iOS 7 upgrade stripped filters from students’ iPads; Apple promises fix this month

“A number of schools that have upgraded their iPad deployments to iOS 7 say that installing the new OS removed the supervision profiles they had installed on the devices,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“This rendered those iPads unsupervised, depriving administrators of their remote-management privileges and eliminating the filtering protections they had established to protect students from inappropriate content they might stumble upon outside school,” Paczkowski reports. “Some [schools] have gone so far as to adjust their network settings to block over-the-air iOS 7 updates. ‘When we first caught wind of the bug, I tweaked our DNS to stop iPads from checking for software updates,’ a school administrator who declined to be named told AllThingsD. “That helped us to keep a lot of our iPads running iOS 6.1.3. We plan to maintain those settings until Apple addresses the issue.'”

Paczkowski reports, “‘Some business and education users have reported that their supervised devices have reverted to unsupervised when they upgrade to iOS 7,’ Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told AllThingsD. ‘We are aware of this issue, and will have a fix this month.'”

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  1. Apple really needs to prevent issues like this arising in the first place. There are plenty of vested interests who try to put obstacles in the way of using iPads in this way, situations like this give those people ammunition.

      1. x, what exactly prompts you to be so uncivil? Turn off your hate and maybe people would treat you with respect.

        ALL companies make mistakes. Great companies fix them quickly and professionally. It is constructive to identify flaws so that this can be done, even if people like “x” thinks others’ observations are “obvious”. The only thing “x” adds to the conversation is that he/she/it is obviously in dire need of a lesson in polite behavior.

        After Churchhill declared war on Japan in 1941, critics questioned why Churchill had been so polite in his declaration. With usual tact, he responded: “…after all, when you have to kill a man it costs nothing to be polite.”

    1. Apple does not allow schools to block updating. The block which has been done is at the network/firewall/DNS level, nothing controlling the devices themselves. Users are free to run the updates, and a certain percentage of students notoriously do not listen to what a school tech dept recommends.

  2. MDN, yup, no glitch.
    RUSH: “We don’t actively root for failure.” Yes, we did. Yes, we did, and we still do. But Apple did not have a “glitch” in their operating system that anybody knew about. This is a gross mischaracterization. Apple did not have… Those of you who’ve loaded iOS 7, what’s the glitch? What went wrong? You can’t name anything, outside maybe your installation time. There’s no glitch with it. Not that you would notice.

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  3. This story should read. Schools don’t know how to make sure their exchange profiles are updated to be compatible with a new operating system. iOS 7 works with exchange. It’s up to these intimations to make sure their profiles with with iOS 7.

  4. The company I work for made sure we all got the memo not to upgrade until IT had fully tested iOS 7. So my iPad is still on iOS 6 at the moment. My brand new iPhone 5s is a different story though.

    The schools IT is to blame.

    1. I am sure most schools told students not to update, but if you know students, that type of instruction inspires a certain percentage of kids to do the exact opposite. And without the threat of loss of employment in the corporate environment, it’s very tough to control.
      And believe me, if any school/district IT department were in charge of their budget, things would be done right, but most are over-stressed and over-extended. School admin has some blame, but this is mostly Apple’s fault for not adequately testing their update. Until an update is officially released, beta testers can’t update iOS devices the way end users will, by using Software Update on the devices. Instead, they install the updates tethered to a computer, and it works differently. Apple itself is the only entity which has the power to set up a proper internal test environment for such updates.

    2. Stay on iOS 6 unless you want to wear pink underwear and grow boobs, like Jonny Ive got a pink dildo up my ass.

      iOS 7 is a complete design FAIL.

      I hear of many people hating it and considering buying an Android phone instead. It’s that bad.

  5. Can’t they just push them out with ARD? What kind of chicken shit IT outfit are they running there. Then again, schools aren’t known for having the most savvy of IT staffs. They use student volunteers and such to save money. I worked for a school district, it was always a challenge to stay a step ahead of the kids. They’re one Goigle search away from figuring out pretty much anything they need to know to break into stuff.

    1. What an uninformed, judgmental comment. As a matter of fact, ARD has absolutely no functionality to control iOS devices, it cannot even identify them on the network.
      Then, you even contradict yourself by saying that it’s a challenge to stay ahead of the kids. So which is it?
      Get THAT done.

  6. Trying to “lock down” these devices is likely a lost cause. Just be clear about what is and is not appropriate usage of the device and check up on them once and a while. It’s called responsibility and discipline. Obviously put some filters on the school’s Internet connection – but that’s common practice and has as much to do with availability (as blocking torrenting for example) as it does with restricting content.

  7. AHA! I’m betting this is related to the Los Angeles school student hacking of iPads.

    Apple: Suffering, as usual, from Version 1.0 Syndrome. Nothing new. Entirely expected. Always sad and pathetic. Such is the state of modern coding. And I hate it.

  8. It would be nice if Apple allowed users to re-install iOS6. At least this would allow institutions to regain security/control until Apple can provide updates. Apple’s one-way iOS update push is not user-friendly. Where are the libertarian activists on this issue?

    On another note, it is clear many posters here don’t respect the fact that schools often do have competent IT departments, but not competent computer-savvy students. It’s absolutely necessary to protect newbies from themselves, and it’s not the school IT departments’ fault when Apple doesn’t support them as well as it should. Many people have repeatedly pointed out areas where Apple could improve its large enterprise penetration: here’s just one more obvious area where Apple needs to step up. Sorry if that doesn’t jive with the religious belief that Apple is perfect in every way.

    1. No iOS install is a “clean install” in that it preserves user data and device settings. IOS 6 was designed to install over earlier releases. To enable installation of iOS 6 over iOS 7 Apple would have to rewrite and retest the iOS 6 installer. This may not be trivial… I imagine that Apple considers that very few users will want to drop back to an earlier release and therefore the time and expense involved in making this possible is not warranted, and would rather deploy their resources on new products.

  9. Its time Apple shifted to a quarterly or a half yearly minor releases for iOS instead of a huge update every year similar to OS X where the new features added which doesnt disrupt existing functionalities. Too many changes in an annual release is going to throw a lot of much around which is totally avoidable. Next couple of years iteration of iOS 7 makes sense than ios 8, 9 and 10. In the race of Majar version number releases quality of product is not going to get any better. Look at Chrome they will reach version 100 by the end of 2015 but Safari will still beat the shit out of it.

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