MacDailyNews presents live coverage of Apple’s ‘Brighten Everyone’s Day’ special event

Apple CEO Tim Cook and a team of Apple executives — hopefully large portions of which will be led by the excellent presenter Craig Federighi — will be holding their much-anticipated “Brighten Everyone’s Day” special media event today, September 10th, at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT.

The special event will take place on Apple’s Cupertino campus at 4 Infinite Loop in California.

It is widely expected that the “iPhone 5S” and “iPhone 5C” will be unveiled today, possibly accompanied by the announcement of a release date for iOS 7, and maybe some suprise(s)!

MacDailyNews will offer live notes during Tim Cook and company’s special media event presentation right here on this page. So, just bookmark this page and we’ll see you here!

Apple's September 10, 2013 special media event invitation
Apple’s September 10, 2013 special media event invitation

• AAPL: 499.01 Down 7.16 (1.41%) 2:17PM EDT

• 11:15am PDT: End of event.

• Costello plays “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding”
• Costello: “That’s a lot of fancy stuff.”
• Cook presents Elvis Costello

• Cook: “We do really love music and celebrating great artists.”
• Cook: “Before we close, I’d like to return to music.”

• Cook thanks Apple teams that worked on the products shown today
• Tim Cook debuts iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S TV ads…

• DoCoMo gets iPhone in Japan
• In over 100 countries on over 270 carrier by December
• 100 countries and 270 carriers by the end of the year.
• First time China among first wave iPhone launch
• On sale Sept. 20 in US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, UK
• iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S both go on sale September 20. Pre-order on September 13.

• 8GB iPhone 4S remains in lineup: Free with 2-year contract (black and white options)
• New $39 Apple case for it, too.
• iPhone 5S: 16GB: $199, 32GB: $299, 64GB: $399 with a two-year contract
• Schiller back onstage to review iPhone 5S/iOS 7
• Your fingerprint(s) are secured inside the device and encrypted and never stored on Apple servers or your iCloud account
• iPhone 5S can be set up to read multiple fingerprints

• AAPL: 503.77 Down 2.40 (0.47%) 2:01PM EDT

• Video featuring Jony Ive talking about iPhone 5S
• Users simply touch their iPhone 5S’s Home button to unlock their iPhone. You can also use it for passwords for apps!
• iPhone 5S Home button: Laser-cut sapphire crystal (won’t scratch), stainless steel (no Liquidmetal) detection ring, Touch ID sensor, tactile switch
• 170 microsns thin, Touch ID is a capacitive senros, 500 ppi resolution, scans sud-epidermal skin layers, 360-degree readability
• Reads user fingerprint to an entirely new level
• iPhone 5S features biometric security: Touch ID

• iPhone 5S keeps Apple’s significant lead in smartphone photo quality very safe
• Users can select which parts of the video they want in normal and which in slo-mo
• 120fps slow motion also supported; HD video at 720p at 120FPS
• Auto digital image stabilization
• Burst mode photos – up to 10 frames per second (as long as you hold button)
• Camera takes multiple photos and auto pick the best one
• Apple can get the correct color balance by combing the two flash colors
• Dual-LED flash, one cool and one warm color tone
• Features new true tone flash
• iOS 7 Camera software designed to take advantage of the new sensor; auto white balance, exposure, and dynamic local tone map
• iPhone 5S camera: New five-element Apple-designed lens with F2.2 aperture; sensor has 15% larger area; 1.5 micron pixels (Bigger pixels = better picture)

• iPhone 5S battery life: 10 hours 3G talk time, 250 hours standby; 10 hours LTE browsing, 40 hours music

• Nike making “Nike+ Move” app – uses M7chip to track your activities
• CoreMotion API now part of iOS
• Enables a new generation of fitness apps
• Apple A7 has an “M7,” a motion co-processor which measures motion data continuously – accelerometer, gyroscope, compass
• Infinity Blade III features lens flares “that would make JJ Abrams proud.”

