Siri, make the screen 10% darker

MacDailyNews reader Dino Moshova writes:

Here is an iOS 7 tip I haven’t seen before.

I knew that you could have Siri show you the settings, like:

• “Show me available Wi-Fi networks”

But, you can also ask Siri to make setting changes for you. For example:

• “Make the screen 10% darker”
• “Turn airplane mode on”
• “Turn off cellular data”

Have you found Siri in iOS 7 to offer you something new that’s useful and/or fun? Let us know below.

MacDailyNews Take: Let Siri turn Personal Hotspot on and off, too, Apple? Pretty please?


  1. Siri would not turn Location Services on or off for me…. Really wish it would. And that it was something in Control Center that we could access. Or that you could customize Control Center a bit. Don’t need Airplane Mode in there personally. Or Calculator. But a few other things might be nice – like Location Services.

  2. It still can’t handle stuttering and “uh’s”. I would use reminders much more if it would just let me speak more naturally (mistakes and all). As it is, I only use her for making calls and text messages, sometimes the occasional sports game time.

    1. Dictation is less forgiving than commands, to be sure. But the range of commands is pulling me back to Siri more and more now in iOS 7.

      But the dictation is still pretty amazing. You can now speak an emoticon and Siri almost always figures it out. Speak a sentence and end it by saying “period smiley face.” And Siri will dutifully add “. :-)” to your text. You can say quote followed by text followed by close quote and Siri with give you the ” followed by the ”

      Because of this headline I asked Sire to set the brightness at half and was told “I can’t do that, but you can change it in Settings: Brightness & Wallpaper Settings”

      Then I said “Turn up my screen brightness” and Siri did, telling me “It’s a little brighter now.”

      Saying just “Brightness” causes Siri to pump it all the way up.

      As for uhs I just used Messages to dictate: “I was uhhh thinking that um we should ah try um to go to the store today period.” And Siri inserted “I was thinking that we should try to go to the store today.”

    1. I’d suggest you lighten up and stop being so parental, only the repeated scolding about being childish reminds me more of my bossy 6yo than any parent I know. Guess we all have our ways of regressing. Is yours as fun as theirs? 😉

      Don’t worry. They’ll turn out OK. Peace.

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