Sensorgate: iPhone 5s sensor malfunctions may be widespread (with video)

“Apple Maps may sometimes send clueless drivers off the beaten path and even onto active airstrips, but the company may be facing a far deeper problem with its new flagship iPhone 5S’ directional capabilities,” Nick Statt reports for CNET. “Widespread reports are claiming that the new device’s motion sensors are highly error-prone, and the problem could be on the software side or a calibration error built into the handset itself.”

“The staff over at Gizmodo took the iPhone 5S to task in multiple tests, finding the iPhone 5S’ motion sensors giving readouts that are wildly different than those of the iPhone 5,” Statt reports. “The app most affected is Apple’s native compass. In displaying direction, it shows discrepancies on average of 8 to 10 degrees compared with the iPhone 5 with both running iOS 7.”

“Gaming is also affected as the accelerometer is used to maneuver in many driving and physics-based games that rely on the tilting of the screen to achieve in-game motion,” Statt reports. “The iPhone 5S’ directional faults aren’t the only issues with the the compass app. The new inclinometer and gyroscope, available in iOS 7, are opened by swiping left on the compass’ first screen and are, again, showing faulty information when compared with the iPhone 5.”

Statt reports, “The problem could in fact be a hardware issue given the iPhone 5 and 5S running the same software display different readouts. Apple has not confirmed the issue nor has it publicly acknowledged it in any way. In the case that it is hardware, there’s little users could do to remedy the issue save for turning in their iPhone for a new one. However, some users have reported the same issues cropping up with replacement units, suggesting the motion sensor malfunctioning could be a widespread problem.”

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“It’s hard to believe that Apple would mess up so momentously, but it seems that the gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer are all faulty on the iPhone 5S,” Sebastian Anthony reports for ExtremeTech. “It isn’t clear if the sensors themselves are broken or poorly calibrated, but the result is the same: You should not use your iPhone 5S for anything that relies on these sensors, such as playing games, checking the level of your latest DIY efforts, or navigating dense woodland.”

“Apple, of course, will be desperately trying to avoid a product recall. It hasn’t yet issued an official response, but following the high-profile coverage from Gizmodo and other tech blogs, it’s probably only a matter of time,” Anthony reports. “Ultimately, it will probably come down to whether sensors being off by a few percent is actually a serious issue. For gaming, it might be irksome, but it probably isn’t a deal breaker. If someone gets lost in the wilderness and dies/breaks a leg/suffers from PTSD due to a faulty iPhone 5S compass, though, then Sensorgate could blow up in a big way.”

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    1. There are 2 possible issues. The iPhone has a setting for the compass for true north on or off. With True North Off the compass shows magnetic north, which depending upon your location can cause a variation (declination) of up to 15%. Honolulu has about 11%. The phones may also have magnetic deviation which is impacted by nearby magnetic or electrical objects. Because iPhone 5 and 5S are have differing metallic and electrical components, compass indications may be may vary. In an aircraft the Magnetic compass has a compass card unique to that aircraft which identifies identifies the inherent deviation of each heading. Interference is also an issue if the phones are side by side. I paced my iP5 on top of my iPad with an open compass app. The iP 5 compass swung 20 degrees while the iPad compass hardly moved. So yes there can be differences. It is a common feature among magnetic compasses. If the iPh has a gyro compass, it has to be synced with a Mag Compass offset by the adjusted for deviation and variation.

      Perhaps the app should just be removed because most users are unaware of these factors. I think the variation is accounted for using the GPS location, but there is no way to compensate for deviation without proper instrumentation measuring nearby influences. unfortunately the “illiterati” will make a big deal out of it and the talking heads on CNBS will be blowing it all out of proportion.

      1. Excellent reply over all. A logical and clear explaination.

        Regarding the video posted with the article.
        I have no idea what that proves or does not prove.

            1. What the heck… i
              s that the iPhone5s on the LEFT which displays a perfect 0 degree reading as it sits there flat? If so, I would think there is no issue.

              The phone on the RIGHT appears to be either a iPhone5c or iPhone5; definately it does not have the Finger ID home button. That phone seems glitchy as it display reading jumps -3 to 0 described in the article about 5s.

              Confused here.

    2. Did you read about one blogger. He used a FREE level app and the app was off by 3-5 degrees over a $50 professional level. Yep, totally toasted at Apple. /s

    3. Again, we need to use statistical common sense to define the meaning of “widespread.” Around six million iPhone 5s’s were sold during the first three days, so let’s say there are now 10 million in the hands of customers.

      If there are 1000 customers who are actually affected by this issue, the problem could be called “widespread.” 1000 is a big number. However, 1000 is 0.01% of 10 million. That’s one-hundredth of one percent, or one in 10,000 customers. There are probably more customers affected by a defective battery that does not hold a charge, or a faulty display with dead pixels, or other problems that would be covered by the one-year warranty (or the 30-day return policy). [And I was being generous with 1000; it could be a few dozen unconfirmed reports, and Gizmodo would call it “widespread.”]

      Or think of it from the other direction. Let’s say this is a serious issue that is affecting a significant percentage of iPhone 5s customers, maybe 10%… That’s one in ten iPhone 5s customers. 10% of 10 million is one million. And let’s say only 10% those customers has used their iPhone in a way that would make this problem noticeable. That’s 100,000 customers.

      That many ACTUAL customers would be making A LOT more noise that some report on Gizmodo. There would be lines going out the door at the Genius Bar of Apple Stores, all over the world. I think the media would take note and make it a big headline. I stopped by the Apple Store the other day, and it seemed like business as usual.

      1. Google iPhone 5 motion censor. Way more then gizmodo. I one who is slightly effected. MDN has always been my 1st stop tech new site I go to. But this has been reported on a lot of tech sites. I wasn’t quite sure why MDN wasn’t reporting.
        But a few of the sites give links to forums with pages and pages of complaints. A lot of the same people were replying back and fourth so it wasn’t 25 pages of different people.
        I also been checking apple forums to see if anything about it would pop up over there. One of the many times I went there on my iPhone today was around 530ish-6. And a post had just popped up. The guy posted maybe 5 pictures of the iPhone in different positions on a level. I was at work (in the car dealership biz, slow as shiz I guess cuz of the our goverment shutting down. That’s another story) so I was checking back every other few mins. Like 10 -15mins in there was 300+ views and about 6 people all saying basically the same. I went to

        1. I’m not saying the problem does not exist. I’m saying the it DOES. If it’s related to hardware, those “sensor” components cannot be 100% reliable and perfect, so there is almost certainly a percentage of iPhones with this type of issue. Just as there is a small percentage of iPhones with a faulty battery or defective screen, or a bad Lightning Connector, etc.