• BTW: iPhone 5C does indeed sport a ring around a new Home button

• Infinity Blade III offers up to 8 worlds; each as large or larger than entire original game
• Game is 5X faster than on iPhone 5
• Epic announces Infinity Blade III, the trilogy’s conclusion

• AAPL: 502.99 Down 3.18 (0.63%) 1:40PM EDT

• Epic Games co-founder Don Mustard onstage for demo
• Runs Open GL ES 3.0 (breakthrough mobile gaming)
• 56 times faster than original iPhone
• The A7 CPU is up to 2X faster than iPhone 5
• XCode also supports 64-bit, so developers should be able easily upgrade as well
• A7 runs 32- and 64-bit apps
• All built0in apps are 64-bit
• Over 1 billion transistors, 64-0bit desktop-class architecture
• iPhone 5S is the world’s first and only 64-bit smartphone
• iPhone 5S houses an Apple A7 64-bit chip
• iPhone 5S is a huge leap in performance over iPhone 5
• iPhone 5S is made of a high-grade aluminum with chamfered edges (like iPhone 5 was)
• Comes in Slate, Champagne, Silver
• Schiller: Perhaps the most forward-thinking phone anyone has ever made

• Introducing the iPhone 5S!

• Phil Schiller back onstage

• iPhone 5C: Margins, margins, margins! – MDN Ed.
• Jony waxes poetically over Apple’s $29 silicon rubber cases
• Polycarbonate case features a lacquer hard coat
• Case is now a seamless experience; feels great in the hand
• Ive: It’s simpler, more essential, more capable and more colorful… We believe the iPhone is an experience
• Jony Ive: “iPhone 5C is beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”

• AAPL: 506.32 Up 0.15 (0.03%) 1:29PM EDT

• iPhone 5C video being shown…
• New Apple silicon rubber cases are $29 each
• iPhone 5C 16GB: $99, 32GB: $199 with 2-year contract
• iPhone 5C: 4-inch Retina display, full sRGB, Widescreen video, Appel A6, backside illumination, 5-element lens, Hybrid IR filter, 3X video zoom – everything iPhone 5 has now with iOS 7
• iPhone 4C is constructed of hard-coated polycarbonate
• Apple will have soft silicon rubber cases, too – with circular cutouts so you can see the iPhone 5C’s color through
• iPhone 5C has no seams – all one piece construction
• iPhone 5C comes in colors: Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, White
• iPhone 5C has all of iPhone 5’s tech, plus it’s more colorful
• First up: iPhone 5C
• Phil Schiller takes stage

• Apple to replace iPhone 5 with to new designs
• Cook: iPhone 5 the best-selling iPhone ever

Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie, iPhoto go FREE! for all new iOS devices, any new iPad, iPhone, or 5th-gen. iPod touch

• iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand – all powerful creative apps for iPad users
• Cook: iPad isn’t just for cosuming content, it’s for making great content, too
• Cook: Keynote is the most powerful presentation software ever made (made originally for Steve Jobs, of course – MDN Ed.)
• iWork: Keynote, Pages, Numbers
• Tim Cook back onstage

• AAPL: 501.67 Down 4.50(0.89%) 1:17PM EDT

• iOS 7 release date: September 18th. It’s ffee, of course.

• iTunes Radio being shown (We’ve been using it all summer. Pandora is in for pain.)
• Share Sheet makes it easier to share photos on Facebook, Twitter, also AirDrop
• New Photos app – more ways to group photos, full year views, etc.
• Federighi’s reminder: Pick up shampoo and conditioner (Hair Force One!)
• Command Center, parallax, search at the top of every home screen, vastly improved Siri…
• iOS 7 major features review…
• Craig Federighi takes the stage to discuss iOS 7

• 700 millionth iOS device to be sold this month
• iOS 7 public release next month

• Apple Retail: U.S. gets new Stanford Store – shows photos: giant glass store. half for retail, half for service

• Gaga, blah, blah…
• iTunes Festival video being shown
• Apple livestreaming the shows to over 100 countries
• 20 million applied for free tix to show (Roundhouse in London)
• 30 nights of London shows
• 5th year for iTunes Festival. very successful

• Begins with some updates
• Welcomes Beijing, Berlin, and Tokyo
• Tim Cook takes the stage
• Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer is in the house

• AAPL: 502.00 Down 4.17(0.82%) 12:59PM EDT

• The are reports that an armored truck has arrived outside Apple’s auditorium

• 10 minutes to go!

