Apple’s new iPhones 5c and 5s poised for all-time record sales – if supply is there

“Apple Inc. (AAPL) attracted long lines of shoppers today for the global debut of its latest iPhones, the company’s biggest product introduction this year.,” Adam Satariano reports for Bloomberg News. “In New York, customers lined up around the block to get into Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store, while in Munich about 2,000 gathered to buy the new iPhone 5s and 5c, and in London the waiting crowd stretched about a mile.”

“The iPhone 5s and 5c went on sale today in U.S., Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the U.K.,” Satariano reports. “It’s the first time Apple rolled out its flagship product for sale in China on the same day as elsewhere, abandoning the usual three-month delay, as the company seeks to lure new customers in the world’s largest mobile-phone market.”

“While the 5s is also available in black and white versions, the gold model emerged as the hottest seller. AT&T Inc., Sprint Corp., T-Mobile US Inc. and Verizon Wireless won’t be able to ship gold iPhones until October, while the others are available this month, Apple said on its website. Gold and white were sold out at the Grand Central store in New York,” Satariano reports. “Whether the Cupertino, California-based company can surpass the record 5 million smartphones sold during last year’s iPhone debut depends on whether there is enough supply of the feature-rich iPhone 5s… Natalie Kerris, a spokeswoman for Apple, said demand for the new iPhones was ‘incredible’ and that they were sold out or in limited supply at some stores.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold, everyone wishes for Silver and Gold (and “Space Gray”)…

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      1. That’s only because his innovative products and marketing savvy are now attracting new customers like crazy.

        When was it that Apple was doomed with a visionless leader who cared only about supply chain?

        Oh right, that was last week.

        1. Good job, Apple. Setting people up for disappointment is a laudable goal by increasing consumer apprehension and angst about getting their grubby hands on the new iPhone. Just don’t let people think that you are incapable of managing the supply chain and you will be fine.

    1. Everything about the 5s is better, obviously, but only about 10% of iOS7 is better. Some features are indeed handy, but the new GUI look blows, the animations are slow, and the battery life is worse on my old iPhone 5. One step forward, one step back…

        1. You have the most limited vocabulary of anyone I know, Silverhawk. This speaks volumes about your intellectual capacity and learning skills, and, by that, I mean your lack of either, fanboi.

  1. Fire Tim Cook! He was responsible for iOS7, the Power Mac looking like those 1890’s wax cylinders, iPod Touchwheel being just iPod Touch, Classic Mac becoming Unix Mac, and the original colorful Apple logo becoming the dull, “space grey” modern Apple logo!

  2. I got on the Rogers waiting list this morning at 6:30 when it opened up. I was 49th on the list. Never got a call or email stating my iPhone was being shipped so I guess the biggest mobile phone company in Canada got less than 49 Gold 32GB iPhone 5Ss.

  3. I am starting to get royally fed up with you guy’s schieße right now. Apparently if I don’t like EVERY SINGLE THING Apple makes, I am a troll, a paid ScamDung shill, or a Wall Street FUD spreader. I don’t agree with Jony Ive’s artistic direction in regards to iOS 7. It looks like something ScamDung farted out on their new GagLazy rip offs. If you don’t like it, you can shove it.

    1. No, you troll. You’re a troll because you post about what you don’t like EVERY CHANCE YOU GET, EVEN IF THE ARTICLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. That is not a hard concept to grasp, although the fact that you continue to harp on about it just further proves that you are a troll. Now shut up already!

    2. Are you pusses because no one has ever stood in a long line for a Samsung phone? People know quality when they see it, and Apple has it is spades. I think it’s safe to say Apple won’t be taking a one billion dollar write off on the new iPhones. So troll away you jealous ignorant fool. Be happy with your mediocre phone of choice.

  4. Am I the only one who likes the name “Space Grey”? It has a great, austere, and no-nonsense sound to it, compared to platinum, in my opinion. I don’t know why some people find that name cheesy or immature. It is leagues ahead of “Bondi Blue”, and “Flower Power”.

    1. Most people give no thought to the ridiculous color names. However, “Space Grey” makes no logical sense whatsoever. It is uninspired and completely undescriptive.