          The REAL question is magnitude. It can’t be 100%; 10 million customers are not complaining. Maybe 90% of iPhones are fine, and ONLY 10% have this problem. Well, that’s still one million customers. THAT would be obvious. Could it be more like 1 out of 100 customers who see this problem? That’s significant, but not such a bad stat for Apple, and that’s STILL 100,000 customers…

          You are describing seeing a few DOZEN people (a few hundred at most) making these reports. And these reports are mostly not verified; I know there are “trolls” out there who have nothing better to do than post fake “me too” comments, once a blog like Gizmodo describes a potential issue.

          Statistically, even 1000 is essentially ZERO, when there are already 10 million (or more) iPhone 5s customers. There are probable more people complaining that their iPhone does not charge when connected, but that’s a boring problem so no one cares (except the customer with the problem).

          You are specific searching for this “sensor” issue, so you see examples (both real and fake). And the real ones may be cause by faulty components. But unless Apple gets real incidents (that can be verified), and the number is in the 100,000 or more range, Apple is just going to use its existing warranty or return policy to assist those customers, just like if the iPhone had a faulty headphones jack.

          1. Ok I gotcha. That last reply I started before I received yours. So I just now read it. No doubt in my mind trolls are jumping on board. Technically it started in the forums of macrumors (or some shit) and gizmodo picked it up from them and then it spread. An sure the articles bring the trolls. No doubt. And some journalist are just As bad as the trolls cuz they’ll make a blog or post or whatever it is they do, just cuz they know they’ll get web hits. They copy and with no proof of there own they put it out.
            I just thought you was like it’s all BS. Guilty conscience cuz that’s how I am. Apple gets slammed for ridiculous stuff. To where I just skip the article. Until I see it again. That’s what i did here then seen its a legit one. After I compared my own. How legit? Who knows. Legit enough for to make to many long post at 4 am.

        2. Dont know how to edit so….. I went to log in and had to lock phone real fast and do something for a minute. Went back and safari was already on log in page. So I logged in and was gonna put in my few cents But after logging in the post was gone. I guess deleted by a mod. The guy wasn’t bashing or being rude. He was just saying there’s a problem and showing his proof.
          Maybe it got deleted cuz it wasn’t a question. Not sure. But coming from a guy who takes any news about apple I hear online with a grain of salt I can say the reports are right. Both my wife and my 5s is off a little. Holding it level on a level with volume buttons facing the ceiling we both get a negative one degree. You can see the line goes down to the left. I believe this is the gyroscope censor. Takes about a 1/8th of a inch raise on the left side to “0” out.
          And last thing cuz I think I’m repeating myself here cuz I’m tired and been typing for the past 4 hours on my ipad, pretty big ass paragraphs that may or may not makes sense . I was getting back to what I was gonna say above before I accidentally hit submits.
          It was gonna go a little like this… The people in this MDN comment thread are giving me hope. Cuz I was thinking every 5s was effected by what I been reading. Some claimed at other forums that even the replacement had this issue. Again I tend to not believe anything I hear about apple. To much like politics or religion. Just stick with what you like and know for a fact. Don’t believe anybody else spewing whatever. Cuz in most cases online it’s just people stirring shit up. But being that I had the same problem that was being said at the forums and on top of that I read quite a few IMO, credible tech sites all saying the same thing. So it seemed like all 5s’s had a problem. Whether software or hardware. But here at MDN I’ve only seen a person or two comment they have the issue. So either there are people here in denial, or there is hope ands it’s not every 5s. I’d hope it’s the 2nd one but can’t be to sure. Some apple lovers are as bad as the narrow minded droid heads. Everyone wants to think their phone is perfect.
          That being said, I’m a apple fan boi for sure. And this level thing isn’t turning me off Apple. I just want to know what’s it gonna take to fix? Can’t return and swap out cuz apple store in tampa has been out all week. Bottom line, coming from a dude you don’t know and will prolly never hear from again as I will be lurking in the shadows reading…. There is a problems. Slight for some other claim worse. But def not a deal breaker.

          1. “Dont know how to edit so…..”

            Almost every Apple store offers free classes on how to use Macs, iPhones, apps etc… Get enrolled and you’ll be fluent on editing and much more for free. 😉

      2. I’d be more interested in finding out why Android smartphones never seem to have any widely advertised hardware problems and only iPhones do. I’ve never heard of any sort of “-gate” for Android products but every iPhone that’s introduced has one. What’s up with that? This new iPhone now has two “-gates”. Verti-gate and Sensor-gate. Now I’ll have to go through another batch of local news reports on how the company has lost its way after Steve Jobs death.

        Apple really doesn’t need any more bad press because the share price is bad enough as it is. Why doesn’t Apple public relations release some statements about this new foul-up so shareholders know what’s actually going on.

      3. Thing is, reading the whole thread of comments, it’s seems that the average deviation is 3 degrees or less. Some report 1 degree. Few people are going to notice that unless they use the level, and how many people will do that except to play around with it? If you’re using motion control to play a game, you’ll unconsciously correct for a 1-3 degree error and never notice it.

        In other words, it’s possible that nearly all 5s phones have this problem, but it’s not a problem that the vast majority of owners will notice.

        If necessary, this can be fixed in software, by adding a “Calibrate” function in settings that would work like the centering function in the level app, only the setting would be saved.


        1. Or it’s possible that there is no problem at all, beyond what is normal and expected after manufacturing and selling a product in the 10s of millions.

          Again, if every iPhone 5s had this problem, even if “only” one customer in 100 noticed this “problem,” there would be 100,000 (or more at this point) customers complaining. If it was one customer in 1000, there would still be 10,000. And I doubt there are even 1000 ACTUAL (non-fake) customers reporting this problem… So it’s less than one customer in 10,000 that sees this problem that is in every iPhone 5s?

