges seem to come even cheaper. If it wasn’t for the NSA reading everything we write I would speak of a time for revolution coming soon to the good old USA. Time to import some French guillotine’s I hear they are the best you can buy. No sense in buying the cheap Chinese knockoffs for this task. That is after of course when we have finished our cake. Man I sound radical today…

      1. Samsung is headed by a convicted felon who bought off the Korean Govt. in order to get out of jail. What do you expect from a criminal outfit like Samsung. Of course more crime it is the way they operate.

        It looks as if they have extended their crime wave to the US. The jury trial that found Samsung willfully infringed on several Apple patents only to have the verdict delayed over a year and the award to Apple reduced by a Korean- American Judge, Judy Koh. Something really smells fishy their maybe the Ninth District ought to conduct an investigation into the judge herself. Our suit happy DOJ is just trying another extortion gambit with that books trial. They were successful with the Publishers so they thought they could also get a piece of Apple’s cash pile. ITC’s behavior looks like they are also might be in on the pay off party.

        Franken’s behavior is just another example of what Alex Detorqueville warned the USA many years ago when he wrote ” The American Democracy will survive until the politicians realize that they can buy the voter’s votes with the taxpayer’s money.

        Samsung is ripping off America’s most innovative company(Apple) with the help of the Korean Government. Why in the world are we spending all this money and endangering about 35,000 US military people to defend this crime organization. America is struggling with a burdensome National Debt let’s bring those troops home from Korea and let Korea defend themselves. We could put the money to better use reducing our debt at a very minimum.

    1. Agree with everything except that Franken is on the take. He’s wealthy enough already and is just trying to give Apple a heads-up. As soon as he gets the answers, he will probably praise the company much like the New York folks did after looking at the Activation Lock feature

    2. That is after of course when we have finished our cake

      Haha! I completely understand your sentiment. I particularly enjoy your point about buying the best guillotines.

      However, just to be realistic, let’s not focus on just one party or the other. I see no value in either and would enjoy seeing the heads of the lot of them rolling into the basket.

      I do have some faves amidst the lot of them. But a good and proper revolution is preferable.

    3. I just checked which publishes lists of donors and I don’t see anything like what you refer to re: Schumer or Franken. Not trying to make you look bad, just trying to understand. Please provode more info re: the aforementioned “a foreign company” and “corporate donors.”

  3. I am sure Apple lawyers will “cock-up” even this treasure of information that just landed in their laps.

    If it had been the other way around Samsung lawyers would have had a field day for sanctions against Apple.

    Let’s hope they find some measure of tenacity and make Samdung really pay.

    1. The thing is, honest companies typically don’t go out for blood. You see, they would rather it be over and done with. Flip the coin and a dishonest company would try to break the other’s bank.

        1. I am not anti-American, I just don’t like you and most of what you stand for. By the way, the United States of America is NOT the only American country. Look it up on any map. There are loads of countries in North and South America. Get over yourself and get an education. Learn about the rest of the world.

            1. “vein” or vain?

              “ate” or are?

              Jeez, you’re a disgrace to the English language. Of course, you’ll probably blame it on your iPhone or something, right?

          1. Whether you like it or not, the word “American” is associated exclusively with white, non-liberal citizens of the United States.

            I can guarantee you that if a muzzy terrorists take over an airliner, if they ask a Canadian or a Mexican if they’re American, the Canadian and the Mexican will definitely say “no.”

            1. Unless your name is “Dances with Wolves”, you aren’t “American”. The first Americans were the indigenous tribes of both Noth and South America. Everyone else is from somewhere else. That is where the “X-American” types of labels come from.

        2. all right, enough of this crudity.

          there seems to be way too much vitriol being spewed around here, especially when people start politicis-ing things

          hey mr. mdm, how about incorporating a negative star so we can more effectively express our disapproval of this kind of foolishness. ( i was tempted to say bullshit, but that sinks to gm’s level)

  4. MDN needs to settle down as Samsung will never be hurt and if the self-righteous and self-proclaimed American Exceptionalism pushes too far, Samsung wins the international consumer sentiment. Apple might well have a higher degree of control on keeping their skeletons in their closet but I for one do not remotely think that Apple is not also involved in industrial trickery of their own.

    The irony is that Apple is being targeted by different national governments for less than transparent tax management practices and Samsung gets little if any attention on this front?

    Microsoft, IBM and Sony can write a book on what it’s like being the Big Fish in the tank and Apple and Samsung are getting a taste of it these days. I use products from both companies and both are just fine. The suggestion than a top quality Android device is not equal to an iPhone is hogwash and to versa.

    BTW, not sure what Apple lawyers are expected to say anything other than what they say? Did we expect Apple lawyers to come out and say that Samsung is a great company which operates with great decorum????

    1. You’re totally out of bounds. It has not been proven that Apple has done anything spurious with their tax payments they merely took advantage of existing laws and shelters to pay as little as they legally must. Just as you or I do. There is no moral equivalency between this and samsungs blatant lies and misrepresentation and now corporate spying. All if which are illegal.

        1. Look Aid, your first language is clearly not English, so I have to draw the obvious conclusion you’re a Samsung shill.
          Samsung have already been found guilty and fined in the British courts for stealing patented designs from Dyson, the high-tech vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and selling them as their own. There is obviously plenty of smoke to prove that Samsung are pathologically inclined to stealing from anyone and everyone, and then denying they’ve done anything wrong.
          To say otherwise exposes you to ridicule, and rightly so.
          If you insist on promoting this idea that Apple are just as guilty, then it’s perfectly clear that you’re either a brainwashed troll, or you have an agenda to support Samsung at all costs, which implies you’re on their payroll.