      If Apple wanted to inspire passion, it would offer “SR71 Black” or “Ferrari Red” or “Azure Blue” or even “Ichabod Orange”. But no, Apple chooses the term “Space”, which by its very definition is empty and void.

      1. While you make great points, I find it funny that you mention Ferrari. Yes, they make luxury sports cars, but the company started out as a humble tractor builder. They were pretty much Italy’s John Deere. Keep that in mind when you crack another “Hee Haw demographic” “joke”.

        1. You also forgot Aston Martin. David Brown was a farmer who made tractors as well, David \brown tractors that are still operational today. The DB in Aston Martin stands for ………… David Brown!!!!!

    2. Thing about space though is that it’s clear, not any color at all.

      It’s the absence of light that makes it look black, actually the absence of light pretty well makes everything black. Light is the source of color, either directly or interacting with some material.

      It is light interacting with a pigment that gives it it’s color (green pigments absorbs light colors except for green).

      Color is an event, an event that requires light or is light. Turn off the light and everything appears black or invisible depending on your point of view. One of the best places to experience that by the way is deep within a cave.

  5. The MDN message boards have been sounding like a chapter from one of James Joyce’s “stream of consciousness” novels for the past few days. I feel like I’m in the “Twilight Zone”. Surely things like this happened before. I’m sure people were angry with the Mac Mini in 2005, right? Or the U2 Special Edition iPod? Or even the Aqua interface from the first edition of Mac OS X in 2001? This has to be a cycle, I hope.

  6. Epic Apple Fail.

    I was in line for 10 hours, mostly for the excitement (and I did enjoy myself with my friends and fellow Apple fanboys)

    I was sixth and line and heart broken when the Apple Store had only ONE Gold and THREE Silver. All AT&T. All 64 GB. I would’ve gladly taken any of them…

    Got stuck with my third choice got being a die hard day one Apple fan… Thanks a lot Apple. It’ll be a long two years and the first of which I wasn’t totally happy with my phone…

    So despite having the best smartphone out there, I’m still disappointed in the back of my mind… Sigh.

    1. Hey, nobody told you to line up 10 hours early, and Apple never guaranteed that enough product will go to each location. If you weren’t happy with what you were getting, you could have always left and tried again another time. Was there some reason you HAD to get the phone that day, other than bragging rights and impatience?

    2. Shut up, Troll. You are a troll because you don’t worship every single move our Lord and Savior Saint Timothy even things about doing. If you don’t agree with every possible move He makes, then you shall be condemned to a lifetime of being known as a Google Shill…or worse, a member of the Ballmer Family.

      1. Wait a second in my last post I said i ate the right nut. I am now waiting to kill off the real “Ballmer’s Left Nut” BLN boot up and shut up your Commodore 64. BOYCOT Ballmer’s Left Nut.

    3. “So despite having the best smartphone out there, I am still disappointed…” Can you say First World Problems? I’m pretty sure the needs of those in Syria are more important than an Upper Middle Class North American getting the wrong iPhone model after VOLUNTARILY getting in line for hours…Man this reminds me of Pottermania a few years back, but instead of books, it’s phones.

      1. Wow, eat a d*ck.

        I’m pretty sure everyone on here enjoys their Apple products and is used to paying a premium for their products. I work my f*cking ass off to have enough discretionary income to afford these iDevices.

        As for Syria, I find your political grasp for straws as similarly rude. Of course my situation was a ‘first world problem’ asshole. I live in the first world, I’m on a first world website talking about first world products.

        You guys are all pretty much d*cks because I wrote a genuinely honest post about being disappointed in Apple’s inability to have even more than ONE Gold iPhone and you disgusting sh*t bags refer to Syria?? wtf is wrong with you??

        I also said I waited in line ‘for the fun of it’. I was with hundreds of Apple fans, getting pumped up and excited, discussing the new features and generally enjoying myself.

        I think I am WELL within the bounds of human emotion to be able to say I was
        Disappointed in Apple’s supply.