          In other words, “it’s possible that nearly all 5s phones have this problem,” seems highly unlikely. And the customer that does run into this problem will be assisted by Apple, using its existing warranty or return policy, like any other manufacturing issue. If Apple actually gets returns for this particular problem that number in the “100,000 or more” range (or whatever number Apple deems to be unusual and unacceptable), THEN Apple will take specific action to address it.

          1. I understand what you’re saying, but usually when something like this happens, the MDN comment thread is filled with people saying “my phone works fine”. Instead, what I’m seeing is a lot posts saying their level is indeed off, but just by a little bit.

            You used “1 in 100” to calculate how many people should be complaining. I don’t think the percentage of people noticing would be anywhere near 1 in 100, or even 1 in 1000. Unless you look at the level app (and I wouldn’t even know the thing existed if I didn’t read Mac websites; it’s like an Easter egg in the Compass app), you simply aren’t going to notice such a tiny error in the motion sensor. And even then, you can’t assume that every single person who notices the error is going to run to the internet and bitch about it. It’s a tiny, tiny, problem most of the time. I would guess that most people wouldn’t even care.

            Look, this question is about to get answered. If this alleged flaw blows up on the internet, many many people who didn’t notice the problem will be discovering the level app and testing their 5s’ motion sensor. If the problem is widespread, it will have legs, otherwise it will go the way of antennagate.


            1. If the testing mechanism is some free level app, this “tiny tiny flaw” (that almost no one will apparently notice unless told about it) will be observed more often because the user is using the side of the iPhone with the protruding buttons (they don’t understand how a “level” works), or because they have a cheap case on the iPhone that does not hold the iPhone perfectly level, or has an imprecise outer surface. Or maybe they have nothing to use for comparison, and the surface they think is flat is not. Or they are using some cheap physical level for comparison, which is less accurate than the iPhone using a level app. Or maybe that level app is not very precise, or needs to be updated for use with the latest iPhone.

              The only thing that will make Apple take SPECIFIC action is if they gets back actual iPhones that can be confirmed to have this problem (not just unconfirmed reports), AND the number exceeds a threshold. That threshold is likely to be MUCH more than 10,000 or even 100,000. And there don’t even seem to be 1000 (fake, mistaken, and real) reports of this problem. Any smaller number of confirmed problems will be handled using Apple’s standard warranty and return policy.

    4. If this problem was reported for Samsung or Android Apple fanbois would be all over this like stink on shit. When the problem is Apple’s the first reactions of the fabois are to make bumbling excuses and unsubstantiated explanations with no real understanding of the actual scope and likely causes.

  1. This is the first time that I have actually thought about buying an Android product to replace my iPhone. I don’t care how cheap Apple prices the 5S or 5C. Even if it’s given away for free, I won’t buy it until they fix that abomination called iOS 7. I cannot get any real work done on the device. The worst UI, worst fonts, worst icons, worst colors, worst everything. Nothing good about it. Jesus H. Christ, what a trainwreck. Windows Phone 8 looks elegant by comparison.

      1. Comments like these are intune with what MSFT brainwashed users used to say! iOS 7 is being installed by a crap load of users who have sat idly by waiting for something new and indeed they are downloading it at their peril. I predict that the Windows Phone is the next big thing in mobility. Who needs 64 bit or Quad cores when an OS is as well engineered as Windows 8 mobile? Not a big fan of MSFT but they are quietly taking up worldwide market share and yes my American friends there is life outside your self righteous self proclaimed exceptionalism.

        I reverted to iOS 6 on my iPhone 5 has did my daughter. Windows Vista product coming from Apple is NOT cool!

        1. You’re out of your gourd. IOS 7 is a tremendous upgrade if you’d taken the extra 5-10 minutes to learn how to use it. I’d NEVER go back to iOS 6, that’s just strikes me as someone who hates to be out of his comfort zone, even for their own good.

        2. Any OS that makes my near zero Sprint connection even vaguely functional is far from a Windows Vista scenario. iOS 6 Safari was a dog under my present conditions. Safari on iOS 7 has sped things up considerably, probably because of the lighter graphics.

          I find the colors to be a real pick-me-up, and the different ways different wallpapers affect the UI intriguing. Love parallax.

          Is there room for improvement? Do I miss skeuomorphism in Maps and Notes? Yup. Am I ever going back to iOS 6? No way, Jose!!

      2. No he means worst UI, worst fonts, worst icons, worst colors, worst everything and he’s right/
        Orange text on freaking white background ?? Are they on crack ? Its wretched ! I love a few of the new features but can’t stand the UI look and design. IMO its a UI design failure by a hardware designer who shouldn’t be designing software UI’s

        1. Worst business in the world, trying to please everyone. Apple has never attempted that, and they are killing Microsoft very rapidly. In 5 more years, Microsoft will be a shadow of what it was back in 2001. On the other hand, Microsoft is attempting to please everyone with there Windows 8 fiasco. Now that is some petty bad UI. In many cases, like all new desktop computers which exclusively are sold with Windows 8, you have a touch UI that you can’t touch. Now that is an abysmal direction of user interface. LOL!

          1. “Worst business in the world, trying to please everyone.”

            Or even trying to please TEN.

            I imagine many people here have been or are part of a community organization, non-profit or political action group. Who hasn’t experienced the curse of trying to please even just ten people!? Often finishes up with a pathetically watered down, lowest-common-denominator, barely good enough decision that actually pleases no-one at all.

            Now imagine one hundred million people. It would be silly to think there aren’t going to be a few people who won’t like it — no matter what “it” might be.

            I, for example, don’t like green felt or faux leather – but I didn’t go into emotional grand-mal seizures about it. And I happily carried on using this AMAZING tool that Steve and Apple have given us.

    1. Well suppose the android handset will be better right just remember to in stall anti virus software on it and be carefull of what you download off the google play store incase you download something that might steal your personal info

      1. You could say what ever you want about android phone, they outdated, we have to wait for apple to came out with a feature so we can have it 1 or 2 years later in our phones, they are really slow but benchmarks are great because they are cheated, they are so cheap, not able to run applications greater that 256 Mb and that is true, but they have BIGGER SCREENS and since that is the only big thing now I can say at least one thing in me is big 😉

        1. If companies slapping pointless features on a phone is what you want, then Android devices are the way to go. Personally I prefer Apple’s method of analysis. Is a feature worthwhile? Is it something people want or just another gimmick? How can this feature best be implemented on the iPhone while retaining the consistency and intuitive nature of the UI?