• AAPL: 501.27 Down 4.90 (0.97%) 12:43PM EDT

• Loading crowd into venue…
• 9:33am PDT: Awaiting start of event…

• AAPL: 502.34 Down 3.83 (0.76%) 12:33PM EDT


    1. Yes, but has Samsung’s development team been able to get good seating at the event? It is hard to copy without a really good view of what they haven’t got a clue about what to do next. At least after today, they will be able to identify what their next innovation will be!

    2. 5C is not cheap enough for what it is (assuming it is 100 less than the 5S sans contract).
      Sorry but I think Apple just confused their value proposition.
      And what is with the 4S hanging around? And only in 8 GBs. Strange. Why not obsolete the old aspect ratio and non-lighting connector?

      1. They did get that a bit switched around in my mind. I would have replaced the 4S with the 5C @ 8 and 16GB and moved the 5 where they now have the 5C and top that out at 32GB. That way all the phones have a lightning connector and the same aspect ratio.

    1. Tim, I completely agree with your dream of bringing back a newer and much better iWeb (RIP), which despite its limitations, loved and used almost daily.

      Sadly, no. Today is about one thing: the iPhone and nothing else.

      Anything Mac-related will have to wait until late October.

      The iPhone is now Apple’s cash cow. The company has put its resources into today’s announcements. A number of programmers will now shift back to finish Mavericks, and others will focus on finishing iOS7 for the iPad.

      By spreading out the product launches through the fall, Apple will get repeated media and consumer attention leading up to the holidays, the biggest buying time of the year. It’s not like the old days of eagerly waiting for MacWorld in January for an extravaganza of different announcements in one morning. This way, each major product line gets its day in the sun.

      Enjoy today’s announcements.

      1. But… But… all the rumors. You all said… I want a new Mac Pro. I want more iLife, more iWork. And i want to move .MOV files to my iPadmini and try the new trailers.
        “Sadly, no. Today is about one thing: the iPhone and nothing else.
        Anything Mac-related will have to wait until late October.”

    2. I have been using the EasyWeb beta which is pretty much identical but with some extra functionality. Bad news it does not allow publish to FTP as things stand only to Rage web space or to folder though it seems you need an account for that too. Frustrating I would be happy to pay more for FTP function so sticking with iWeb at the moment while I think things over and mirror on EasyWeb to compare pros and cons.

    1. Because they are too busy bringing us Rap and HipHop music live from London every day. They don’t have the technology to bring us things like this from their own campus.

      I have really never grasped why they don’t have an app dedicated to stuff like this just like the one for the festival.

  1. Not holding my breath, but hoping the iOS 7 that uglified the WWDC presentation will be announced as a late April Fool’s Prank.

    No way is that FUGLY shit going on my phone. It looked dated then and looks ridiculous now.

    1. Well, Darwin, you’ll just have to stick with your shitty Android phone, aren’t you.
      If you had half a brain, you’d realise, as I’ve said repeatedly, that as soon as you start to customise iOS 7, which virtually every user does, it’s appearance will change dramatically.
      But of course, instead of doing that, you’d rather bitch and whine like an eight year old girl who can’t get her own way.
      Grow up.

  2. Darwin evolved? Maybe from a human intellectual standpoint it might make some sense thinking in human terms, but I believe we were created from God’s intellectual standpoint. Explain how the wind can knock you down at 100mph and you can’t see it, create it, or even fathom how to explain its invisibility in scientific terms, but yet you are sure to take it for granted. It takes alot more faith to believe Darwin than to believe in a Godly creator. Your circulatory system would stretch for miles and it just evolved into itself from a spec of matter. How did the matter get there? Amuzing.
    Yeah, I’m off topic, but just couldn’t help myself.

    1. Personally, I don’t see how evolution negates creation, or how creation negates evolution.

      Ever play the Sims? You create a Sim, and then watch it evolve. That’s kind of the whole point of the game.

      God’s todo list:

      Big Bang – Done
      Watch what happens – In Progress …

      1. Evolution may be compatible with some views of creation, but it is not compatible with biblical creation where vegetation exists before the sun and there is no death before Adam and Eve sin.

