Apple’s new iPhones: What to expect

“While there’s still no official confirmation of what Apple plans to show off Tuesday, it’s the worst kept secret in tech: we’re getting new iPhones,” Adrian Covert reports for CNNMoney. “Apple keeps its lips pretty tight when it comes to future products. But Apple does have to rely on other companies to help make the iPhone, which means leaks are inevitable.

“For starters, the iPhone 5S is expected to come in a gold – or champagne, depending on who you talk to – color,” Covert reports. “It’s also possible the 5S will come in a lighter shade of grey, providing a fourth option for iPhone buyers.”

Covert reports, “Perhaps the most exciting rumor is that the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor where the home button is traditionally located… The most obvious application for the sensor will be for security authentication — i.e. a replacement for passwords. But a fingerprint sensor could potentially be used for phone navigation as well. Combined with Apple’s new iCloud password manager, logging in to all your sites and services could be as simple as swiping your thumb over your [iPhone].”

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MacDailyNews Take: As usual, MacDailyNews will be covering Apple’s special event live tomorrow (link coming soon).

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      1. Hell, I was hoping it would hook up to my 300 baud acoustic modem (haven’t used that since about ’83, would be good to get some use out of it again), play my 16 & 78 RPM disks (haven’t listened to my Sir Harry Lauder disks in well over two decades), and have an AM radio (so I can feel like I’m in my ’62 Olds F-85).

  1. I sure hope the iPhone 5S does have a fingerprint sensor. That would give the iPhone a leg up on all those Android smartphones. Eventually, the fingerprint sensor will be used on all of Apple’s iOS mobile products and possibly even Apple’s entire laptop lineup when sensor production gets into full swing. That would really differentiate Apple’s mobile products from all those other mobile OS platforms for the time being.

    1. good points

      Finger recondition could not be any easier for one to protect the personal access of their own phone… no more forgotten passwords or need to change a password each month in fear someone may have seen. Plus, some people do share their phones to their children to play with – I wonder if a second or third access can be recognized?

      Yes, once again, if Apple does present this; it most definitely will differentiate the iOS once again. Hoping for many more innovating and differentiating things from Apple to come.

      1. Since Authentec is the creator of the fp sensor Apple is using there is every probability that multiple fingerprints will be allowed as they already allow 10 and more in other products their sensors are used in. It’s not only simple, it’s easy to see the necessity of it.

  2. -John Dingler – We learn this morning that the NSA has implemented a back door spying method on each and every new mobile phone model: Apple, Android, Windows Mobile. With Apple’s implementation of fingerprint identification in the new iPhone, this means that the NSA will have acquired a more precise way to spy on the private communications of iPhone users. As far as I know, NSA spying is on by default, and there is no published way to “opt out” of NSA spying.

    NSA is code for the NRO, DEA, CIA, and the many other spy agencies inside all of gov. departments, even formerly innocent US Post Office and the Agriculture Dept.

    Also, when I called Sen. Dianne Feinstein to ask if the NSA under the Bush Admin. was spying on her phone lines, she said quite tersely, “Ask the Attorney General.” People glibly ask, “If you have nothing to hide, why do you want to hide stuff from the US Gov.” The intelligent response under the US Constitution is, “Because in the US, we can hide stuff even when we have nothing to hide.” Any other kind of response appeals to a dictatorship and empowers its incipiency.

  3. What am I missing? My Dell Vostro is 3+ years with fingerprint recognition. Is the phone’s color really that important? I was hoping for multi-tasking features or conference calling capabilities or zooming in options on the camera – zoom on video – hmmmmmmm maybe new features will be on the IPhone 7 or 8? I’m just saying – not impressed with new iPhone -not much new – hopefully it just remains to be seen – hoping for SOME surprises

    1. I don’t know, what are you missing? Last time I looked, the Dell Vostro was not a smartphone. Yes, colour is important, maybe not to you but it is to many other people. iPhone multi-tasks now. This is just an incremental update of a very good weapon. iPhone doesn’t need completely reinventing every five minutes just to satisfy those with short attention spans. It’s the ecosystem that works, not tech specs and useless “features”.

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