          No, Apple doesn’t just glue shit on the phone to say “me too” like Samsuck and others. This is why when using iOS, there is a sense of what I call “unified engineering” from the OS to the Apps. With Android there is a sense of chaos. Google wants one thing, the handset maker wants another, the telco carrier want to put their shit all over the place, and the app developers do whatever the hell they want with no respect for the user or other developers. Hell you can’t even expect consistency from one handset developer!

          We haven’t even talked about fragmentation yet. I’m sitting here configuring a client’s Galaxy 4 and I’m astonished at how different it is from my HTC ONE. He requires access to the company VPN, databases, calendar, email, file services, etc. Some of the software we’ve identified for use on one device doesn’t work properly on the other. It’s no wonder he’s cranky and mumbling about going back to his iPhone.

          Did I mention that most of the software looks like shit?

          Now I have to research over 30 anti-malware apps as well.

          It is clear that were we to dump iOS and go Android, support costs for the company would rocket.

        2. Not buying, any chance you could find a true English-speaking person in your country to translate for you? Your post makes no sense whatsoever; I recognise the words, but the order they’re presented in is meaningless.

      1. The sensor issue is a comparative gnat when measured against the elephant in the room, the non-usability of iOS 7. I can forgive Apple all manner of ills, the sensor issue being one of them and I suspect this is being overblown by the press, but I cannot live with an OS that obstructs my productivity, no matter the quality of the hardware.

        1. How does the change in colors, icons and fonts completely stop you from working on your iPhone? Especially since you can change the size of the font. Can you give details of how these things obstruct your productivity?
          Unless you’re playing with the parallax effect and making yourself nauseous, I’m at a loss to understand how slightly different icons, colors and fonts could make such a drastic difference to someone’s ability to use it.

          1. I could go into a long litany of woes but I’ll restrict myself to the productivity apps.

            Take Mail, Messages, Calendars, Reminders as examples. I use these as my default productivity apps as they sync over iCloud across all my devices.

            In iOS 6 Mail, when you replied to a mail, the original mail would get indented and that would be it. Text would be in black and readable against a slightly off white background. Now Mail has an extreme white background which when combined with a backlit screen makes it extra bright. Replied text instead of being black comes in all sorts of colors, including light blue, red and God knows what else. Very distracting and not very professional looking.

            Similarly with Messages. The 2-D effect has made messages harder to read because the text blends into the dark blue background. iOS 6 had a lighter more luminescent background in which the text stood out particularly if you were standing out in sunlight.

            Calendar is unusable because the text colors bleed into the white background. It’s just completely useless. And there’s no way of altering text colors or sizes apart from the default size which is system-wide.

            I could go on but iOS 6 was more discreet, suited the professional working executive better and wasn’t an art design for design’s sake but actually took user experience into account.

            1. Make the text bold (settings/accessibility).

              Turn off the colors in email for reply.

              Calendar is a nightmare for sure. On mavericks too…very bad design.

            2. Adults don’t like change and it gets worse. Young children take change in stride. I have 8 grandchildren, and after 2 days of sitting down to learn iOS 7, they had it down pat. As my “near-genius grandson said, it’s what the product can do AND DO BETTER than anyone else, that counts, not the colors, looks of the icons, the font and font size, etc. Are totally irrelevant compared to what it does. As he said, a few hours of deliberate training in doing what the fonts and Settings are supposed to do, it’s a piece of cake and the best OS on the planet. The worst, they all agreed was Android, but getting a little better each each release if they happen to give to to you, the new Blackberry, and miles above but still a far and distant second was Windows.

              If people would embrace change, especially when it’s change for the better, rather than worry about colors, the look of the icons, and consider that the system and what it is supposed to do and how well it does it, your miserable, petty, humdrum life would be nicer to live in and friendlier to those around you. In other words, get a life and grow up,

            1. Uh no. I am a manager at a Fortune 300 company, and my fellow managers and Execs also have no problem using it for messages and emails.

              But just go on being a worthless troll…it’s enjoyable.

            2. What a dick response. If you don’t like Apple or their products, don’t buy them though because you anonymous doesn’t mean that any stupid thing that issues from your piehole.

              By the way, does anyone outside of your imagination use a cellphone as “a personal workstation?”

        2. Just curious ‘Not Buying’, can you provide a little detail on the productivity you were doing on the iPhone you have now using iOS 5 or iOS 6 and what in iOS 7 is prohibiting you from doing that now? Just curious, never owning an iPhone or smart phone period. And how will Android or Windows or BlackBerry be better? Also, your tastes may be offended by fonts, icons, and colors, but that is just window dressing. Don’t tell me you can’t use a phone unless it looks pretty or sexy or whatever. I mean, would you throw out ‘insert some Hollywood starlet or model here’ just because she wore an ugly dress?

          1. I have given a rather long list of my grievances with iOS 7 productivity apps in my post above.

            I will go further to add that AirPlay on the Music app is now a two step rather than one step approach in iOS 6. Previously when you were playing music and you wanted to transfer the output to an external set of speakers, you invoked the AirPlay icon on the Music app itself. Now you have to pull up the Control Center shade and select AirPlay. And AirPlay is flakier in iOS 7 than in iOS 6. Sometimes when I’m in another app and pull up the Control Center shade to invoke AirPlay, the music stops playing and I have to switch back to the Music app to select the song again or click the play button again in the Control Center.

            iOS 6 was more streamlined and took less effort to accomplish the same task. iOS 7 is just window dressing that accomplishes nothing but actually obstructs your user experience with too thin fonts, illegible text and really taking the beauty out of iOS 6 and reverting to flat icons that were used in the 1990s and early 2000s when mobile phones couldn’t handle 3-D images.

            1. You can add to your list the alarm notification box. I shouldn’t have to struggle with my reading glasses with the all white background and yes or no buttons in pale blue blending into the white and having that thin unreadable text. At least they could color code yes as green and no as red.

