Microsoft awarded $14.5 million in Google’s Motorola Mobility patent licensing suit

“Microsoft on Wednesday won another key courtroom victory in the second phase of a closely watched battle with Motorola Mobility over patent licensing fees,” Steven Musil reports for CNET.

“A federal jury in Seattle ordered the Google-owned handset maker to pay Microsoft $14.5 million in damages for breach of contract for failing to license at reasonable terms standard essential patents covering wireless and video technology used in the Xbox game console,” Musil reports. “However, the award is half the $29 million in damages Microsoft had sought.”

Musil reports, “‘This is a landmark win for all who want products that are affordable and work well together,’ Microsoft deputy general counsel David Howard said in a statement. ‘The jury’s verdict is the latest in a growing list of decisions by regulators and courts telling Google to stop abusing patents.’ Motorola promised to appeal the decision.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Kevin” for the heads up.]


      1. Well, so far, Apple has not been wildly successful in its suits against Samsung. So, are Apple’s legal arguments biased and incorrect OR are the lawyers inept and incompetent?

          1. Or wrote 90% of their decision before opening arguments began like Denise Cote did. (See the FOSS Patents article from the day after her ruling against Apple in the ebooks case.)

  1. I love the way Googarola is becoming known as a patent troll. Dont be evil… hahahah
    With MS taking ownership of Nokias patents things could get interesting, especially when Google release Glass

    1. It will be very interesting to see the patent claims levied against Google once Glass is released. Not a chance Google didn’t infringe on a ton of patents to bring that monstrosity to the market.

  2. It’s freaking awesome that Apple cross licensed with Nokia already, and have settled with MS on other issues. At least there won’t be monkey dew flung from that direction.

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