Apple CEO Tim Cook emails employees on eve of second anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death

Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent a companywide email addressing the second anniversary of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death.

The text of the email, verbatim:


Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Steve’s death. I hope everyone will reflect on what he meant to all of us and to the world. Steve was an amazing human being and left the world a better place.

I think of him often and find enormous strength in memories of his friendship, vision and leadership. He left behind a company that only he could have built and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. We will continue to honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to the work he loved so much. There is no higher tribute to his memory. I know that he would be proud of all of you.



Steve Paul Jobs, February 24, 1955 - October 5, 2011

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  1. Nice note by Tim. Every day that passes it is more and more apparent what an amazing creation Steve Jobs oversaw at Apple. It was his child and he built it in phases over time, with a brief interruption. It is now an incredibly strong company that will continue to succeed over time because of the foundation that he built in software, vertical integration, engineering excellence, commitment to the simple idea of making great new products, long range thinking as opposed to quarterly vision, and total focus. It is an amazing company and people should remember it could only have succeeded as it did in America, with free market capitalism that helped fund Steve’s vision and allowed Apple to achieve great profits, which it re-invested in ever greater products. Apple is a shining example of what the “old” America could accomplish. The new America, transformed by Obama and his followers, despises free markets and the very idea of corporate profits. Apple would not have succeeded under the centrally controlled economy that Obama is now implementing. If we want Apple to do well in the future, we should do all we can to preserve American free market capitalism.

    Thank you Steve for all you did. Thank you Tim for taking the time to remind people of his legacy.

    1. Man you had me until “Apple is a shining example of what the “old” America could accomplish…”

      How can so many of you on this forum politicize every single thread.

      From a perspective north of the 49th parallel, it is really painful to watch, from either side of the political spectrum.

      1. I only bring it up because our American system is a pretty important thing. You may not spend much time thinking about how vital free markets, private property, a legal system that protects individual rights, and encourages entrepeneurial risk taking are. These things are vital. Apple would not be here without them. Apple does not get created in a socialist economy, period. If you value freedom and companies like Apple, you should take your blinders off and stop criticizing a person who brings to your attention that our current leader is working to end the capitalist system that funded the creation of Apple. This is not a trivial item. It is a vital crossroads decision. As it stands your head in the sand is giving support to the end of free market capitalism. That is what Obama is about.

          1. Gregori

            We are. Starting now a free American citizen must buy government defined health care plans. I have no choice. It is a mandate enforced by IRS threat of seizing my bank account or house if refuse.

            Now, what if the Obama regime said henceforth all must go to their Government computer exchanges to buy the Government Approved computers, designed by bureaucrats to meet the government expectations for computers. You can only choose from the government list. And the computers are more expensive and have fewer features than your present computer. And the Government said all Congressmen and their staff get free computers that you Grigori must pay for. That is the current Socialist Obama plan.

            Stop denying reality. Government control will extend to Apple next.

            1. As usual, a nice MDN thread gets hijacked by the RWNJs that hang out here.

              You can buy whatever fucking insurance you want. And the fact that the government requires insurance companies to spend at least 80% on their clients as well as preventing them from denying coverage from existing conditions is A GOOD THING.

              Naturally, watching Fox News or reading Breitbart you’d think that. Why don’t you stick your head up over the right wing walls that you seem to surround yourself and smell the real world.

              And keep this moronic commentary to Fox Nation where you can hang out with folks of your ilk.

          2. OK – it is not a socialist economy. It is a tyrannical economy where the President orders subjects to buy things they don’t want. He orders electric utilities, with no legislative OK, to change their power generation so coal plants are no longer viable, thus destroying the coal industry. He orders the IRS to use all the power of the government to harass political enemies. He commands Bank executives to come to his office and then he tells them how they will operate. He re-writes legislations on his own with no legislative OK, like his Obamacare and like the entire Federal immigration law. He had IRS goons raid the Gibson guitar company and virtually put them out of business because he didn’t like their politics. He allowed Jon Corzine, CEO of MF Global, to literally steal about $2 billion from private investor accounts, and he ordered his Attorney General not to prosecute Corzine, a rich fat cat Democrat billionaire, because Corzine is a Democrat, former NJ Governor and Senator. He initiated a complete government takeover of the student loan industry so now that is entirely a government operation. He took over the Health Care industry and now the government drives all policy in that area, one-sixth of the US economy. (Of course Obama knows nothing about Health Care, or energy or guitars or just about anything. All he knows is that he wants to tell all those industries what they are permitted to do. That is called a tyranny.