            2. The problem is real, but red/green color blindness shows up in roughly 5% of males so that’s also not a good solution. I, too, struggle with the ‘skinny fonts’ and color theme in iOS 7 and have turned on bold, etc. I wish there was a way to do more significant changes — maybe an update or iOS 8? The other features have kept me from downgrading.

            3. To be fair, Not Buying has some legitimate criticisms, but not enough to make me want to switch platforms. This is the first rendition of a big change, and with the surprise ousting of Scott, a rushed one I’m betting. it will get better. Voice your issues, and I’m sure someone from Apple must read this website. (What Apple fan or tech doesn’t, right? Even the hater trolls read it.)

            4. agree,
              and “Not Buying” has a the option to restore his device back to OS6 if he loves it so much. this option would also save him lots of money and there is no need to switch platforms

            5. “iOS 6 was more streamlined and took less effort to accomplish the same task. iOS 7 is just window dressing that accomplishes nothing but actually obstructs your user experience with too thin fonts, illegible text and really taking the beauty out of iOS 6 and reverting to flat icons that were used in the 1990s and early 2000s when mobile phones couldn’t handle 3-D images.”

              You have documented several user complaints I have been hearing and harping on since my eyes were struck with ice picks seeing the hideous flat iOS design, uh, retro design to 1920s Bauhaus movement.

              iOS 7 visuals are an insult to progress. Think 3D Apple!

              I’ll keep saying this until users have control and out from under the bootstraps of Apple. Offer icon CHOICE!!!

              Everybody wins!!!

              Customization of Apple iOS is far more personal than a Jony NO CHOICE like it or not design directive.

              WTF is wrong with that?!?

              Apple has a problem with choice?

              What is wrong with leather stitching?

              What is wrong with green felt?

              What is wrong with detailed illustration kids and seniors recognize?

              I’m calling out all sneering liberals dictating to the rest of the population their taste in art (iOS design).

              Think different, Apple!!!

              Include moderates, conservatives and seniors into your focus groups for chrissake!

              Get a grip and send the girl teenagers back to school.

        3. Non-useability? You’re completely nuts. iOS 7, especially in conjunction with Apple’s ecosystem, is arguably the most mature, user friendly, glitch free, refined, and secure mobile OS on the market. The phrase “usability” is synonymous with “after thought” on Android.

          People often compare the differences in the two OSes to the old Windows vs. Mac battle. In some senses they are correct. People who wound up with Windows back in the day were saddled with it because of a sacerdotal cult of MIS geeks who’s last concern was what the user’s experience would be.

          Same with today’s Android users. It’s not about what’s better or more useable. It’s about “I hate Apple, and I’ll use any old turd and call it better just because.”

          1. I see you have their number (that last), not that it wasn’t as obvious as Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose. 🙂

            +2 points for using “sacerdotal” in a sentence, nullifying any other grammar crimes

          2. “Non-useability? You’re completely nuts.”

            I completely agree. I have, let’s just call them, “older” eyes. I wear glasses. My night vision is nowhere near as good as it once was. I have ZERO trouble with iOS 7. I look at it and use it and I sincerely don’t know what the heck the disaster-posters are going on about.

            Yeh, I don’t like the Safari icon. Ooooh. Horrors. I’m more concerned about starving children, companies knowingly poisoning us, psycho politicians and more. A bland Safari icon I can live with. These raving histrionics baffle me.

        4. Good. Listen to the troll crap and sales guys. That’s what my son did. And he’s had to live with “Droid Regret” now for a long time. He is counting the days until his contract is up, while I have a good chuckle with the parental “I told you so.”
          You think you see problems with OS7 and iPhones? Go live in Droid Hell for awhile with my kid. Or better yet, you seem like the type that would enjoy the performance of a Windows Phone.

        5. 1) How does iOS7 obstruct / hinder your productivity?
          2) How does Android better your experience regarding productivity?
          3) Are you currently running iOS7? On what?
          4) What Android phone do you currently have that is so productive?
          5) What apps do you use daily on your Android?

          I wish to hear and understand. Please reply with your answers.

        6. “but I cannot live with an OS that obstructs my productivity”

          Your lack of productivity has nothing to do with iOS 7 and everything to do with the fact that you’re f***ing around with it when you should be working.

          It’s not a “professional workstation.” It’s a phone. Anyone who would suggest using a smartphone as a professional workstation obviously isn’t a professional.

          I’m sitting here in front of a professional workstation. It has dual 1080P monitors, a 4TB Fusion drive, 4x2TB local RAID, 16GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores, a $150 Matias Tactile Pro keyboard, and a $100 Kensington trackball. And you call an iPhone a “professional workstation”? Someone needs to smack some sense into you.

          The change to mail where replies result in quoted messages being different colors improves reading comprehension by more clearly delineating each quoted message in an exchange. It improves productivity. If you disagree, then you are wrong. Period.

    2. dude – it a bunch of bullshit – all the ones I have looked at and tested are fine! don’t be swayed by other so easily – live with some smarts! just go down to the APPLE STORE and test all the one on display! hell bring a level and a compass and figure it out! they are fine!

    3. You are entitled to your opinion.

      That said, there is nothing about the actual functions of the OS that hinder productivity. You’re caught up on the visual elements which are, frankly, dependent upon individual taste. But the OS works better than previous versions, and I have actually been able to get a lot more work out of my iOS devices since the upgrade.

    4. Just go into the App Store and look at 10 contact management apps updated for iOS 7…

      THEY ALL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. Like they never finished designing them.

      What an epic CLUSTERFUCK by Apple.

      HIDIOUS PATHETIC… Just plain shit!

      The monumental ARROGANCE from all,e to shove this BS on all users will go down in history as one of the biggest FUCKUPS ever.

      1. Mcman’s posts ALL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. Like he never produced an original thought.

        What an epic CLUSTERFUCK by Mcman.

        HIDIOUS PATHETIC… Just plain shit!

        The monumental ARROGANCE, to shove this BS on all readers, over, and over, and over, and over, will go down in history as one of the biggest FUCKUPS ever.

