Jim Cramer: ‘The curtain has closed’ on Samsung’s stupidwatch

“After a scathing review of Samsung’s Gear smartwatch by New York Times columnist David Pogue, CNBC’s Jim Cramer said that the game is up for the Korean company’s attempt at wearable technology and that’s great news for Apple,” Paul Toscano reports for CNET.

“‘This is one of those reviews… compare Apple, what he had to say about the [iPhone] 5C—where he basically just said ‘this is the Mona Lisa’ … I mean, this [Samsung smartwatch] is not even a paint-by-numbers,'” Toscano reports. “‘This is it. This thing, the curtain closed on this. The curtain closed on this device,’ Cramer said, although he acknowledged that wearable technology is still a growing trend.”

Toscano reports, “In Pogue’s review, he described Samsung’s smartwatch as ‘ human-interface train wreck’ and that ‘nobody will buy this watch, and nobody should.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “DW Bowers” for the heads up.]

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  1. If you throw enough shit at the wall, some of it is bound to stick …..

    Just so happens this POS didn’t stick …..

    No wonder thye have the AKA SamDung – I just learned something!

    1. Everyone keeps forgetting about the iPod nano 6 th gen. I have several and the were the real first smart watch.
      Music, time, fm radio, exercise machine, stopwatch, fashion statement!

      Just a thought

      1. Are you insane? Fire Tim Cook and you lose the ability to reliably forecast and mass produce the fine Apple products. Cook, Ive and Ferenghi and the perfect business trio. The board was smart to lock him in for a decade.

        1. I think more of a trio than you think. There has been no reason to go to an apple store for anything rather than an upgrade in over two years. Dispute me.??? Name a new product. Or we waiting for something big like Timmy.

    2. Yes that’s how Samsung operates and it’s not just Apple they copy. Note the case of Dyson sueing them for op theft over vacuum cleaners. The whole company is riddled with corruption and has no ethics what so ever. This endemic thouhout their whole corporate structure.

      We have no idea what apple means with its iWatch trademark. It could mean some sort of wearable tech or TV product or something else entirely.

      I have been saying all along that apple deliberately leaked the iWatch name so as to sit back and watch as Samsung, Google and anyone else to scramble to be first with a product such as the Samsung Gear.

      Apple never implants tech until it is ready. There will be a bigger iPhone, more to come with their 64bit gtech with iOS and whatever the iWatch is when the hardware is strong enough to deliver an experience that is best in class.

      Jobs said that the original screen size was perfect and all other sizes were crap. What he was really saying was that bigger screens at that time demanded compromise on the whole widget eg batter life in particular.

      When jobs said something was shit always meant it could be better if you put in the effort and not be lazy and accept close enough.

      I have an iPhone 5 and a MacBook Pro 17″ (2010) and I love them. The elegance and clarity resonates with me and enables me to be creative (home studio) without taking me out of the artistic moment to piss about with a computer.

      That’s why I use a mac over a PC and an iPhone over android. I don’t want tech to get in my way, only Apple has delivered this.

    1. Lacking an actual Apple product to copy, Samsung took all the rumors for what Apple’s iWatch would be, and copied that “hodgepodge of seemingly random features.”

      Unfortunately, those rumors came from so-called “experts” who are clueless about designing real products. Or they were imagining what iWatch would be (with their limited imaginations), in order to write an article explaining why it would be a unsuccessful product.

      The not very surprising outcome is Samsung’s StupidWatch. Meanwhile, the “real” iWatch will be simple and useful, highly focused on doing a few key things really well. After Samsung fiasco, it will seem “magical.”

      1. That is funny, I have seen a lot of Samsung Smart TV asserting in the last 2 weeks. Every add looks like they have taken every rumored Apple TV feature and thrown them into a TV.

    2. from my feminine perspective, whatever its form factor, it isn’t just a piece of technology, it’s an accessory. it better look damn good with nearly everything in my closet. whoever pulls this off better be a genius ’cause this is gonna be one HUGE HURDLE.

  2. “I think that Samsung suddenly becomes what we used to think of Samsung, and Apple has become what we used to think of Apple.”

    Really? The only thing that’s actually changed is the pendulum of clueless “analyst” and pundit chatter…in this case they happen to have gotten it right.

  3. Imagine if the government tried to design a smart-watch:

    -It would weigh three pounds.

    -You would have to turn a crank on it every 5 minutes to keep it powered up.

    -The black and white jagged 50ppi interface would always be asking you to choose a language.

    -The watch would always be reporting your opinions and internet usage to big brother.

    -There would be constant intrusive reminders about “healthy living” from Michelle Obama.

    -The daily speeches by President Gasbag would interrupt whatever it is you were doing, and you’d have to take a test on the speech afterward in order to continue using the watch.

    Of course, when normal people would dare assert that a smart-watch would be much better if it were handled by the free market, every idiot socialist bastard on planet earth would start spewing out the usual diarrhea.

    1. what has this story got to do with govt? nothing. you are just a bitter person.

      btw private sector did build the watch – samsung – and it is terrible. so your argument in piontless.

      1. People who bring Bush or Obama into picture are very unhappy people. They don’t even like themselves…They need to be kicked out…If they like the Politics that much, instead of running their mouth, they should go back to their home, stand for election to prove how astute they are…..otherwise they are a bunch of Idiots…

      2. m,

        No, it is not pointless. The Samsung watch is lame, yes. But if the government would have designed one, it would make the Samsung product look like it came out of Cupertino by comparison.

        Try to think before you post. You might do better.

  4. Good lesson for those who mistakenly think Samdung is innovative, creative, and hip. Would judges like LUCY KOH please take note? Samsung cannot do good tech design by themselves — they must copy Apple to get it right. People may think what Apple does is “obvious”, but it is not: it takes time and hard work to get it right. Stop Samsung’s shameless infringement of Apple’s IP now!

  5. Everyone dumb enough to advocate socialized “healthcare” should be forced to buy and wear and use a Samsung smart-watch.

    And every time they state their objection to such coercion, they can be reminded that if they can coerce others to buy and use things against their will, then other people can do the same thing to them.

    Hell, maybe I’ll even mandate that liberal males stop wearing pink panties and acting so limp-wristedly gay. Let’s see how they like them apples.

    1. @Boris

      Let me just condense a few thoughts to save you and the other vitriolic, brainless bile-merchants some time spent on all these multiple posts. I’ll do all in one shot, so you all don’t have to bother…

      Pathetic marxist brain-dead lemming blah blah blah!!! zombies blah liars statist assholes blah blah!!!!! socialist blah blah! card-carrying communists anti-family un-American scum blah blah!!!! Obama messiah!… (choke cough spit drool scream of inarticulate rage)

  6. You know, if you consulted a half-way decent psychologist, I think they would counsel you to admit to your homosexual tendencies, and stop berating those whom your really want to be with.

  7. Does anyone have any thoughts on where to buy the new iPhone 5 S? I’m upgrading from a 4S. And I’m sticking with AT&T. Is there any advantage to buying at the Apple store? Seems as though there is but I just can’t recall what that might be? Trade in pricing aside. Assuming that I get the same trade-in value from the AT&T store as well as the Apple Store. Seems like the Apple Store iPhone allows you to change carriers without any problems where as the AT&T store version doesn’t? Maybe? I’m sure there was something that was advantageous if you buy at the Apple Store I just can’t remember? No matter where I buy the iPhone I would take it back to an Apple Store if I have any problems anyway.

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