Much still to come from Apple this autumn

“Long-time Apple watchers know that the fall season usually brings a bountiful harvest of new and updated products from the company,” Dan Frakes and Dan Moren write for Macworld.

“Indeed, just two short weeks in September have ushered in new iPhones, iOS 7, a new version of iTunes, a modest bump to the iMac line, a nice update to the Apple TV software, and several minor changes to the company’s product lineup including iPhone docks and even new iPod colors,” Frakes and Moren write. “But we didn’t see lots of stuff in September that many had hoped for, and the rumor mill is churning away (as usual) about all the things Apple supposedly still has up its sleeve for the fall.”

Frakes and Moren write, “What else should we expect from Apple in 2013? Here’s a look at some of the popular predictions out there, along with just how likely we think they are to appear.”

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      1. I will refrain from calling you an idiot. However, can you name ONE, just ONE, HTPC that can support three 4K screens concurrently?

        While I hate the limited upgrade ability of the new Mac Pro, it is very expandable and on the high end it is VERY, VERY MUCH a pro machine. Extremely few, if any, true desktop machines will be able to beat, or even match, it’s processing power in it’s top configuration.

    1. The Mac Pro will ship shortly after Intel gets their act together on Thunderbolt 2.

      The new iMacs do not have TB2 because Intel has not gotten their act together yet.

      But before we’re TOO harsh on Intel we should remember that in Intel’s initial TB2 announcement Intel said that TB2 would not be shipping in quantity unti late calendar year 2013 Q4 or the first calendar quarter of 2014.

      For the new Mac Pro to ship soon Apple will have to get Intel to move that schedule up by quite a lot.

  1. Don’t forget Apple Dictatorship become stronger. With the new IPhone 5S everyone is a easy NSA target. It’s a shame apple became the big brother, that once it pretended to fight. And I can forsee a MDN rant defending Apple before human beings LOL! Poor America that think profits are over people. You are loosing your country for a few dollars.

      1. Timmy probably couldn’t wait for Steve’s body to cool, before he surrendered all our privacy at the altar of Ohitler’s Nazi Spy Agancy.

        It must be good to have no soul.

        Timmy, keep pissing on Steve’s grave…

    1. Seems like speculation to me. Provide a link to demonstrate that the 5S is an easier “NSA target” than the 5, but especially devices from other companies (since you are an ex-Mac fan…you mean ex-Apple fan, right?).

      “Poor America that think profits are over people. You are loosing your country for a few dollars.”

      So all computer and internet businesses should shut their doors and we should all go live in cabins?

      1. Nope, Is just to be fairer, why does anyone has to be a “communist” or a “terrorist” to concern about FREEDOM AND PRIVACY? What you said is an extremist position. I think you can’t understand that economics and society are based on IDEAS, and you forget that FREE HUMAN BEINGS ARE BEFORE of them. Why people can’t decide what operating system or what apps you can install in a device you have BOUGHT?, I mean, you can choose what religion, clothes or food you eat, but you are not allowed to use your iDevice with freedom? it appears as a dictatorship from apple to me. BTW You need to do your homework and research Apple-Microsoft-Silicon Valley contracts with NSA ;).

        Spy on any person’s data, being American citizen or not is really pervert. I found very interesting how anyone that has an opinion, that not agrees with the corporatism state of mind is attacked or called as anti-American. I apologize before hand for any misspelling word or typo, but English is not my first language, and as a citizen of the world at least I do an effort to learn another language, something most Americans don’t even bother to. And before anyone attack me, I gotta say I love America, I have lived here for 6 years and I’m now a citizen. That being said, I found very sad that US is ruled not by the people but by corporations instead. Corporations that taking all the good jobs to countries like China, slavering people, but not just that, making Americans poorer, everything in the name of profits. Is that sound right to you? Really?

        1. You rely much too much on the conspiracy sites.

          None of the companies you mentioned have contracts to turn over data on their users that is unique to each of those users. All unique user data provided is done under demand letters under the law or under court order.

          Some of those companies do have contracts to supply hardware and software and/or develop new hardware or software for the NSA.

          1. There you go! Now calling “conspirasionist” or “tin foil” headed, just because I don’t agree with corporations greed. You are really smart you know! It’s awesome how Fox-Disney and our politicians trained you, good for you, want a cookie? LOL Go spend your few dollars on another Chinese made crap, while you can…

    2. What Apple dictatorship? If you want an iPhone or iPad and do not want to get apps from the Apple App Store you can. There are MANY sites out there that will show you how. Just don’t go blaming Apple when you get malware or have other issues.

      And with regard to the NSA…. Apple does what it is legally forced to do. Nothing more. If you can show they do anything more than that, do so. Prove it or shut up.

      1. Here is more info, BTW Ars Technica is not a “conspiracy” site 😉

        And the fact that you are not allowed to install Apple a prior iOS on your iDevice is a dictatorship! Not even OFFICIAL APPLE software is allowed to be installed if Apple not give it’s permission to use it in your OWN device! That’s creepy and a full of crap from Apple 😛 If you don’t know NSA has broke the law! Apple as well as other digital companies are not “legally forced” to give private info to NSA, they are doing this without your permission, that’s a CRIME! All people and corporations are LEGALLY FORCED to comply with the law, not the other way around.

      1. Are you the MDN owner? Because this is a free country you know, and I have the freedom to express my opinion in WHATEVER site I WANT TO. And you can rant about it everything you want,as I said this is supposed to be a FREE Country .

  2. These are things we mostly already know about…

    No doubt, there will be new iPads, and the full-size model will have a slimmed down bezel along the long sides (like the iPad mini). They will all get even thinner and lighter.

    Mavericks will be released and there will be updated MacBook Pros. The Mac Pro has already been announced for “later this year.”

    I think the iPod lineup is set until next year. Apple has gone to a two-year (at least) refresh cycle for iPods. Both the nano and touch were new models last year. And the shuffle and classic will continue to roll along, as is. Apple TV remains the same.

    What I’m REALLY curious about is the spot Apple opened up in the Spring, for the release of something completely new. iPad previously occupied that spot (until 2012), but it has “matured” as a product line and moved to the Fall for new models. So, something NEW is coming Spring 2014. We’ll just have to “watch” for it…. 😉

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