    5. I actually DID buy an android phone and not just because ios 7 looks like shit but also because of the boneheaded decision of apple to put the privacy invasive “touch id” on the home button of their phones. As long as they build that shit in future devices I will NEVER buy another Apple product again, nor will anyone else that asks me for my opinion on it either. I have successfully dissuaded at least 50 people and the number grows everyday as friends and family see what my android phone can do. Sorry but apple is becoming stale, stodgy, and might as well now be ran by Ballmer.

      1. Actually the fingerprint sensor is the main reason I’m buying the new phone. Within one year it will be fully implemented into many retail purchases. I had planned on waiting till the iPhone 6 came out, as it will be larger, but I can always do that next year. I’ll gladly buy out of my contract to get the larger iPhone. I have two 64 gig iPhone 5 S’s on order now. And the 5S has many other nice new features also. I was in the Glendale Apple Store today and it was quite busy. And they had no iPhone 5s available other than a couple of 16 gigs. The iPhone 5s is not as big as I would like but it won’t convince me to switch over to Android. I can wait one year. Quality. As far as iOS 7 goes, I have no opinion. What little I have observed I don’t like. But I’ll hold off judgment until I use it for a week or two. Maybe I’ll love it? And Not Buying : You certainly should express your opinion if you don’t like iOS 7. How could everyone like the same thing? That’s just plain stupid. If you don’t like it that’s fine. I’m sure there are many people out there who do not like iOS 7. And they will never like iOS 7. Again, how could everyone like the same thing? They can’t. Different strokes for different folks. Aren’t there different colors for the new iPhones? Yup. Sorry you have been attacked so viciously and unfairly. Not everyone here is a childish 10-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.

        1. As always, the voice of reason among the babblers.

          Of course you realise you responded to a troll…no one in their right mind goes on such a reckless campaign of dissuasion — fifty people and counting (with no end in sight) have learnt to their sorrow that Android beats Apple. More’s the pity, I would think.

          Well said, regardless, my friend. 🙂

          1. Actually. It was easy. All you have to do is point to all the other data collected on people from the nsa and point to how easy the data will be for the nsa to get out of the phone, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how BAD of an idea it is to digitally scan such data into a phone, no matter how many false promises apple or any company makes to convince you that the data is “safe”. I am now up to 55 people. Btw there are more troll fanbois than logical, rational, self thinking individuals like myself. As I said, most of you morons would leap over a cliff chasing after an iPhone 5s tied to the end of a fish line that apple uses to lure you over the cliff. Hope you morons have a parachute when your data is compromised.

            1. i believe that Apples Finger ID is a really beautiful and fast passcode method – call it gimmicky or say it is a serious feature regarding security – to me, security isnt in the passcode so much – the thing that does matter is – the point that most comsumers who test out the new iPhone 5s is access is a better expeireince — the “ease of use” is brilliant move for Apple to get into your device.

            2. You know you are a moron. Google/android makes all their money by data-mining your information and selling it to everyone who wants it. That’s their business model and that’s why they give it away for free.
              In terms of the Toich ID Apple stores an algorithm of your fingerprint ( not the fingerprint image) on your phone. Enjoy your Andoid phones when they come out with fingerprint IDs stored in google servers. Keep converting people to the biggest invaders of privacy -google.

            3. Unlike Apple, Google and android actually offer CHOICE. As for Google spying on users, Google and Microsoft have BOTH done more to stand up to the nsa than anything apple has ever done. Keep drinking that koolaid.

            4. Oh also. It is because of losers like you that I am HAPPY to be rid of Apple and IOS. You will defend Apple no matter what stupid and braindead things they do. They can do absolutely no wrong in your book. In my case and in a growing number of other peoples cases, Apple is losing it’s appeal and lustre. And certainly for good reason. The only safe way to store fingerprints is to own a phone that doesn’t do it in the first place. Apple can take touch id and shove it up their proverbial pie hole.

            5. Why are you on this site you midget troll?? Google protects privacy? In what universe? They scan all your gmail and voicemail. Snoop on your wiffi home IP address. Make money by data mining you all in the name of openness and the. You denigrate Apple?
              When android ends up with their versionif touch id you wl be the first to defend it and have the gall to say they invented it first. To away you insecure man.

      1. Well, dang. If he gets paid, I wanna get me some, too! Let me know where to sign up, ’cause “stupid” is really easy and “smart” is hard work. Although, I bet the competition for those jobs is tough given there are so many good candidates out there. 😆

      2. I think the app icons are ugly (you can ditch skewmorphism without losing the richness, the classy icon look that has always been Apple’s) but I like everything else. Much easier to shut down apps by swiping the “cards” up than trying to hit that little minus sign. Like the swipe up control panel (though I did accidentally touch the screen lock button on the far right and it took me awhile to figure out why nothing rotated anymore : ) But I like all the quick access there to many useful things.
        Round #1 of this new change isn’t perfect, but note our complaints, find out what’s not perfect yet, and they’ll keep tweaking it. Hang in there.

      3. I’m afraid I agree, and I’m an ios7 user.
        eBay app now awful, various games which would pause and reopen now restart and streaming music to my zeppelin or Apple TV is a nightmare, actually completely unusable.
        I’m using an iPhone 4S so maybe I need to upgrade as the phone often freezes when typing, multitasking etc. I wish I could go back to ios6.

    6. Well, go and enjoy your 11 useful apps and award repelling “innovative” tile interface. Fragmadroid
      would like to lend you some more virus infected apps to make work better.

      It’ll definitely make up for non existent developer support (guess why?) for anything MygrossSocks.

      Clickety Clack away!!

    7. if iOS7 is so ugly as you claim the worst fonts, worst icons, worst colour and everything… why buy an Android phone?

      All the worst ideas you dislike, have been said that Apple copied both Windows and Android to create iOS7.

      1. Glad I’m not the only one to spot the logical inconsistency. I guess it’s a result of duelling talking points confusing the newer members of the troll brigades.

