“Apple, the ‘Nucleus’ of smart device market, plans a strategic initiative involving a totally new display specification,” Moon Bo-gyeong reports for etnews. “Apple is heralding drastic changes in the market with iPhone growing bigger and iPad growing smaller, etc. As Apple, which became a primer to jolt up the display market that remained sluggish for the past several years, attempts to change itself again, attention is drawn to the ripple effects that Apple’s move may have on the display industry in Korea and the rest of the world.”

“According to an industry source on October 1, Apple plans to apply new display products to almost all of its products ranging from the next-generation iPhone to iPad, MacBook, and the like,” Moon reports. “The most notable change detected now is the change in the size of iPhone display. iPhone 5 increased the display size from 3.5 inch to 4 inch and its next version is sure to come with a bigger display at least 5 inch.”

Moon reports, “iPad display will change, too. The 9.7 inch-version to be released by the end of this year will have thinner bezel like iPad Mini. In addition, the 7.9 inch iPad Mini equipped with conventional display will be born again into a HD version having LTPS display next year. Like iPhone 5C, iPad will be divided into affordable and premium variations, depending on display. Furthermore, an oversized 12.9 inch-iPad will be also released next year for e-textbook and enterprise markets… From iPad 5 and iPad Mini retina version, Samsung Display is also expected to account for bigger share as well. Samsung Display and LG Display rolled up their sleeves in preparation for supplying more to Apple. Samsung Display and LG Display are building up production capacities for iPad LCD and iPhone, iPad, and MacBook LCDs respectively.”

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