Analyst: Apple’s silence over iPhone 5c pre-orders not that important

“Apple’s iPhone 5C became available for pre-order last week, but the company has been unusually quiet about the number of devices it has sold so far,” Cadie Thompson reports for CNBC.

“In the past, the tech giant has been quick to boast about its high sales during the first few hours its devices became available. The fact that the company has kept mum on the matter so far has lead some to speculate that the early pre-order numbers aren’t as good as they had been for earlier models,” Thompson reports. “But even if Apple has low pre-orders for the 5C, it may not matter that much because the company’s business strategy is shifting, Alex Gauna, a senior research analyst at JMP Securities, said Tuesday on CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street.'”

Thompson reports, “‘Apple is fighting against a law of large numbers, a lot more diversity of competition right now, and I think people have figured out they don’t have to get in line for these new phones. They know if Apple runs out they will build more,’ Gauna said. ‘Right now we can read something into this — there haven’t been as many pre-orders, but what I think is more important for Apple is the global expansion of this story.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple is focusing on the 5s – understandably. They don’t want, or need, analysts and journalists writing about the 5c this week. Numbers will no doubt be revealed for both phones after the 5s has been launched.

    1. On the contrary, Apple is focused on the 5c because the 5s’s are not quite ready.
      Regardless, I think Apple is not too concerned, I think they would rather sell 5c’s and make the higher margins than to continue to sell the 5. The aluminum cases for the 5s are said to still be constrained.

  2. The first week of 5C sales in America isn’t even the entire story. Apple has already maxed out on pre-sales in China. That’s going to be the real story once the first month’s numbers are in.

    1. It’s about time someone got it right… Don’t forget about Japan… These are markets that Apple hasn’t been able to get into until now. They are also much larger than the US market. You may not like the options that have been put forth to choose from but they are not for us, and the Asian markets are eating them up!!!

  3. Sure they’ve posted their large numbers before, but this is hardly the first time they’ve kept silent. And despite those silences they seem to be doing pretty dang good according to their track record. On the flip side, several analysts tend to be over dramatic idiots, again, by their track record.

    1. When the iPhone 5 came out, did they announce pre-sale numbers for the iPhone 4S? Oh wait, they didn’t need to offer pre-sales because it was already on the market and the important numbers were the iPhone 5.

      Same here, except that they want the focus to be on the colors for the first week until the 5S takes over next week.

      1. Apple doesn’t break down sales numbers by model. They’re going to wait until the 5s launches.

        I do think Apple realizes that some customers will buy a 5c if the 5smis too hard to come by for too long. Also I wouldn’t be too surprised if the margins on the 5c are slightly better. I think Apple wants the ‘s’ to be rare, and the c is for everyone.

        Apple does seem a little misguided with its 4S plan. They shouldn’t be selling any devices that still utilize the 30 pin connector, I think it’s deceiving to customers who may find accessories start to dry up in the US as more and more third parties race to provide lightening solutions. The 4S should have just been updated to include the new connector.

        1. Your point on the 4s is valid but I don’t thing the effort (time and money) to change the 4s would be worth it to Apple and even more so, there are a lot of people still using 3Gs’ who a 4s on the cheap would be a deal and a great upgrade.

          1. How about when people get a really bad taste in their mouth realizing that 8gb storage is a total joke and that they should never have been sold a phone that is so inadequate… Apple actually went backwards in spec. What up with that? It’s just wrong even if it is “free”. As an investor let alone fan I’m so friggin pissed at these releases. Nobody wants last years model let alone an anemic 2 year old model. These are just really bad decisions. Who is green lighting these decisions? Cook has to go. F@$ck it. It’s a phone. I’m out. Time to get a life. Arguing about a phone. So Retarded.

  4. Apple got beat up a few years ago for introducing a phone late. Now, they have 18 new phones on offer and a huge new addition to the ecosystem in iOS 7. The order numbers for the phones could be massive but the gamble is can the sales of the phones show a double – digit increase over iPhone sales in Q4 of last year? That’s what is making the market nervous. If they sell 10 million iPhones in the last 10 days of September at a high margin rate, will that be enough? Last year, Apple sold 26.9 million iPhones in Q4, a 58% increase over Q42011 and the stock tanked because the margins were up only 9% or something. If they could sell 20 million new iPhones in 20 days, it would be a huge and amazing accomplishment. Its a fairly scary scenario for the stock price.

  5. An added dimension is that the Apple faithful have seen their carrier upgrade cycle align into the Apple product release cycle but the rest of the smartphone buyers who want to move to iPhone aren’t aligned with Apple’s release cycle. That means we’re not going to see the huge first-weekend sales numbers like were possible before. But it should mean consistently strong sales going forward, with shallower peaks and valleys.

  6. Nope. Apple didn’t release that info because it would be for the 5C only, since the 5S isn’t available for pre-order. Apple has never released sales data for a specific model within a product portfolio.

    1. That is correct and the real reason why iPhone 5c sales numbers were not announced. These analysts are just a bunch of tools. We will get sales numbers next week once the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s are released. Apple has never and will never release sales data for specific models within a product category for competitive reasons. Just like we never found out how many iPhone 4s’s were sold compared to iPhone 5’s. It was always 1 iPhone sales figure. And, that’s what will get going forward.

      1. Very ditto. And no one realizes it, but the 5s is a tech nuclear bomb that is going to destroy Android. With this NSA thing, all 6 billion people on this planet are going to want this thing.

  7. Let the analysts downgrade Apple. It makes it easier for Apple to buy back more shares on weakness. It should keep pushing the EPS higher. I honestly don’t think Apple shareholders are going to be amply rewarded no matter how many iPhones Apple sells. I’ve pretty much accepted that fact from what I’ve seen this year as Apple’s P/E ratio and institutional ownership continues to drop.

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