          1. Yes – I despise socialist freeloaders. I despise those who produce nothing but “demand” lots of free stuff because they are lazy. I am sick of Americans living in the most prosperous country which is prosperous due to freedom and private property and Constituional law doing all they can to destroy the system that they benefit from. I am nauseated by an arrogant asshole President who constantly pits American against American, while he spends 10-15 weeks a year on incredibly expensive vacations from which he criticizes the wealthy. What a disgusting excuse of a person he is.

            1. Oh, yes. Now you’re making sense. One can only hope that someday you’ll need to make use of the safety net which most Americans are happy to provide for the benefit of everyone.

              You sincerely believe this? I have no words.

            2. Howaboutnewton.

              Good point. Can you please explain why this brilliant program is such that Congress does not want to be in it, companies over 50 employees have been granted a one year exemption, the Labor Union have requested an exclusion, Obama is not covered by it?

              If it is so good, how come so many Democrats have asked for exclusions from it?

        1. You are right, politics infects everything. The willingness of the Republicans to bring down the economy to achieve their ideological objectives IS an infection, or treason.

      2. This is not political, it is real world as viewed and lived day to day.
        A different question would be how can one not play this against
        all that we are living with today in this country of ours?

    2. You had to go there. I think Steve and President Obama would have been good friends. They were both liberals and not mindless Ayn Rand puppets. Steve cared about all people, he lived a very austere life style. He hated the greedy elitist snobs that dominate the top one percent. And I’m sure he would have thought Teabaggers were assholes. You sir, have no class.

      1. Steve Jobs was the ultimate capitalist. And he was “selfish” in the literal sense. Do you not see how determined he was to protect his private property – Apple’s intellectual property – from those who would steal it? He used private capital from risk takers who invested early to build Apple. Steve used every legal way he could to not “share” his product for free, but to legally sell it at the highest possible price. Good for him.

        Obama, on the other hand, is a community organizing thug who uses threats and lies to get what he wants. He lies about everything. He has never made public anything about his college career as other President’s have routinely done. And he daily flouts the law – like his “executive decree” that Congress and their staff and he and his staff do not have to live under the ObamaCare exchanges, which he tells us daily are so swell. Instead, taxpayers must pay now for their own inflated ObamaCare premiums and they must also pay the subsidy for all the Federal workers who have insisted, against the words in the law, that they be excluded.

        Obama is a socialist or worse. He has said so. Steve Jobs was a free market capitalist and his life is total proof of that. If we want future innovators like Steve we will reject all that Obama wants. We don’t have much time left, since Obama is already using the IRS to attack those with differing viewpoints, an action liberals of an earlier time would have rejected. Todays liberals are totally cool with the idea of a President using the IRS to destroy political enemies. As long as it is their President. Sad.

        1. No, Steve Jobs was not the “ultimate capitalist”. His motivations were not capitalistic, his methodology ran against the capitalist grain at the speed of light, and his personal philosophy was as far from capitalist as you can get. The attempts to rewrite his biography as some sort of Randian dream-come-true are sickening.

          1. So, he was not a capitalist? What was his net worth at his death? He started out with no money. And by the way, what was his policy as Apple CEO with respect to corporate charity? Did he have Apple donate a lot or a little or not all? Let’s see what you know beside DNC talking points.

            1. – Did I say SJ was not a capitalist? No, I did not. Is anyone worth with a higher net worth than SJ an “Ultimater” capitalist”? By your logic, they’d have to be.
              – His net worth was roughly 10 billion… and what of it? As if that proves something.
              – Many capitalists DO give to charity, both individually and through their corporations; are they being un-capitalistic by doing so?
              – “DNC talking points”…sure, whatever you say, Kent. Your bullshit commentary shows you to be a fanatical Randroid with paranoid, doomsday fantasies…as noted below, get some help, why doncha?

              Oh, and on Obama:

            2. Charity is a rightwing concept. In a social and human society the elected government (the people) would take care of the needy and no charity would be needed.

            3. Steve Jobs died a billionaire. His policy at Apple was to minimize corporate charitable donations. This was not because he was bad, it was because his priority was selfish – to maximize the success of Apple. He probably donated a lot personally because he was a good man. But he got incredibly rich as a successful capitalist. To deny he was a successful capitalist is to deny reality, which is what uninformed liberals do every day. Probably because they are spending time researching activities like “TeaBagging”. Wow, who does that kind of thing?. Sick!