        1. Maybe there was death on the Earth, just not in the Garden. However, they were free to eat the fruit of the trees which means plant material died when it was consumed, assuming they did eat anything (scriptures do not say they ate even though they were free to eat).

          Also, there are two creation stories in Genesis. Which one do you believe or are referring to?

          Just to make things even more interesting, Adam and Eve did not sin. No unclean thing can dwell in the presence of God. If they had sinned they would be unclean yet after they “sinned” they found themselves in the presence of God.

          These inconsistencies make “mainstream” religion a difficult thing to believe in for some people. Would be nice if we had someone who could explain these things clearly.

          1. I think the second creation story you are referring to is the more detailed account of the creation of Adam and Eve, which does not contradict the earlier story as far as I can see.

            To dwell implies a substantial period of time. As I see it this means that unclean things cannot remain in God’s presence. Then again, where can one go to hide from God’s presence? So perhaps the statement is not valid.

            1. Evidently, Cain knew where to go: “And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord”, therefore, God is not everywhere, is he?

              Also, reading Genesis again it reads as though there is more than one God involved in the creation. ie, using the words “they”, “become as one of us”, “you will become as the gods”, etc. Certainly Moses knew there was only one god. Why did Modes write Genesis like this? After all, he was literate being taught in Egypt. I am sure he knew his grammar.

              So why does “mainstream” Christianity not teach these things that are in the Bible? Is that why there was a reformation from the Catholic Church? I think so.

    2. If it contents you to believe so, then indulge yourself. But your rationale needs a LOT of work. I can easily explain why wind is optically transparent in scientific terms as well as why it exhibits the property of dynamic pressure and how boundary layers and turbulence form, etc.

      I don’t have “faith” in Darwin. I believe in the systematic and rational investigation of physical and mathematical properties and evidence, and the construction and testing of theories that provide an increasingly accurate understanding of the universe.

      1. Well, good for you.

        But Darwin and Science does not explain everything. Neither does religion, especially “mainstream” religion. So in the end, it does not matter what you believe. I just comes down to what you prefer to believe.

        I love the movie “The Life of Pi”. It explains it all, not the universe, but why we believe what we believe.

        Which do you prefer to believe? God, or Science, or both? Then, good for you.

        1. I find most religious people also believe in science. One does not have to accept all that science teaches. Same goes for religion. For example. Einstein did not accept the String Theory..

          There are many that chose to believe what they want to believe, or should I say everyone believes what they want to believe. It’s just too bad that we revert to name calling if the other guy does not agree with us. The fact is, none of us believe what we don’t want to believe.

    3. “Explain how the wind can knock you down at 100mph and you can’t see it, create it, or even fathom how to explain its invisibility in scientific terms, but yet you are sure to take it for granted.”
      1. A large mass of matter in the form of a gas, at high speed, will easily push your small mass over.
      2. The gas is transparent to the wavelengths of light that those little ole photo receptors in your head detect.
      3. Take what for granted? It’s just what it is. Facts.
      Here’s an assignment for you:
      Explain Gods invisibility in scientific terms…

    4. Gawd created nothing.
      In your theology, who/what created gawd?

      It takes no more of a leap to accept that things exist without a ‘creator’ than to believe an eternal creator created everything else.

      Meanwhile in Cupertino…

      iOS looks like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy did a makeover on iOS. Either that or there was a mad hookup between Android and Windows 8 mobile.

      Too ugly for words to accurately describe. I’ll stay with iOS 6 until calmer heads prevail.

    5. I’m deeply suspicious of anyone who starts to rabbit on about their invisible friend or saviour on any public forum.
      Believe in whatever you want, but proselytising about it on a forum like this isn’t cool.

    1. It would have been great for them to stream the event, but I don’t recall them ever streaming the events from Cupertino or the iPhone events. I may be wrong on that but that is the only correlation I can figure out.

  3. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    What a disappointment. Not sure why I stick with this backwards technology, probably just because I’m locked into the ecosystem. I’ll wait for the iPhone 6. Maybe Cook will be fired by then and a real leader brings us something interesting.

    1. I quite agree. Less buyers but they can charge a significant premium. I want a phone that can store all my music (60Gb) and some video content and a large number of apps. To be honest 256Gb would be better!

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