BCG’s World’s Most Innovative Companies: Apple #1 for eighth consecutive year

“Apple has taken a lot of grief from some on Wall Street and in the tech press for not being as innovative as it used to be. But Boston Consulting Group says Apple is still the most innovative company in the world,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily.

“BCG ranked Apple No. 1 in its eighth annual ‘Most Innovative Companies’ report, released Thursday,” Seitz reports. “Apple has been No. 1 on the BCG ranking of most innovative companies since 2005, when BCG started the list.”

“Samsung ranks No. 2 on the 2013 list, knocking Google into third place. (Google ranked No. 2 from 2006 to 2012.) Samsung has been rising rapidly in the ranking since 2008, when it was No. 26,” Seitz reports. “Microsoft holds on to the No. 4 position in the innovation ranking.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Of course Apple’s #1, but Samsung #2 and Microsoft #4? Even Google is a stretch — although working on self-driving cars and arming a handful of Glassholes still ought to be enough to beat out Samsung! So, you’ve got Apple, and then the world’s three leading Apple wannabes. Sheesh.

Is the world really that bereft of innovation? Don’t answer that! We suspect the response would be depressing.

So, this report, with Apple at #1 followed by Google and two pieces of absolute dreck, is like being offered a gorgeous-looking sandwich with freshly-baked bread, but then once you take a bite…

Note: Toyota was #5, IBM #6, Amazon #7, Ford #8, BMW #9, and GE #10. How Ford beat out BMW is another of life’s eternal mysteries. Full list here.


  1. Lets look at this objectively. First Congratulations Apple!

    Samsung did….ummm StupidWatch…Plastic Gold…ummm yeah that’s ahead of Google…because Google did something this year, not quite sure, but it’s something somewhere…there…over the rainbow…I think.

  2. Wow, if this keeps up Jay Morrison might find himself posting here as much as his counterpart ppeterson. Ah remember him, fire Tim Cook, fire Tim Cook, fire Tim Cook.

    Another pile up for the Zune Thang troll can.

  3. Read the second paragraph of that article and then come back here and bitch.

    “Forget the fact that its latest iPhone offers incremental component upgrades over its predecessor and that its most-talked-about change is the addition of new handset colors like gold.”

  4. In other words, BCG only puts Apple at the top because they know it will be picked up by the media and put BCG into the public eye. As such the ranking has no meaning in the real world and MDN should know better than to play the BCG game.

  5. Apple still #1 in innovation?!

    Boston Consulting Group must be like some of those ageing college professors who never update their syllabi. Guess they didn’t get the memo.

  6. I’m surprised there is an authority on innovation. Innovation can be a very subtle thing to measure. I remember the announcement of the iPad and it seems there were an awful lot of people that thought the iPad would be a massive failure because it was said to be lacking critical useful qualities. These were supposedly industry leaders that thought that way. Sometimes people can actually miss innovation even when it’s staring them in the face. Maybe because they’re expecting to see something else.

    I grew up in the tech of the 1950’s so to me even small advancements in tech now are awesome moves to me. I’m surprised that people are so easily bored by today’s tech but I guess that’s because they take it for granted. I’m a tech-head but I still get impressed by today’s tech whenever I recall how things used to be 50 years ago. Anyone who calls any high-end smartphone an underwhelming device is really missing something from their lives.

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