iPads not on tap at Apple’s expected September 10th event

“Prospective tablet buyers holding out for Apple’s next generation of iPads will have to wait, as the company is reportedly not planning to unveil its 2013 iPad lineup at an anticipated Sept. 10 event,” AppleInsider reports.

“The well-connected Jim Dalrymple of The Loop revealed on Wednesday that there will be ‘no iPads’ at Apple’s upcoming event,” AppleInsider reports. “The keynote is expected to feature Apple’s next-generation iPhones, rumored to be called the ‘iPhone 5S’ and ‘iPhone 5C.'”

AppleInsider reports, “Dalrymple’s comments were provided in response to an earlier media report that had suggested iPads could be introduced at Apple’s Sept. 10 media event.”

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  1. Apple made a mistake last fall when it introduced so many new products in one event. It should not introduce new iPads when it introduces new iPhones. Better to spread them out, even if only by a couple of weeks, and maximize the publicity opportunities.

    1. I agree…. they have only what 2 maybe 3 months though to do so. Hopefully they will have enough stock instead of last years fiasco with the iMacs.

      Hoping they do iOS stuff in Sept and have Oct for the Mac stuff.

    2. The problem is that there has been such a long gap between upgrades especially compared to the opposition. So one might have oped one might have been earlier than this not later if they don want to conflict. Or more likely they still don’t have the resources to meet the same deadline for both. Not a Great reflection sadly when the last few years have hardly seen mouth watering upgrades to either product. Just hope iOS 7 does the business.

  2. To me the iPad sits atop the tablet heap and is not about to be moved from its prime position any time soon. I don’t think any of the competitors are capable of holding a candle to the iPad – it remains supreme from a design, battery longevity, ease of use, and richness of app selection standpoint.

    Comparing the iPad mini to the Nexus 7 is laughable at best – the iPad’s 3:2 aspect ratio is really the best for watching movies and being an iBooks reader par excellence.

    So a slight delay in announcing a new generation of iPads will do little to dent its sales. Even without a retina display, the iPad mini remains a gorgeous machine, one of Apple’s finest creations to date.

    1. I hate to be a nit picker here, but while the iPad mini’s width to height ratio is close to 3:2 the screen aspect ratio is in fact 4:3 (i.e 1024 pixels wide versus 768 pixels high)

    2. Every review I’ve ever read comparing the Nexus 7 to the older iPad Mini clearly puts the Nexus 7 far, far ahead of the the iPad Mini in nearly everything they tested and to top it off, the Nexus is $100 cheaper. What do I make of that? I’m not sure. I’d have to wait for the next iteration of the iPad Mini. However, the next iPad Mini better beat the Nexus 7 by miles or Apple isn’t doing what it needs to do.

      Google should not have a hardware product that is judged better than an Apple hardware product because Google is not a hardware company. Sure, I know ASUS makes the Nexus 7, but still… for $100 less? Apple’s vast wealth demands it have an edge over anything Google can offer. Hey, it’s just a matter of my Apple pride not being hurt.

      1. It’s $100 because Google is selling it at break-even or at a slight loss. Google’s strategy is different. Their goal is not to make profit on hardware but to get as many devices in the hands of users with the goal that users will use Google’s services and ultimately drive advertising revenue.

        To Google, the hardware is the commodity. To Apple, software is the commodity. Different business models.

        1. I would not call it a ‘goal.’ Google would absolutely love to make a profit on its hardware. However, Apple’s success has blocked that option to date. Google and others have struggled to produce competitive devices at lower prices than Apple. It took a couple of years for them to leverage Apple suppliers to even reach cost parity. So Google takes the only other available route and tries to use the hardware to boost revenue from advertising via search, maps, etc.

      2. Laughing_Boy48, you will thoroughly enjoy:

        Why I’m dumping Android and Nexus 7 and buying an Apple iPad

        The source article includes such goodies about the Nexus 7 as:
        A quick Google search finds that I’m not alone in this. You begin typing and the keyboard goes nuts repeating characters until it decides to stop.
        I’ve owned this thing roughly two weeks and I now have a nasty dead column in the middle of my screen.

        THAT is why you pay MORE for Apple gear: It actually WORKS. Apple gear consistently has the best ROI (Return On Investment) in the entire industry. THAT is what you’re paying for.

  3. After all the FUD and Apple Bear Bullshit of 2013, I suspect Apple is going to spread out its new product presentations over the next couple months in order to make the Analcysts and AAPL price manipulators STFU.

    2013 is going to wind up quite nicely. Check back in January 2014 for the quarterly report.

  4. It’s been so long since any hardware updates on anything at all that I’m finding it difficult to be surprised that iPads will not be updated in 2013. I hope the new phone is more than the small spec bumps that have been exhaustively reported here on MDN. Apple really needs a shot in the arm, especially at retail. The stores have become stale with old products.

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