Why I’m buying the iPhone 5s – in gold

“Smartphones have rapidly become the most important gadgets in our lives by far. We’re connected to everything with our phones and they do things that 10 devices used to,” Seth Weintraub writes for 9to5Mac. “Phone, camera, fitness, email, messaging, maps, social networking, watching videos/listening to music, finances/banking, keys, shopping, on and on. We use our smartphones for hours and hours every day. So, if you can afford the the top of the line iPhone, shouldn’t you get it?”

“Yes, the iPhone 5c is a nice phone but it is mostly just a redo of the iPhone 5 with some plastic covers,” Weintraub writes. ” If you have an iPhone 5 and are thinking of upgrading to the 5c, save yourself some time and get a pastel Crocs case and you’ll hardly know the difference.”

Apple's new iPhone 5c
Apple’s new iPhone 5c


Apple's all-new iPhone 5s
Apple’s all-new iPhone 5s in SIlver, Gold, and Space Gray

Weintraub writes, “I think Apple is going to have a really hard time meeting demand for the iPhone 5s. We’ve heard tale that the fingerprint sensors were going to slow down production. Therefore, I think the gaudy Gold version is going to be the easiest to find, and I’ll end up settling for it rather than waiting on lines for the white or ‘space-grey’ [sic] versions. Plus, gold is the quintessential 5s ‘new’ color so even after I bedazzle it and put it on a gold chain around my neck, people will know I have a 5s and not one of those iPhone 5 models.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 5c is an iPhone 5 in a candy shell. The “c” stands for “candy.”

We still haven’t chosen our preferred iPhone 5s color. Champagne gold (it really is champagne, not a gaudy gold) is still in the running, along with “Space Gray.” “Silver” is out because it just looks too much like a “White” iPhone 5. As in, pretty much exactly the same, except for the Touch ID Home button and dual LED flash. “‘Silver’ is the new ‘White'” or is it “‘White’ was the new ‘Silver?'”

iPhone 5 (left) in "White," iPhone 5s in "Silver" (right)
iPhone 5 (left) in “White,” iPhone 5s in “Silver” (right)

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  1. I’m leaning towards Gold. I’ve looked at it closely. It’s actually nice. Subtle. It’s not overbearing or gaudy at all. Considering that 80% of the time it’ll be behind a case, really only the cool thin gold ring around the home button and the edges of phone will be visible….

    1. I agree 100%. Apple (as usual) did an amazing job getting the coloring right. It looks very classy like it was made by Tiffany’s and much more expensive than it actual is.

    1. It’s also close to the “Bahama Gold” of my ’89 Honda Prelude Si. (Garage-kept and just broke 38,000 miles, so it still looks damn good.)

      Don’t really need an iPhone though, and my iPad 4 (white) bought late last year still has years to go. (Still using my iPod touch 2nd gen.)

    1. I feel great empathy and pity for the American black. Such devastation has been inflicted! First from external sources and now self-inflicted to such a degree as to cause concern that a new evolutionary branch has sprouted.

        1. My apologies. Yes, “some American blacks.” Most? From what we can see over here, it looks quite endemic. Very sad. America is paying for its past sins, I guess.

          And the black “leaders” who prey on their own people (Sharpton, Jackson) and are responsible for the poor souls voting to keep themselves on welfare forever ought to be made to pay dearly. Nothing could be more despicable. They sell out their own people with a smile. Their self-hatred must be unmeasurable.

          It’s a sad, sorry situation you have over there.

          1. No problem! I totally agree with you however, and Its even worse for me.

            I’m black, a women, went to Notre Dame, and voted for Ron Paul.

            Oh, and I buy Apple products.

  2. The resident teenager can’t wait to rid himself of Droid Regret and order his new iPhone in Space Gray. I’d take the Gold but I’ve got another year to go for my contract to upgrade. It’s a classy gold from what I see (need to see in person though) not fugly at all.

  3. I would go gold, but this one will be for my wife, and she’ll likely go with a 5C – yes, we’re cheap. But she is especially, and this will be her first iPhone, so she’ll say she won’t know the difference. Or she just doesn’t want me to steal it from her. 😛

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