7 hidden features in Apple’s remarkable iOS 7

“It’s been out for more than a week, but we’re still finding and noticing little things about iOS 7,” Jeffrey Van Camp reports for Digital Trends. “Here are a few useful nuggets hidden in Apple’s increasingly dense Settings menu. We hope these help you save a little battery life, or time.”

7 hidden features in iOS 7:
• You can turn Touch ID on or off with ease
• You can simplify the Notification Center
• You can choose which apps can use cellular data
• You can choose which apps can run in the background
• Siri can learn to pronounce things right
• You can make the text larger and bolder
• You can tone down animations if they’re making you sick

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  1. another thing I found, but was never mentioned to my knowledge: When you list your songs by artists, you get pictures of the artists themselves in many cases instead of just random album cover picks. Nice touch!

  2. iOS 7 is rad. I really like the little details like the slowly moving second hand on the Clock app. Also, when you move between Weather app panes, the animations slow down as you move the screen left or right (especially effective with the rain effect).
    I just can’t stand the new Camera app icon. It’s just plane boring and clunky, which is exactly what the iPhone 5S camera is not!

  3. Here’s a list of my grievances with iOS 7.

    – can’t view photos in full screen mode in the Photos app.
    – Too thin text, even with bold text enabled.
    – Safari loses browsing space to bottom and top borders which are wide and serve no function.
    – Hideous icons that do nothing to relate to the function they serve.
    – Unnecessary zooming in motion when switching view to the Home Screen.
    – Non standard iconology. Bookmarks is now a little stick with a couple of leaves flanking it. No useful visual cues at all.

    I could go on ad infinitum. The bottom line? Lousy design decisions. Lousy choice of hues. Lousy everything.

    1. “can’t view photos in full screen mode in the Photos app.”
      You can’t? I just tap on my photo in iOS 7 and it goes to full screen mode. What am I missing?

      1. I admit that was my mistake. I was expecting iOS 6 behaviors to be carried over to iOS 7.

        As for the rest of my comment, iOS 7 makes everything very unintuitive and you have to unlearn what was previously learned. Why alienate 700 million of your existing customers in this way? An OS should sit unobtrusively out of the way and you should know by looking at it what you should do to get things done without an owner’s manual. That was SJ’s genius. I’m afraid there’s a lot of loss of that genius in iOS 7.

        1. Hyperbole much? SJ’s genius?

          My father-in-law’s 84 and never skipped a beat moving to iOS 7. Are you really saying that you are that challenged by change that you can’t handle it? You want iOS to stay just the way it is forever?

          1. An OS’s look and feel defines a product. When you’re undertaking a redesign of an OS from a previous version of the OS, there should be a line connecting the two OSes together, a developmental line. You don’t scrap a perfectly good OS in good working order just on a whim. If the previous OS had obvious problems with it, then a change is necessary. But the change in this case was unnecessary. It’s like changing the look of the iPhone 5S for the sake of change. Why have that continuity and not bring in a larger iPhone 6? Because there was no manufacturing or user imperative to do so.

            iOS 6 was a perfectly functional OS. iOS 7 addresses what shortcomings in iOS 6 that necessitated a complete redesign? If you’re not addressing a problem, you’re just creating a solution for which there was no problem that needed solving.

            1. You must be new to Apple. This is a company that once discontinued the #1 selling iPod n the world and replaced it with a completely different form factor

              This is a company that for 30+ years continually “started over”. The old iOS was …. Old. It was time. People screamed about OS X in the beginning. I love ios 7 right now, but I can’t wait to see it evolve in 7.1, 8.0, etc

    2. Agree with everything you say, and here’s another bitch: where is the “Reader” tab that enables you to isolate a chosen piece of text from all the extraneous stuff on the page? It helped my tired and aging eyes – and in addition, allowed you to enlarge the selected text to whatever size was appropriate for your personal comfort.

      1. Apple removed many useful features and visual cues from iOS 6 when redesigning iOS 7 and threw away the baby with the bathwater. I admit that some of the aspects of skeuomorphism were over the top, e.g. the green felt pool table look in Game Center, but in reversing everything and introducing completely flat icons, they have thrown away 6 years of steady, ongoing development work. More, if you consider that they took 3-4 years developing iOS (iPhone OS) before releasing the original iPhone in 2007.

        Too much eye candy and not enough substance.

    3. Don’t understand what you mean about safari “borders” on top and bottom. You mean the toolbars? (if so, some designer you are). Minimise as son as you start reading the page. Leaving far more Real Estate that safari in ios6.

      Also which icons don’t relate to their function. Game centre is the only one I can think of. And that a useless “app” anyhow.

  4. I wish the MDN app supported the larger font size option instead of using its own font tool, which, by the way doesn’t help much! Also, why the big gap from the headline to the copy on your app? Is it just me? It is annoying. (Please take my feedback as constructive, not overly critical.)

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