        If you fanboys are so obsessed as to jump on another fanboy and eat him alive because he expressed his frustration with Apple’s poor supply issues (especially being one of the first five in the store) and then ramble on about the use of Sarin Gas in Syria then something is really disgustingly wrong with MDN’s community.

        What a bunch of vultures. I am disappointed that stupid apple sent one gold iPhone to one of their newest retail locations. I’m disappointed that I didn’t just order online as I usually did because I was looking forward to waiting all night and making new friends.

        So screw you guys and your higher than thou opinion on me — I may be alone in this – but I really think it makes you look worse.

        1. You give yourself away with your words. If you referred to yourself as a “fan” of Apple products I would find your statements slightly more believable. But you refer to people here, and yourself, as “fanboys”. That, and also “fanbois”, is an insulting phrase that only a troll, or possibly a child or idiot, would continue to use. But feel free to continue your diatribes here at MDN.

        2. I am a fan you jerk. I was in line at the Willow Grove Apple store to buy the top of the line iPhone. I don’t give myself away as anything.

          God, you are all so mighty that anyone who disagrees with you must not be a fan. I am a self described Fanboy. I always have been. Don’t put your standards of what constitutes a fanboys on me.

          I’ve been an Apple fanboy since my first Mac in 1989. Maybe not as soon as some of you but I think you get my drift.

          STFU. There isn’t a more dedicated Apple Fan than I.

        3. Did you just seriously say that your problems of not getting the EXACT iPhone that you wanted is more important than the deaths of innocent citizens by their rapacious government? You have it easy here in the US. Getting a phone that you don’t like is the LEAST of an average Middle Easterner’s worries. I am ashamed to be grouped in this current generation of 20-something’s who only care about them selves. I have never been embarrassed to be a 20 year old American, who actually has a grasp of the world around us. Really freaking sad.

        4. “I’ve been an Apple fanboy since my first Mac in 1989.”

          By now most males would consider themselves a man and expect to be called one. But it does seem appropriate since you don’t appear to have matured much. You wouldn’t also happen to be a ladyboy would you? That might explain your issues.

        5. Again, your argument of semantics I think proves your ignorance. And if by ladyboy you’re asking if I’m gay well then yes, I am. But I certainly hope that isn’t what you meant.

          And John?? I was saying just the opposite. Re read my reply. I said I was said that I didn’t get the phone I wanted on an APPLE FANSITE. And then someone tells me I should be more upset about Syria. How can that even be a reasonable response. If nobody could complain because somebody had it worse than nobody anywhere could say anything.

          I think it’s absurd to compare my frustration about not getting the phone I wanted despite being sixth in line to my understanding or opinions regarding Syria.

          I’m afraid I don’t see why anyone would even have the audacity to pretend I was implying that my disappointment was more severe. I think implying that it was would be the most grievous error.

          And asshole, ‘fanboy’ is a term. Don’t argue semantics. Maybe you’re too old to know it.

        6. Fair enough. It was the “I have the best smartphone, but I’m still disappointed” remark that tripped me up. I understand that your service was less than stellar, but you still managed to get an iPhone. There are people out there who are lucky enough to get a simple transistor radio for communications. Sorry if I sounded rude, but I get enough of that in real life.

  7. Everyone, Chill. I wouldn’t get worked up over this. Apple already knew they had supply constraints, likely due to the introduction of China sales on Day One. Possibly they tried to rectify the issue before the target date, and when it was obvious they couldn’t, Apple Manned Up and let everyone know a week before that the Opening Day would have shortages. I’ll bet a LOT of companies wished they could have problems like this. P.S. With the exception of the 4S and the 5, EVERY iPhone introduction has had shortages.

    Remember, Apple is going to sell MILLIONS of these devices. By October this will all be resolved and done, just in time for the Christmas shopping season. Anyone who wants a new Champagne iPhone 5S will be able to get one.

    @Mike, and others, your comment about bad battery life has been noted, and addressed in this handy LifeHacker checklist. Go read it:

  8. all this bickering, what a shame!

    despite the fact my contract isn’t up until next year and my next iphone will be an iphone 6, i was going to express my delight at how positively joyful, dare i say, ‘giddy’ MDN is.

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