Ford’s Alan Mulally to become Microsoft’s next CEO?

“According to sources close to the situation, Ford CEO Alan Mulally has vaulted to the forefront of the candidates to become the new CEO of Microsoft,” Kara Swisher reports for AllThingsD.

“People with knowledge of the situation said that while the 68-year-old Mulally — who has been CEO of Ford for seven years and is a well-known business star — was not seeking the job at first, he has become more amenable to the idea in recent weeks,” Swisher reports. “Among the factors: Mulally was a former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes in the Seattle area and has long wanted to return there, where he continues to keep a home. In addition, he was a close adviser to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in his recent effort to create a new management structure for the company.”

Swisher reports, “Sources said that while [Nokia CEO Stephen] Elop has remained a top candidate, there has been a shift in recent weeks toward Mulally, who has much turnaround experience.”

Read more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t blow it, Microsoft board! Stephen Elop is your next CEO. We like that strategy. We like it a lot.

That said, Mulally is the genius who decided to go with Microsoft SYNC/MyFord Touch which sank Ford customer satisfaction ratings to new depths, so he might be perfect for the job!

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        1. You must be from the Midwest? When I went to college out there I had to relearn:
          Soda = Pop
          Bag = Sack
          Sneakers = Tennie Runners
          Sub = I’ve forgotten that one, but maybe having the Subway chain has made them call the sandwich a Sub like the rest of us.
          Loved the Midwest though.

        1. BLN’s LN must be aching for him to have his ire up at 4 am over a cosmetic facade that arguably does enhance usability.

          Let’s take up a collection for an Android for BLN so he can depart MDN for more “open territory” where he can color his screen any way he wants each day to light up his life.

        2. Hey I’m not its greatest fan but the road Forstall was going was rapidly becoming a dead end it was time for a change and I am willing to see the next installment before I judge further if this can be turned into the right one

    1. Wait a minute “Mulally…was a close adviser to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in his recent effort to create a new management structure for the company.”
      Hey, I like this strategy, I like it a lot…..

    1. It does make sense, thanks. We needed him, because I am too busy twerking to Robin Thick’s new song, “Blurred Lines”. Someone has to do it. It’s like I always say: “I like that strategy! I like it a lot!”

  1. I hope they hire Ian Brandon Anderson. He has a 7 year old CADD and great people skills, so doing that would be a great strategy for a company like Microsoft. Do it, Microsoft! IBA needs you, and you need him!

  2. My feeling is that what Microsoft needs is a big shake up and that will only come from an external candidate getting the CEO job. Elop is technically an outside candidate, but is so close to Microsoft that I don’t regard him as a true external candidate.

    Mulally has done some good things at Ford, but my experience of ( Microsoft’s ) Ford Sync is so bad that I won’t be buying another Ford – despite the fact that in every other respect I’ve been happy with ten to fifteen previous consecutive Fords and would have bought another if Ford Sync wasn’t such an abomination. To cripple an otherwise excellent product in a highly competitive market is insane.

    For a CEO to have such a huge blind spot is a major issue and I simply can’t understand why Ford have continued with such an ill-conceived technology.

    The biggest factor that counts against him is his age. I know that CEOs can keep working long after the normal retirement age, but he would be taking up the role at the age of 68. If the intention is to significantly restructure Microsoft, they need somebody who is going to be there for 7-10 years in order to see it through. On the other hand, if the plan is to change as little as possible and remain on the present course, then Microsoft won’t be a powerful company for much longer, so his age wouldn’t be so much of an issue.

    While I agree with most of you that Microsoft deserves Elop, if they are going to appoint an external candidate, Mulally might be just as poor a choice as Elop and one that we could applaud.

    1. No worries. It won’t take him that long to dismember MSFT.
      The Xbox dynasty may be over soon. My son is addicted to Minecraft which is an indie product that works on PCs. Only uses xBox for NFL game. Free Office type software will slow update of MS Office. Win 8 uptake is slow. My company is still on XP and has started transitioning to Win 7. Win 8 would be 8 years away. Win phones headed the way of BBerry IMO

  3. Well.. I still want Wozzie to be the next chairman of Apple, that hasn’t changed, but how about this idea:

    1. Woz becomes CEO for M$
    2. Woz transforms MS to an Apple-like-company with innovation flourishing (think Apple I and Apple II)
    3. Woz renames Microsoft to “Apple Reloaded”

    …then we have TWO Apple companies innovating the sh*** out of everybody else…hell, we could be traveling to the stars in a few decades when they fiercely compete against each other.

    – WozzieFan –

  4. Mulally’s people skills were very impressive when he was in charge of the 777 project at Boeing, as witnessed in a fly-on-the-wall documentary that was broadcast way back when. But he seems like another enthusiastic sales guy. Is that what Microsoft needs ? Depends on the preferred outcome, I guess.

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