            4. Who denied his success? Not me. I merely pointed out that characterizing SJ as THE “Ultimate Capitalist” is wrongheaded. In addition, it is demeaning to the breadth of the man’s life and legacy to do so. You clearly feel the need to fit SJ into one of the little pigeonholes your B&W worldview requires, but he is far bigger than that. That you are unable to see it is your own failing, and I suspect it is a self-inflicted one.

              Further, your hijacking of this thread – which is supposed to be a memorial and tribute to a man whose life affected us all in ways mere capitalism can never hope to – as a soapbox for your twisted politics is yet another insult to SJ, one for which I feel no small amount of shame for participating in.

              AND, Obama is NOT a Socialist, and you are an “asshole”. Do you need me to look that one up for you?

      2. Gregory – you say,

        “And I’m sure he would have thought Teabaggers were assholes. You sir, have no class.”

        I was not familiar with the term “TeaBaggers” so I had to look it up to see what a person “with class” was calling me. Wikipedia says this,

        “To tea bag is a slang term for the sexual act of a man placing his scrotum in the mouth of a willing sexual partner for pleasure or onto the face or head of another person. The name of the practice, when it is done in a repeated in-and-out motion, is derived from its passing resemblance to the dipping of a tea bag into a cup of hot water as a method of brewing tea. As a form of non-penetrative sex, it can be done for its own enjoyment or as foreplay.”

        Gregory – you are a class act. I assume you have experienced this act that you talk about in technical blogs. When you do this do you give or receive? I am just not familiar with this practice that you engage in. Personally, it seems a bit disgusting to me but I know you could probably tell me more amazing things about gerbils.

          1. Kent you are indeed a teabagger as you fallaciously described above, except your preferential sexual partner happens to be an inflatable doll who is perpetually muttering the vowel ‘O’.

            1. Gregori and Buster

              I know you both spend much time with your scrotums so you know a lot more than I do about this practice you are familiar with, but seriously I know nothing of this practice. I can say it says a bit unorthodox and very unpleasant. I respect the fact that you find pleasure in this use of your reproductive organs but I personally think the User Manual would not recommend any such activity. Granted, it is organic, which is popular these days, but it seems like a likely way to spread germs. Maybe you should try hand holding and some heavy petting instead. Just a thought.

            2. Grigori and Buster are the face of Liberalism. No facts, just name calling with violent undertones. What can you expect from the party of baby killers. Inside every progressive (Commie for the LIV) liberal is a Hitler like tyrannical soul.

    3. Steve Jobs personally wanted to do Obama’s reelection ads.

      He also personally supported Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s run.

      Are you declaring that one of the nation’s greatest entrepreneurs didn’t know who best supported business?

      What are your qualifications, compared to Steve’s?

      I’m personally insulted every time I read this bullshit political propaganda using Steve or Apple as props.

      Doing so on the anniversary of his death is downright sickening.

    4. You are evidently laboring under the delusion that the workings of gov’t depend on the personality in power, or the party in power. In reality, the American political system is completely broken, having enslaved itself long ago to the ruling classes—namely, big money and big business. Bush and Obama serve the same master, so what’s the difference?

    5. There is truth to what you say, however Apple items are all manufactured in China and without the rigid totalitarian manufacturing system there apple is a non starter.

  2. If it wasn’t for Steve we would probably still be using computers with green block letters on a black screen and our phones would be flip phones with little bitty keyboards.

    Rest in peace, Steve; rest in peace.

      1. You know that he also hired that Pepsi-boy, right? Even Steve sometimes failed. Tim as a CEO has a charisma of a slice of dry bread. I think he is the wrong person to run Apple.

        1. You’ve named a hire that he probably regretted; good job, ILA. But TC has been with Apple since 1998, and SJ had plenty of time to fire him if he’d been dissatisfied with him but, instead of firing him because YOU don’t like him, he appointed him as his successor. So your opinion of him is of no value.

  3. Too bad more companies do not follow the philosophy Steve built Apple upon. How many businesses exist today that wouldn’t without him? Just like mine, MacXperts. I love my job supporting the creative industry and their Mac’s. Since I do what I love for a living, I don’t work, I have fun every day I go to work. Thanks Steve, we miss you, but you live on in our hearts and our memories.

  4. I wonder….If many people made enough noisy requests, would the pope make him a Saint?
    Perhaps the patron saint of computing, so if your computer does not work, or if you misplaced your iPhone, you just make a request to Saint Job and hey! there is your iPhone!! Your computer is working!!! etc

    Just a thought to paraphrase Elder Norm! 🙂

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