Yellow 32GB iPhone 5c sold out at Sprint

“Apple and retailers around the world began taking preorders for the iPhone 5c at midnight PDT,” Bryan M. Wolfe reports for AppAdvice.

“Now, we’re beginning to get an idea which colored model could prove to be the most popular, or at least the one with the smallest supply available on launch day,” Wolfe reports. “Moments ago, Sprint noted on its website that the 32GB iPhone 5c in yellow “will ship in up to 3 weeks.” So far, a similar claim has yet to show up in Apple’s online store.”

Wolfe reports, “The SIM free iPhone 5c in yellow is officially sold out in both the 16GB and 32GB model. It now has a delivery date of Sept. 25.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How many iPhone 5c units can Chris Martin buy?

If our poll is any indication (iPhone 5c in yellow is dead last; the least popular iPhone of all, bested even by both the black and white models of the rather ancient iPhone 4s) this is an indication of which color has the smallest supply available at launch, rather than a huge swell of popularity for a repackaged iPhone 5 in a yellow polycarbonate case.

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    1. Very quick! I think MDN’s poll is Nowhere near reflective of your average 5c purchaser. Engaged MDNers are likely mostly male and I would guess between 16-30.

      The GENERAL iPhone buyer doesn’t frequent MDN.

  1. It could also mean that MDN is read mostly by men and men tend to go for the more ‘techie’ colours and so their poll is skewed.
    Or that the younger generation (who go for brighter colors and may also not be big MDN readers) are snapping up the 5c.
    Too early to tell me thinks.

  2. I think the “kid factor” is going to be at play much more on this release than on previous ones. Many kids used to get the hand-me-down when parents order their new iPhone. This time, with the 5C, the kids may get to order their own.

    And colorful iPhones that may not go over at the office with adults might be just the thing to match with their skateboards and Vans and whatnot at school.

  3. I think pink and yellow are both going to do exceptionally well. Black and silver are great and all, but there is a feminine market that is not being served by anyone but the aftermaket case makers.

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