    8. Poor, sensitive little soul, aren’t you, *not buying*. Deary me, such a fuss over such little things; worst UI? Compared to? Worst fonts? Sorry, if you mean the weight, change it to the bolder version. Worst icons? Which ones, the native ones, which have only been slightly modified, or third-party ones?
      Considering many have accused Apple if copying Windows Phone, your comparing iOS 7 with Windows seems slightly ironic.
      As far as the UI is concerned, I think iOS 7 is vastly improved over iOS 6, but hey, I only use it every day, what the fuck do I know.
      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    9. By the way, *not buying*, did you read this on an earlier thread on here;
      “It’s willingness to add Windows as a second operating system underscores the lengths to which Microsoft will go to get manufacturers to carry its software. HTC, the first company to make both Windows and Android phones, hasn’t unveiled a new Windows-based handset since June and has no current plans to release any more, said one person,” Culpan, Bass and Burrows report. “Microsoft, with 3.7 percent of the market, is finding it necessary to make concessions after agreeing to acquire Nokia Oyj’s handset unit, which competes with other smartphone makers.”
      If Windows Phone 8 is so great, explain why MS are struggling to sell phones with it installed? And Apple are selling tens of millions…
      Enquiring minds would like to know.

  2. “If someone gets lost in the wilderness and dies/breaks a leg/suffers from PTSD due to a faulty iPhone 5S compass, though, then Sensorgate could blow up in a big way.”

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Seriously?

    You can smell the author’s desperation in trying to blow this up into something beyond a big fat yawn. If this is the best they can come up with then the phone must be doing pretty well.

    1. Did you know that a doublet-tap “calibrates” the measurement to “zero”? You can hold the phone at an angle you intuitively know is not level, tap the screen and now it reports changes from that angle.

      1. I’m one of the unfortunate I guess you Could say. Mine is off by 3 degree laying flat and 1 degree as a horizontal level. Not that bad but to level it out I have to lift the left side up I would say about and 1/8th of a inch.
        The double tapping to zero out the level worked, until I turned off compass then back on. Then was one trick I never knew. Thought I knew/read it all.
        I’ve been with Apple only for maybe 4 years (after my 1st smartphone, the 3GS, then every model after. Ever since it’s all apple. iPhone/pads/Mac). This is a big deal but not close to a deal breaker for me. Just a hiccup, the iPhone is still the best there is IMO. If apple doesn’t/can’t fix with a software update then I will do an exchange in two weeks before 30 days.
        The apple store in tampa fl international mall hasn’t had ANY iPhones 5s’s all week. From what I read it seems most Apple stores are the same. Out of stock. Almost makes me think they know and are…. Maybe fixing?? Or maybe it’s just my Apple Store and what i read about the other Apples stores here in Fl. totally being out have been false. I don’t know. I do know even tho I just found out about this yesterday, this has been a known issue for at least a week now for a group of people at a forum I found through the story ilounge posted about it a few days ago. MDN was the last tech site to report it I think. I seen the story at cnet 1st but thought it was a typical BS Apple nit pick so I didn’t even click. The next day it was on ilounge so I decided to check out the hoop la. What did apple do now I thought. Read the story and clicked on the link of “proof”. It was to a forum post with 20 pages of a group of people complaining about it. Obviously I thought, yea right. Every year people love to jump on Apple. Some reason they are so jealous and stuck on one way. I can admit every phone OS shines in its own way. But IMO Apple triumphs all. BUT these group of people were right I found out later when I tested my 5s. 1st I compared it to My wife’s recently retired 4s (later a real level and finally to see how it effects games,which it did). The 4s was right on and both my wife’s and mine were off. Mine a degree more then hers. Then tried the racing games and noticed. It is a bummer but as long as it gets fixed or replaced(depending on what/if they say) before 30 days and/or when Apple here gets more.
        Honestly I probably would have never known cuz I haven’t ever used level or compass. Maybe it would effect some app one day and I woulda noticed. I did notice in real racing but then again it was already in my head. But I payed almost $900 (with AppleCare plus) cuz contract wasn’t up, but even if I didn’t and paid subsidized id still want the best phone they can produce obviously. Some people don’t have the issue, so I don’t have the best one yet.,…
        Well I really got off track here. I’m glad the media picked up on this so maybe it’ll get a fix soon or maybe a response. Then again maybe nothing. Maybe it’s not as big as it seems. My wife and I just happen to be on the same boat as a few of the tech sites and the people who were posting on that forum. Nine million phones sold is a lot. Maybe I’m just a drop in the bucket. It does suck having to read other articles about how apple is going down the hill cuz of how everything apple gets blown out of proportion. Apple fan boi for life. Or until I see they just don’t give a f like the others.
        Nuff said. Thanks for the double tap calibration troubleshoot. I was one happy mutha ***** when I seen it zero out and turn green. Till I tried again. Lol. Still a good tip to know. 😉

            1. Join me and my sister on our biennial Caribbean cruise. Between the three of us, we should be able to tease out the meaning from incarnato80’s thesis. We could publish a jointly authored note in JSAC – IEEE. Haven’t done an academic collaboration since forever. And this year we have a spot at the Captain’s table.

            2. Love, exciting and new
              Come Aboard. We’re expecting you.
              Love, life’s sweetest reward.
              Let it flow, it floats back to you.

              Love Boat soon will be making another run
              The Love Boat promises something for everyone
              Set a course for adventure,
              Your mind on a new romance.

              Love won’t hurt anymore
              It’s an open smile on a friendly shore.

    1. Gizmodo, I haven’t read that site since that stupid “shenanigan” with the iPhone. Specially the rudeness those idiots to SJ after he was on his best cordial behavior to resolve it. Gizmodo, a bunch of jerks.

      1. Same here, I think since that stolen iPhone thing with them, they are out to post anything negative on Apple. I avoid their site like the plague. No hits for you Gizmodo!

    2. I was just wondering why no one had not mentioned this. After the shit gizmodo pulled and the way they acted in the aftermath they have placed themselves at the same level as the birdcage liners sold at the checkout counter of the grocery store.

  3. My compass is spot on, checked against a GPS device and a magnetic compass The level is within 2 degrees checked against a bubble level. The bubble level is 15 years old.

