Apple TV: The time for an upgrade is now

“Weeks after Google introduced the world to Chromecast, it was Sony Corp.’s turn, unveiling Sony Playstation Vita TV on Monday,” Andrew Wallenstein writes for Variety. “The tiny set-top box will bring video and games to TV sets in Japan beginning in November, with a broader rollout likely still to come.”

“Timing comes just a day before a major Apple press conference, which has renewed speculation that we could see either an upgrade to the company’s settop TV box or maybe even the long-anticipated entry of an entirely new product meant to enable TV consumption,” Wallenstein writes. “While Apple CEO Tim Cook is far likelier to use the event to showcase new iterations of the iPhone, the Apple TV rumors began running rampant when evidence of multiple shipments labeled ‘Set Top Boxes’ were tracked from one of the company’s Chinese suppliers in August.”

Wallenstein writes, “If ever there was a time for Apple to either spawn a fourth-generation Apple TV or create an entirely new device, it’s now. But how?”

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    1. But, if the media event in China is indeed just a re-stream of this event, it’d make sense for Apple to delay releasing the official video, lest reporters in China not even bother showing up. As it is they’ll already have all the talking points and some pictures from live blog coverage.

  1. “But how?” A software update with a DVR recording and storage in the iTunes cloud or on the new Mac Pro with the three 4K HDTV ports. I an sorry, is the obvious still not clear to anyone yet. Apple has admitted to at least 5 of these server farms already. I assume the one in Hong Kong will be on line soon if not already.

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