Is Apple working on an October surprise?

“Apple is almost certainly about to announce another ‘special event’ for sometime in October,” Bryan M. Wolfe writes for AppAdvice. “With this in mind, it’s time to update our projections for this second media event in as many months.”

“It seems like we’ve been waiting for OS X Mavericks for a very long time. Since first announcing the update in June, Apple has released eight developer previews. As one such developer recently told AppAdvice, ‘it’s almost ready,'” Wolfe writes. “Updates to the MacBook Pro and Mac mini… should come very soon. Also expected in the coming weeks is the next-generation Mac Pro.”

“The iPad 5 is likely to be much thinner than previous models, while the iPad mini 2 should receive the Retina display treatment,” Wolfe writes. “We should expect invitations to arrive for the event on or around Oct. 14.”

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      1. See I knew it couldn’t happen. A new imac release and already people are talking about it here, and pointing to links that have reported on it.

        Great news, I guess the October surprise will be something else.

        1. yea, October may have NO surprises…

          Mac Pro, OS X Mav, iPad 5….
          iPad 2 (that would be surprising if it had “Retina”)

          I just think next year is the surprise year…
          No… iPhone 6 with a wider screen would not surprise.

          The surprise would be a watch or TV

          1. Actually the biggest surprise I’d like to see from Apple is a combination clothes washer dryer that folds clothes once they are done. That would be a very pleasant surprise and they’d sell millions of them.

    1. Be lucky that you have a job that can give you enough money to purchase these. I have a dead end job because I thought I would be gaurenteed one after I graduated community college in 2006. I did not have enough cash for a real university, and I am stuck in a trailer in the “Hee Haw” part of the US. This place is so unsophisticated, that it does not have a decent mall, with an Apple store, nor does it have any good NPR stations. I was lied to back in my senior year of high school.

      1. Enough whining already, DO SOMETHING. a greyhound ticket to DC is less than $100 bucks. You could do that in a day or two panhandling. You could hitchhike for free.

        You are lying to yourself, you picked a poor college program, likely a shit degree or worse yet a “Certificate”. Your attitude is poor and you are blaming everyone but yourself. A degree isn’t a guarantee of a job, it is a foot in the door, and indicator to an employer that you have follow through and at least a basic understanding of a profession. It never trumps, experience or results. DO SOMETHING. How do you think an employer looks at rambling, ranting, whining, hate and name calling on the internet? You put your name on it, now think before you type. NOW DO SOMETHING…

      2. Well, now that you understand the situation, improve it with
        effort and enjoy the imminent blessings that will so accrue.
        Reward stems from personal effort and improvement.
        Really enjoy the change.

  1. I hope it is that rumored game console project with Sega. The iDreamcast. I would love to see another Sega console if that means having to partner with Apple. Maybe I can get a job with Apple. I mean, I have a CADD degree that I got from community college in 2006. Working at this iPhone accessory store is such a drag.

    1. And so you are what, 25? And you’re butt hurt because you don’t own your own island yet? At 25 I was a copy machine repairman. There is no worse job on earth. When I retired I was making 6 figures as a systems admin. In between I owned and ran a business, held good paying unionized technical jobs, and whenever I was unemployed i took whatever I could get. Now get off your ass and go to work instead of waiting for someone to hand you things.

  2. Ummm… I didn’t really see anything in that article that would constitute a surprise. All those things have been rumored for many months and they all seem rather incremental.

    This is certainly the time of year for consumer-based announcements and I still hold out hope for a foray into the living room with some Apple TV-like device. The current Apple TV still comes across as a hobby or a “me-to” product. The perfect surprise for me would be a comprehensive new Apple TV + eco-system with a whole new selection of live programming, DVR, etc… I can’t wait to get rid of my cable box.

    TIme for a Game Changing announcement !!! -Please ?

  3. I spent five years on a degree that is expected
    to take only two, but I still graduated with an associate’s degree in Applied Science and a CADD certificate. Yet I can’t find a job! I hate the town I live in. It is poor, redneck trailer trash, and the nearest Apple Store is in Washington, DC, which is about 300 miles away from here. I can’t even afford a place in the DC area. I want to live in a great city like that, but I’m stuck in Hee Haw, USA.

      1. Thanks for those kind words, BUT NEVER EVER GROUP ME IN WITH THOSE LAME SLOW-IN-THE-MINDS! I have an iPhone 4 from 2011, that was given to me as a gift. I still have it, but I can’t upgrade because MY HICK TOWN HAS RETARDS! Thanks for your kind words though, I appreciate them.

        1. Jesus man! Find the positive in life and focus on that. Your first world problems do not need to be shared here or anywhere on the internet. If you can’t afford food that’s one problem but not liking where you live of tag sack of not liking where you live is your problem. If you don’t like it make a plan to change it. With your attitude I’m sure some would be willing to donate money for you to leave Charlottesville.

      2. I would not call Ian smart – I would call him a racist for all the derogatory things he has said about people, even his neighbors. If he was smart it would not have taken 5 years to complete a two year degree. If he was smart he would not have believed a lie. If he was smart he would develop some people skills and be working with what he has. He would be improving his lot in life.

    1. I am truly sorry life crapped on you. That’s no fun. It’s not fair. It seems un-American.

      Now what, though?

      In the book/movie “Jonathon Livingston Seagull” a piece of advice is given that has served me well in choosing where to focus my energies when life has crapped on me:

      “Argue your limitations and sure enough, they’re yours.”

      We can grieve for the crappiness, and we really must. But it has to be in a framework of moving forward. My best advice to you is to take this deeply seated energy and turn it towards positive outcomes. At your job, start asking customers what they do and how they got there, not because you might follow in their footsteps but that you’ll see that ordinary people can take control of their lives. Next, walk down a light commercial street and go ask shop owners how they got from essentially your situation to ownership of their destiny (more or less). It may give you the courage to take control of your life and own your future instead of waiting for something to come your way. You persevered through the CADD degree work, so you know you can persevere through a new course.

  4. Yes, a “surprise” would be great. Be inventive and “Think Different”. Maybe, stream segments of the presentation from each of the server farm locations all around the world. Tim Cook, you start in California at the old first server farm. Then the Mac Pro from Maiden, North Carolina or the Arizona farm or Prineville, Oregon server farm. And the final one should stream from Apple’s Hong Kong server farm location.

    It is not about just the products. It is about the ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM that only Apple offers!

    Let Samsung follow that!

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