    1. My level is off by just 1 degree. I have to raise the left side of the phone I’d say 1/8th inch to get the green “0” level. I don’t care about level or compass. But I’m just a lil worried how it would effect other apps. It’s hard to know what to think cuz most these sites blow everything apple out of proportion. (Not you MDN. Much love. You been my main ho since the 3GS days.. Word life…Now get that f’n app up to date. Bet it would be super quick now).
      Back on subject, I did play real racing with my phone on a level table (volume buttons facing ceiling). I get on a straight away it does go to the left slightly.
      It’s not a big deal, but it is. More about the principle. I buy games but never play them. I never used compass or level. But I paid full price for my iphone plus I got some of that apples warranty. I think the more I read about this the more psyched out I get. Kinda feel like this is what OCD feels like.
      I drive a 95 Toyota tercel cuz I don’t want car payments. Got a nice sound unit and AC works. That’s all I need. A to and from. To and from work. I spend $900 on a iphone and the LEVEL on my IPHONE being off by 1degree bugs me. Not my faded nine five tercel. My windows are tinted. Nobody can see me. But it’s my phone…. My beautiful phone….. I apologize, beautiful IPHONE

      NOW for all the “judger” types out there. I have a wife and she has the brand new honda. I choose to have no payment. But least I got a bad ass phone bitch!! My iPhone is tough. It carries me and my nine five on its back. It can do everything…. except hang a picture. For now. Pishhhh…so don’t judge me man!!!

  4. If someone gets lost in the wilderness and dies/breaks a leg/suffers from PTSD due to a faulty iPhone 5S compass, though, then Sensorgate could blow up in a big way.”
    What folly.
    If you’re heading out to the wilderness, you certainly don’t use a phone; you have a real GPSr with topo maps, waypoints, tracks and routes pre loaded as much as possible.

  5. I don’t have my iPhone 5 nearby but I can confirm on my 5S that when you touch the screen with the level showing it will ‘zero out’. This is a FEATURE!! Not a bug that the idiots at Gizmodo are trying to sensationalize.

      1. I wish I was. It is a real drag. I’ve waitied so long to get it, and I cannot tolerate these imperfections. It also has the shutter to the motion in iOS 7 that I didn’t notice on my 5. For example, when I minimize Safari, the bottom row of icons stops short, pauses, then go to the bottom. Doesn’t happen all the time, but there are lots of little things like this I’ve noticed. Like I said, iOS 7 seemed much. More fluid on my 5. 🙁

  6. If this is true AAPL is headed south big time. I cannot believe Apple did not check, check and recheck these things. I just went to Apple’s support forum. Many are reporting the same thing with their 5S phones. Some have gotten exchanges and new one also has the problems. Why would so many be bad, yet folks here say perfect? Mine order is due Oct 11, sure hope it is a software fix. So if not resolved by then I can just refuse the delivery. But how in hell could Apple make this mistake. This could be worse than Antennaegate and Maps fiasco combined. Maybe folks are holding wrong? I can just imagine the media going wild with this problem. Shit, I have a 1,000 shares.

    1. A follow up. Many on Apple forum are reporting different level errors and not consistent. I am no programmer but I would guess software update would not address all cases? Where oh where will AAPL be tomorrow night? Maybe they are all holding it wrong? I am mad, calling my broker as market opens. This is huge even if all you guys think otherwise.

    1. Are you serious? Folks have been geocaching, flying their airplanes, and doing real work with the iPhone for years. Nobody had a “real” compass anymore, not even the boy scouts. GPS is used by golfers, miners, fishermen and many others. The compass on the 5 is very accurate, calculates true north declamation no matter where you are on the earth. It is clear you have very little knowledge of compasses, GPS and mapping. This is huge for many from pilots to golfers. If this is not fixed quickly Apple is in deep trouble. How can you not see that?

      1. CupertinoJoe-Get serious.I got my pilot’s license over 45 years ago and was a certified navigator(including celestial) and have been many times on prolonged trips in the wilderness.Let me assure you that nobody with a lick of common sense would fly an aircraft using an iPhone’s compass as a guidance instrument-that would be illegal.Also nobody would make a prolonged trip into the wilderness without a real compass .
        The GPS still works and a compass error of one degree puts one out laterally by one mile at a distance of 60 miles.
        Like everyone else I will be interested to see what happens here but nothing that I have seen here so far would concern me .

          1. He is not going away. Sometimes the most persistent trolls are the ones who have owned every Apple product ever manufactured but cannot countenance a perceived lapse in standards evidenced by the latest. Ironically, Apple’s most vociferous critics are sometimes its oldest fans.

            There’s a word for that—apostasy.

        1. Darn, I was going to say that.
          Yeh, Joe — Anyone hitching their survival in the wilderness to any tiny piece of electronics is foolish. Like living rurally and expecting the electricity to always be there. You’ve got to have backup. In this case to a mechanical compass, a physical map, and your ability to use them.

        2. I wouldn’t argue with Cupertino Joe, Blue…afterall, he’s an alien here from the Planet Dumbass, he knows his intergalactic navigation. You can contact him at his condo at:

          Cupertino Joe
          1488 Groom Lake Road
          Area 51, NV

  7. I have a 4S , 5 , and 5S all running ios 7 flawlessly.
    I compared them using the compass
    The 5 and 5S were within one degree of each other and based on a compass and the local magnetic variation are correct .Interestingly the 4S was several degrees out suggesting a software issue if there actually is an issue .
    The 5 and the 5S had a variance of 2 degrees on the inclinometer which is hardly important.

    1. Thank you for your report. It’s important data that should be meticulously crowd sourced and analysed statistically, but right now I’ll settle for a wee bit of anecdotal evidence that will allow me to sleep well tonight without the extra cocktail.

  8. The north magnetic pole is not at the geographical North Pole.

    What’s more, the magnetic pole moves around.

    A compass, calibrated on the Eastern Seaboard would not give anything near north if used on the California coast.

    The iPhone must know the phone’s location and the present location in order to get an adequate True North direction.


    This is a bullshit Sensorgate.

    1. What little you know about mapping. Of course the compass in iPhone uses the latest declamation correction. The mapping info in the iOS is very sophisticated and accurate. I play golf and use several of the Golf Gps apps. Deadly accurate to about 5 yards distance and direction for example.

      1. Obviously I know a lot more about mapping and navigation than you do. Perhaps you would like to define delamation whatever that os. If you are talking about magnetic variation this has precious little to do with direction except over very long distances. As to distances in a golf game that is a function of the GPS whoch nobody is suggesting is dysfunctional. I have never heard of anyone aiming a golf shot with a compass . Are you blind?

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