Apple tops IBM, sets new record with $16 billion share buyback in calendar third quarter

“Apple (AAPL), which in late April increased its share buyback to $60 billion over three years, the largest in history, completed $16 billion this quarter, topping the $15.7 billion completed by International Business Machines (IBM) in one quarter of 2007, according to CNBC’s Bob Pisani in a segment a short while ago,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Apple last month received new pressure to be even more aggressive in its buyback plan from activist investor Carl Icahn,” Ray reports.

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    1. Watch it turn out that it was Apple behind the whole media FUD campaign to start with – Steve’s last final act was to screw Wall Street from beyond the grave and get the company back from the investors so it could happily pursue a new destiny without media meddling and investor hand-wringing.

      I would so love for that to be true, but then I don’t have a significant stake in Apple, so that’s just me being contrary.

    2. What ever Apple buys now will be over $600 by end of the year. That is more than a 27% jump on some part of their $148 billion plus in cash. That $16 billion will be $20 billion. I would buy more!

    1. If you think Tim’s concerned with his earnings, you’re brain-dead. He’s already far richer than he ever thought he would be, and that goes for all of Apple’s senior VPs. They show up and do their jobs because they love what they do.


    1. If that’s the case then Apple’s shareholder value will continue to tank until the end of the time and Amazon’s shareholder value will become far larger than Apple’s. It just shows how Apple is running the company opposite of Wall Street’s accepted methods and Apple shareholders will always be short-changed because of it.

  1. I tried to imagine the conversation between Tim Cook and Carl. Why would Tim Cook about to pressure from a guy who owns 1/436th of his business? I hope Apple didn’t buy at 500 only to see it melt by 6% the next day. Apple needs to make money on the share price as they buy things back and then resell them. I think Jim Cramer’s advice was better than Carl Icahn’s: Under promise and over deliver! 2014 is a make or break year for Tim Cook.

  2. The buy back did what wall st wanted. It returned cash back into the market. I suppose my apple shares are worth a bit more in term of percentage of outstanding shares but really only by 2-5%. For the individual investor these actions have little effect until the share base in reduced significantly.
    Despite the tax shortcomings I still prefer increasing dividends. The payout is tangible for a variety of investors and it return cash to investors and not the market in general.

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