New videos show leaked ‘Champagne’ and ‘Graphite’ iPhone 5S casings (with video)

“Two new videos published today give a detailed look at the casings of the ‘champagne’ colored iPhone 5S and the ‘graphite’ 5S, which first showed up in photos earlier this week,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“While there has been a non-stop stream of images and videos depicting the gold iPhone 5S, a video from TLD offers a good overview of both the casing and the structural differences between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5,” Clover reports.

Clover reports, “A second video from BestTechInfo offers a view of the purported black and ‘graphite’ version of the iPhone 5S compared to the existing black and slate iPhone 5.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Looks like Apple has learned from their mistake with the iPhone 4S.

As we explained on August 14th, before all of these “champagne gold” iPhone 5S leaks began:

One other thing we’d like to see is delineation in color for iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S should be set apart from the previous model. Where iPhone 5 is black or white, if Apple made iPhone 5S, say, “smoke” or “silver,” or whatever floats Jony’s boat (hold the pastels, please), it would help sway the types of customers who stuck with iPhone 4 instead of upgrading to iPhone 4S – or even purchased the less expensive 4 instead of the more capable 4S – because they were indistinguishable on the outside.

We’ve always believed that not making a distinguishable exterior change on the “S” models was a mistake that left iPhone sales on the table.


  1. Unless “-S” extension models do not cut the previously available colour options, it is fine. With that approach, there is no change only for the sake of change.

  2. Have a feeling that with such a plethora of new products being realeased Apple may have intentionally fueled some of these leaks to help pre digest the news…

  3. It’s telling to me that no one seems able to get ahold of the 5S fronts where the finger-scanning home button will be. What does it tell? That Apple is behind these leaks. They’re giving away a little-deal feature that is new and different, and so exciting — new 5S colors. They’re floating polycarbonate shells so people can get over the shock and perhaps judgementalism (Apple shouldn’t do cheap!!!) before the debut so that reviewers aren’t writing their knee-jerk impulse, but rather their considered opinion, at least about those details. There’s still LOTS unknown here, and nothing in those realms seems to have leaked — a good thing for Apple all around.

  4. I hope Apple the new iPhones sport more functionality, speed, power, and battery life. This obsession with colors is ridiculous. I’m going to purchase a case for my iPhone and color is the least important factor.

  5. How is battery life not the single biggest fixable customer friendly Sales friendly issue? Nobody likes a dead iPhone. I have to charge mine Whenever possible to keep it going definitely at least twice a day. Everybody puts a case on so thickness is not an issue I put a mophie on just for extra battery life. If you’re using your iPhone for anything other than standby phone it’s dead in less than two hours. Only to be stuck with apples 3 foot cable to recharge it with. Thank God for aftermarket cables

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