Apple working on larger iPad, sources say

“Apple is continuing development of its rumored larger-sized iPad and working with supplier Quanta Computer, reports Chinese site United Daily News (via Mac Otakara),” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “The report from United Daily News refers to the larger tablet as a 12-inch device, but rumors from The Wall Street Journal suggest that Apple is actually testing an iPad that is closer to 13-inches diagonally.”

“News of a larger-sized iPad first surfaced in May, and was later confirmed in July. Such a tablet could be similar in size to Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air,” Clover reports. “Apple is expected to release a new fifth-generation iPad and a second-generation iPad at an event that could take place in the October-November timeframe.”

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MacDailyNews Take: MaxiPad™.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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    1. It already existed back in the early 1990s: the biggest of Newton prototypes was huge. Even smallest of prototypes, which was released, was not really small (800 g device), but the biggest one was a different story.

      Hint: may be never released. ;))

        1. There used to be a technique called “drawing.” Research suggests that drawing was a technique widely used by artists before computers. It was done with a material called “paper.”

  1. I hope Apple does not go through this. Big enough with a kickstand? I got banned from Wal-Fart because I added “GWAK” to a Microsoft Surface Kiosk in Permanent Ink while under anger from past issues.

    1. The lab reflects life’s grim realities. Sad eyes watch struggling hopefuls, giving the nod only to those who float placidly, radiating power and assurance. The rest slide toward oblivion, their last hope one of rescue by a skulking Microsoft or drooling Samsung.

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  2. Sweet: a larger iPad will have room for USB and FireWire ports, and the iPad Extreme 2nd edition will have Thunderbolt and SD card instead! But I expect VGA out will wait for 3rd generation.

    Mark these words because when Apple fails to deliver these things it’ll be a sure sign that they’ve given up on the low end, on market share, on innovation and on endangered sea turtles in Kansas.

      1. Kansas is presently a land-locked state. It wasn’t, though, when the sea turtles began their migration. But, like Apple’s pace of innivation, they weren’t fast enough for the pundits of their time and are now stranded. Endangered. Doomed.

  3. yeah right. wasn’t there a big push to make a smaller iPad (thus the iPad mini). If you want a larger iPad (which would apparently not be intended to increase portability), then why not buy a macbook air (especially when a larger iPad would essentially be the same price)?

  4. If so, Apple should better extend the use of this new iPad to a real graphic tablet like sort of a Wacom tablet.
    It should be very possible (with a thinner pen – or even a real Wacom pen and a strong app to lean on).

  5. Everyone isn’t thinking straight: a Mac Air that splits in half that runs OS X and iOS and Parallels. And maybe has a dock to connect to a 4k 27″ monitor.

    Acer has something like this.

  6. Apple constantly develops prototypes to test out different features, functions and form factors. Plus they are willing to revisit an idea if they believe there is some merit in re-exploring it. Just because ‘people say’ they are working on something, doesn’t mean it will be released into Production.

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