    2. All of Korea would be like North Korea without American exceptionalism.

      The South Koreans are bunch of ingrates. Why, again, do we send brave American men to sacrifice life and limb to a bunch of dirty foreigners who turn around and stab you in the back.

      Koreans are filth.

  5. Hopefully all judges worldwide will note Samsung’s lies, deceit, and egregious unethical behavior. Lower the boom. Give them no breaks, if any doubt arises. Samsung has revealed its unscrupulous business and legal practices. They should reap the legal consequences they so richly deserve.

    1. @Banzai,
      What a racist little mind you have. The thievery of Samsung executives is nothing compared – for just one example – to the mass murder committed KNOWINGLY by tobacco company executives in the US. Numerous other example show Samsung up as mere Sunday school amateurs in the field of “lack of ethics”.

      1. Racist? Man, you liberals always have to play that card, don’t you. Besides, I wasn’t ragging on boozing potato diggers, now was I Seamus? But that’s for another day.

        1. Please state what part of the comment was racist? No mention of race is in it.

          A menu item, ethics, morals, culture and nature. You could be talking about any type of ethnicity.

          Get a life and some brains. Oh dear, did that sound racist?

          1. What happened to Gentlemen (and women)…….You all look like a bunch of aliens from outer space….
            It is MDN…….not a political forum or personal hater’s syndicate!

      2. Agreed that BAT, inter alia, is ethically the worst of the worse in the history of corporate bastardry. (Unless you mention the Nazis, of course, which means you lose because of Godwin’s Law). I also agree that dog-eating is below the belt for people who brag about eating pigs (being more intelligent than dogs).

        But that isn’t a valid argument to minimise Samsung’s criminal record of espionage, sabotage, IP theft, pay-offs and ugly products. That’s using a fallacy to counter a fallacy.

        1. enzos,
          Not trying to minimize. Samsung is a collection of severe scum, for sure.

          Just wanting to
          – speak against Banzai’s poisonous racist shots
          – and speak against his over-the-top characterization of “total lack of ethics”.

          IP thievery, even on this immense scale, is far from “total” lack of ethics. As far as I know, Samscum bosses have never committed mass murder. For all I know, they might do it if it suited them. But they haven’t so far.

          So just trying to tone down the bombast and histrionics a touch.

          And good point about the pigs. I was thinking of bringing that up.

      3. Racist?? “…dog eaters.” That’s a menu item over there. You didn’t know that? No race involved in that statement.

        So the “…not in their culture or nature.” was racist?

        Help me out here. What part of that comment was racist??

        1. You nuked their PC religion and lack of facts. Liberals do not think for themselves as we all know. Part of the collective or community it takes a village type. And that’s their right, fine.

          A logical thinking person does not read racism. Just the fact, Jack!

      4. Korean is not a race, it’s a country with a culture that he’s prejudiced against. That would more properly be labeled as bigotry.

        Your point about the tobacco industry belies your view that humans have no responsibility for the consequences of their choices. The tobacco industry provided a product that people enjoyed and some were harmed by it. That sounds like the knife industry, or the auto industry, or airplanes. Heck you could slip and fall in your tub and die.

        I’m sorry but I’m getting very tired of the blame everyone else crowd. The tobacco industry killed no one who didn’t smoke.

      5. One thing that people who cry “racist” never seem able to ask is whether the original assertion is true or has some truth in it.

        The notion that all races are the same or of equal talents and tendencies is a recent fantasy of modern man, and it will one day be regarded as the foolishness of late 20th and early 21st Century peoples.

  6. Apple will defend its intellectual property, but Apple knows that for the long term, it is end user loyalty that drives Apple’s business and they are not taking their eyes off that ball.

  7. Samsung is a proven criminal organisation Chaired by a *convicted* criminal in collusion with a corrupted government. Read about it here

    Little wonder they’ll stop at nothing to gain an advantage (that’s what criminals do). In the USA and here, however, Samsung is a ‘guest worker’ and could be deported for being ‘not of good character’ (failing the character test). If Samsung were a person that’s exactly how he/she would be treated. Suspend their licence to trade.

  8. Better yet, an Import Ban of all Samsung devices. The money fines would not deter Samsung. what they need is to be humbled. Both Apple and Microsoft have won judgments, yet nothing is happening.

    1. Therefore we are to equate anti-liberal sentiments with berzerking (as I enjoy spelling it). In my terminology, that makes you a Negative Anarchist Banzai.

      IOW: You have no point to make. You only want irresponsible chaos. You sell nothing. You offer nothing. You wish to be nothing.

        1. I live in a conundrum where I am an anarchist at heart, except I am on the side of the hill that considers responsibility for our choices to be a requirement. If we can be responsible for the ramifications of what we choose, then don’t make the choice.

          Therefore, I call that a ‘positive’ approach, versus being a berserker, or irresponsible, or negative. I suspect there are better terms, but I find these to be descriptive.

  9. On the money Derek, and I give you five stars. In fact, I think I will change my name in your honor. I shall now be “Dr. Chaos, formerly known as Banzai”! Has a good ring to it, don’t you think?

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